100 Replies to “Gutfeld on Hillary’s late night comedy routine”

  1. Gutfield you need a reality check mate. Do you really think it appropriate to call people names and run them down. You only do so because you have noo valid points. Have you no integrity? If you're suggesting she be a greeter, I'm suggesting you clean the toilets from which you draw your material. See you at the impeachment! 😉

  2. 5:54 ….WRONG!….those surrounding her did not challenge her thinking or provide unsetteling advice BECAUSE THEY WOULD END UP 6 FEET UNDER THE GROUND…..FEAR is what drives those who surround this absolute demon of a woman…

  3. Hilary Clinton fell silent when the server was found and the FBI was recovering the bleach bitted server. It was over 90 days. That is not helpful in the middle of a Presidential Campaign. Wasserman Schultz had to rig the primaries to hold Bernie off. She fkd up well before that, and was "remaining silent" rather than say anything in public. She came out again after the FBI/Comey came in and took the matter out of Trey Gowdy's hands. Geesh, how easily we forget exactly why people lost faith in her.

  4. Why do you at the Five even have Juan on that program.. but only to remind your viewers the face of a socialism and socialist liberals..

  5. I can hardly wait till they "LOCK HER UP,HILLARY" ,…and Greg,I would invite you to the WH…juan, we don't listen to demon rats!!!

  6. She has found her new calling, I reckon she makes a great 4th rate comedian and so good of her to offer her daughter the role of understudy 😀

  7. Their writers are just soooo frigin LAME – they couldn't speak off the cuff like President Trump does , without showing their dumbassedry if they had to !

  8. Do you really think that's a good color dress for you, Chelsea? It makes you look like an eggplant! It's almost as if you didn't look at yourself in a mirror.

  9. Remember when politicians lost elections and you never heard from them again? That must be because they didn't have a lot of disposable cash & free time to spend it because they got rich while in office, unlike the Clintons.

  10. Anyone know why Chelsea is constantly at her mother's side? Is her mother on suicide watch or what?

    Didn't want to mention how she has doubled in size. So I won't I guess.

  11. The only person Bill didn't pardon and the only man that has dirt on both that Hillary hasn't killed? Chelsea's father, Webb Hubble. Ding!

  12. I heard Chelsea go a $30,000/mo job as a journalist right out of college. That sounds like a great job. Did she get fired?

  13. We need for Nancy Pelosi and Schumer to both be Impeached and maybe a few others. Schiff desperately needs a conviction and serve time in prison as well as Hillary Clinton. That should stop all of this whining and howling like wild Wolves & Dogs! Then our President would even get more good work done for us Americans.

  14. I used to enjoy watching this show, but lately they step in each other’s conversations so much it’s becoming painful ….like CNN
    Show more civility , please 🤪

  15. July 10, 2016, at 4:20 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C.[2] Rich died more than ​1 1⁄2 hours after receiving[3] two gunshot wounds to the back. He was murdered by unknown perpetrators for unknown reasons, but police suspected he had been the victim of an attempted robbery.[1]

  16. Hillary…Probably the worst presidential candidate ever. Even Hollywood didn't fully endorse her. Her big supporter, Susan Sarandon finally came out and said, " We really need a woman president…just not Hillary" Wow, you have to be a pretty bad candidate for a Hollywood woman to throw you under the bus.

  17. Hillary please go away. Go home and scrub the kitchen floor, iron your husband's shirts, and throw a roasted chicken in the oven for darling Bill.

  18. Hillary Clinton looks like a washed-up pizza maker & James Corden looks like he ate all the dough in all the pizzas @ PapaJohn's. Yikes!

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