H.O.M.E Those Funny People (2/3) – travelog #4

English I Turkish I Indonesian subs available, Turn it on! home for me what’s going on inside
define a space called home the tradition living within it the tolerance for the
other believers the pure smile love and hospitality
which spread to every visitors seeking for forgiveness unlimited grandmother food seducing you
to eat more more and more exotic fruits combined together with the childhood
smile and all memories meeting with old friends in the holy month like this
feels so different after six years away from home some interesting questions
started to come to you look this tail-less indonesian cat I thought I could have
wonderful time in Indonesia and showing you guys we’re making amazing videos but
I’m wrong it’s hard to get rid from these funny people and see what they
were doing when I wanted to shoot first second
yep yep yep I got it Oh No for I want to take a proper shot for my
video I’ll catch you now ah yeah that’s it in my family
chaos crowdead and aren’t organized do you think they are living me now alone
to make this good shot no never think so okay people you can hit the subscribe
button to get more videos there and you can catch up with me through my website
blog podcast and instagram account over there I’ll see you in the next videos
bye bye

2 Replies to “H.O.M.E Those Funny People (2/3) – travelog #4”

  1. Too short for two weeks bro, dont skip to upload, harusnya udah home 3/3 nih 😑
    anyway omg omg gue masuk vlognya arsitek hits istanbul 😱

  2. There will be a new video every Friday, so don't forget to Subscribe! 🙂
    (Her Cuma yeni video yüklüyorum, o yüzden abone butonu tıklamaya unutmayınız! :))

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