Hamilton: A musical about the city of Hamilton, Ontario | 22 Minutes

[Voiceover] Finally! [Voiceover] The historical hip hop musical that took the
world by storm is coming to Canada! [Voiceover] Hamilton. An unrelated musical about the city of Hamilton, Ontario. [Voiceover] Starring Len Samuel Samantha as
Hamilton [Voiceover] But not Alexander Hamilton, George
Hamilton, founder of Hamilton. ♬♩ Well I’m all done fighting in 1812 and now
need something to do with myself. ♬♩ ♬♩So I bought the farm I don’t mean expired,
I literally had a farm deed acquired. ♬♩ ♬♩And ima take the land, build a town and make steel
til the air is filled with brown. ♬♩ ♬♩Name it after myself. ♬♩ ♬♩Sounds mighty fine. ♬♩ ♬♩And one day it’s where I’ll make Frightenstein. And that’s- ♬♩ ♬♩Hamilton. ♬♩ ♬♩The home of Neil Pert, had a chemical fire and our lungs got hurt. ♬♩ ♬♩Hamilton. ♬♩ ♬♩We mean the town and we’re not doing refunds,
sit back down. ♬♩ ♬♩Hamilton! ♬♩ [Voiceover] Critics are talking about Hamilton! [Voiceover] And also about this show. [Voiceover] Playbill magazine says, “I don’t appreciate
being tricked.” ♬♩It’s the CFL Commandments. ♬♩ ♬♩It’s the CFL Commandments. Number one. ♬♩ ♬♩To the stadium is where your car goes, you
cheer for the Ticats and boo for the Argos. ♬♩ ♬♩Number 2:
Don’t watch the game home on the T.V. ♬♩ ♬♩The fans are in the stands yelling out “Oskie Wee Wee!’ ♬♩ [Voiceover] Hamilton. [Voiceover] Get your tickets now for the show that basically
counts as theatre. Hear ye, hear ye and word to your mothers,
please rise for a debate in rap battle form on the amalgamation of Hamilton’s neighbouring
municipalites! ♬♩Ay yo we gotta join up with Glanbrook! ♬♩ ♬♩Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas- ♬♩ ♬♩Man, look! The cost would be too heavy! ♬♩ ♬♩Hamilton’s the birth place of Eugene Levy! ♬♩ [Voiceover] Hamilton! [Voiceover] See online for tour dates, there
will be no shows in Hamilton.

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  1. I give them credit for basically using the actual beats from the show. But yeah, between this and Come from Away, all the provinces are going to get musicals at some point!

  2. As a born & raised Hamiltonian and a huge fan of the musical Hamilton who went to Toronto to see it last week, my favourite part is "there will be no shows in Hamilton"

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