Happy Gilmore (5/9) Movie CLIP – Quilting Sweatshop (1996) HD

Hey, man. I hate
to admit this, but this
is my first trophy. Only problem is
that goofy golf guy on top. Maybe the guy
at the trophy store can put
a hockey guy on there. Happy, shut your trap.
All right. I admit, you were
great out there today.
Thank you. But you weren’t that great.
A lot of that was luck. Well, some might call it luck.
I’d like to call it– Well,
luck, I guess. So what? I want you to put off
joinin’ the Pro Tour
for a while. We got a lot of work to do
before you compete
with real professionals. Forget it, Chubbs.
I learned a lot today.
I’ll pick up the rest. Stop bein’ a damn fool! People would kill to be able
to hit the ball like you. You got an advantage
over any man that walks out
onto the tee. All we need to do
is develop the rest
of your game. Then you’d be
unstoppable, son. You’re probably right,
but I just can’t wait.
I need money. Spoken like a true asshole.
Look,just give me six months.
I’ll work with ya every day. No, no, no, no.
I gotta– I gotta go. I appreciate everything.
Wish me luck. [ Groans ] [ Exhales ]
Best of luck, kid.
Best of luck.Marty, if you’d stop
yappin’for a second,
I could tell ya.The price is $200
per quilt. Yeah. Well, this is
handmade quality shit
we’re talkin’ here.Yes. Well, when
do you need ’em by?All right.
Good doin’business with ya.Okay, listen up, everybody.
Turn up your volumes.
Announcement. I got good news.
We’re extending arts and crafts
time by four hours today. – My fingers hurt.
– What’s that? My fingers hurt.
Oh, well– Oh. Now your back’s gonna hurt, ’cause you just pulled
landscaping duty. Hmm. Anybody else’s
fingers hurt? I didn’t think so. Why do you make me act
like that in front
of everybody, huh? Mr. Gilmore! Hey!
Toidy’s straight down
to the right, dear. How’s my grandma?
She’s super. We’re just
enjoying arts and crafts now.– Grandma’s quite a quilter.
– Hey! Wow, that’s a
tremendous-lookin’ trophy. Happy, I’m so glad
to see you.
Ahh. I’m glad to see you,
too, Grandma.I been thinking about you
all the time.Looks like everybody’s
havin’ fun here, huh?
[ Chuckles ] – Y-Yeah.
– [ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ]Grandma, good news:I made the Professional
Golfers’ Tour. That’s lovely, dear.
Yeah, it is lovely.You know what else
is lovely? If I can beat
those other guys, we’re
gonna get the house back. Oh, thank God! – I can’t stand to live
in this place another minute!
– I thought you like it here.That orderly guy
seems very nice.
Don’t you like him?Oh, I do. I do.
Uh, it’s just, uh– Well,
the air conditioner’s broken.
I-I’m getting a little warm. Well,just let the kid
fix it for ya. All right.
Got the little twisty knobs. That ain’t doin’ it.
All right.[ Air Conditioner Crashes,
Woman Screams ]Mister! Mister! Get this off of me!
Mister! – Hang on!
I’ll be right down!
– [ Woman Moans ]

100 Replies to “Happy Gilmore (5/9) Movie CLIP – Quilting Sweatshop (1996) HD”

  1. This movie is so great, I can never decide which movie is better., Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison… they’re both funny but I think Happy might be a bit funnier. “This is hand made quality shit we’re talking here!” Lmao I love Ben Stiller in this movie.

  2. My fingers hurt what was that my fingers hurt now your backs going to hurt because you just pulled Landscaping Duty

  3. My fingers hurt what's that my fingers hurt now you're backs gonna hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty

  4. When I was on the golf team for a semester all I did was try to hit the ball just like Happy till they kicked me off.

  5. 2:03 If you don't want anyone to snitch on you about what you were doing, you shouldn't be doing it at all.

  6. Alright everybody turn up your volumes I've got good news were extending arts and crafts by 4 hours today lmao!!!!

  7. How am I supposed to make an infomercial about fat kids who can’t keep their piggy little snouts shut

  8. That place is like a prison than a nursing home which happens in a lot of nursing home if the owner is a horrible person.

  9. What I've never understood in this scene is why Happy didn't explain to Chubs WHY he was in such a hurry to get money and that it was not for a selfish reason. He might have been much more understanding and still worked with Happy as he went along if he had known it was for his sweet old grandmother that he needed the money!

  10. It’s funny, this is actually one of those classic movies I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel made for it today. I imagine it in the same vein as Creed, or Cobra Kai. Happy, just as loud and obnoxious as ever, takes on the same role as Chubbs Peterson, coaching a young up and coming Golfer who’s the opposite of Happy in every way. Quiet, timid, demure, etc.
    Working Title: Happy Gil-MORE?

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