Heckled on YouTube – Comedian Tony Deyo

But I will tell you this story. When I taped Conan, it was a dream come true. Ever since I was a kid in high school watching comedians on The Tonight Show, all I wanted to do in life, was be a stand-up comic, and tell jokes on late-night TV. Conan gave me my chance, the show went great, they took my segment, they put it on YouTube, and I was really proud of what I had accomplished… until I started reading YouTube comments. I did not realize it, there are people that write awful things about YouTube videos, as a hobby. It’s just what they do for fun. They’re like, “I’ve got 15 minutes to kill. Let me go shit on someone’s dreams.” I didn’t know that, I wasn’t warned. They wrote things like, “This guy sucks. I didn’t laugh once.” One guy, all he wrote was, “Boo bitch!” He only used two words, and somehow managed to insult me twice. Two separate insults. Masterful use of the English language. I read all the comments though, it ruined three-and-a-half days of my life. I couldn’t get over it. What finally sort of pulled me out of my depression is I realized, some of these morons that write these awful things, their YouTube screen name is either their exact name, or something very easy to figure out. Like one dummy his YouTube screen name was “JDebaronViolin”. Alright, I’m gonna take a wild guess. I bet the “J”is his first initial. Ibed Debaron is his last name, and I bet, playing the violin is something he likes to do. Let me just crank up the Google machine take a look-see. Well, what do you know? His name is Jonathan Debaron. He is indeed, a violin player. And, he has posted some of his own videos on YouTube. Oh, Jonathan. Now, here’s what Jonathan knows about me, I’m a comedian. Here’s what he does not know. I am shallow, petty, vindictive. And because I don’t have to spend six hours a day practicing the violin, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. I created 34 separate YouTube accounts, just to crush his little violin playing fantasy, and man did it feel good. In fact, it felt so good, I recommend all of you go home tonight, find his YouTube page, and give it a whirl. And, just in case you’re wondering, no, I did not change his name to protect his identity. Debaron is spelled D-E-B-A-R-O-N. You guys have been great, thank you so much.

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  1. Just great stuff. I either can't get enough- or there's just not enough. How would I know? My Youtube channel isn't funny, but it's OK. No reason to put it down. I appreciated my parents more than most can say- and wildlife is just wonderful.

  2. Heard this segment of this act on Serious XM today. Wanted to see if Johnathan's account was still active. Instead I found this video. It was great to hear it again!

  3. This is my favorite comedy routine from anyone… ever. I thinks it's because I too am an artist and I relate to and applaud the extent you are willing to go for vindication for yourself and your craft. Brilliant. Plus it's just fun to [email protected] with trolls.

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