Herman’s Joke Shop

♪♪ [loud crash] – Dad? Dad!Dad?Dad! Dad, are you okay? – I must have
lost my footing. – Hello? Yes, I’m an employee
at Herman’s Joke Shop.My father’s been in an accident
and needs help.
Yes, please hurry. – You’ve always taken
good care of me. – Dad, you’re gonna be fine. – I’m so proud to call you
my son. Your motherwould be proud.– Oh, Dad, [gagging] I can’t. – I know it feels soon. – Oh, no, it’s [gagging],
it’s the smell. Like what is that? – Oh, I’m pinned
under the shelf of stink bombs. – The whole shelf? That’s gotta be like– – 600 stink bombs. – [retching] – My sense of smell
is slipping away. I imagine it must be
horrendous. – I don’t wanna lose you,
Dad. – It’s time, son. I’ve done everything I can to
give you a good life. But now you must– – [gagging] – Now, you must– – [retches] – Now you must carry on
our family name with honor. – [gags] – Find a wife. Start a family.Teach your childrenthe principles
that I
hold dear. Oh! Okay, I’m starting
to smell it now. – It’s okay, I think I’m
getting used to the smell. [both gagging and retching] – It’s in my mouth. It’s in my throat. – Dad, we need
more bacon-flavored candy. Dad?! [loud crash]
[moans] – I guess not all
the stink bombs were broken before. – I think my arm is– [gags] What is that smell? – Okay, that one was me, but the rest were
the stink bombs. [vomits] – Please take me now! [all vomiting] – Oh, oh, my children. Let me give you some
last advice before I go. [maniacal laughter] [laughter stops] – Your time should be spent– [various sound effects] – It should be
divided equally… [toy noises] – Between what you love
to do… [toy sound effects] – And what… [sound effects stop] – And what you need to do. [cow moos] – But it should always be
spent on the people… [sound effects continue] – You care about. [sound effects
continue muffled] [long exhale] – Goodbye, Dad. – We love you, Dad. – Smell you later. – All right, my name’s
Officer Hughes, I’ve got two EMTs on the– Oh my gosh! [loud crash] [groans] [screams] [vomits] [vomits] – Hey, everyone,
thank you so much for watching that video. Don’t forget to like,
comment, share, and subscribe, and if you do, you might get some of this. [cha-ching noise] – And if you don’t,
you might get some of this. [crying noise] Deal with it.

100 Replies to “Herman’s Joke Shop”

  1. what do you call a dog that's also a magician?

    a labracababrador

    I was reading a book on antigravity… I couldn't put it down

    knock knock

    who's there?

    little old lady

    little old lady who?

    I didn't know you could yodal.

    how do wookies like their cookies?


  2. Fun random fact: I find the smell of stink bombs rather pleasant. To me the ones I’ve smelt remind me of roast goat. I suppose there are many varieties though.

  3. Maybe you could make a sketch about like a arcade (Dave and Busters) where Jermey (optional) can’t win anything but everyone else wins everything. He/she starts to yell at them! It would be funny and you guys are super awesome and good at everything comedy!

  4. plz make a funny video about chocolate and all the music you use in your videos plz list them in the description

  5. I think Jerry’s dad felt how to chew 5 gum🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because if the road crossed the chicken it wouldnt fit

  7. So I just found out the Matt and Stacey are in a movie called Saints and Soldiers :Void.The movie is great btw I just watched it.I was so happy when I saw both of them in the movie! Also Matt is an amazing actor in that movie, and Stacey dude I was like “Wait a minute did I just see STACEY! Two studio c members in one movie! I AM A WINNER!” Anyways I love you studio c and all of your members and good bye Danny boy, Private Gaines ,and to all the people reading this

  8. Aw man, I thought this was gonna be some gimmick about a guy selling jokes (like that book restaurant thing). My disappointment is immeasurable!

  9. XD I HAVE THOS STINK BOMBS!!!! I found them in the attick i think somone was tryin 2 hide them 😂😂😂😂😂😂 love u studio C!

  10. "Today you are you, that is truer than true, for there is no one alive, who is youer than you!!!" -Dr. Suess
    Have a great day!!!

  11. Adam: "Your mother would be proud."

    Jeremy gags

    Jeremy: "Dad…I can't."

    Me: honestly not understanding anything at this point

  12. I have similar glasses 😹 Everybody says that I look like Harry Potter… I hate him, so it's quite annoying.

  13. in the middle of watching this, i paused and went to the bathroom. when i got back there was a whopee cushion on my chair and i sat on it. YAY NOW I CAN RELATE TO A STUDIO C VIDEO!

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