Hey Hey, it’s the James Penny Show

Hi guys, um I’m James Penny and welcome to the Hey, Hey it’s The James Penny Show [90 music plays] OK, are we all ready? For dizzy, dizzy, dizzy And crazy, crazy, crazy Yeh!! Hi guys Hi James Knock, knock Who’s there? Far Far who? Fart on the bed HAHAHAHAHA [90s music plays] OK Today we’re going to look at the Slapstick at (drum roll) The James Penny School of Slapstick [Oooooooooo!] Oh come on OOOOOOOO!!! [Voice over: The James Penny School of Slapstick] Ahh!! [Laughter] Ahhh! Whoaoaooo! Hitting your head with the shoe Lie down Lie down! Yes sir Hit the shoe on your head OK [thump] AHH! Explode, OK? Explode yourself Action! OK AHHH! I want you to squash the wall or a door Here turn around Here like this! [thump, thump] AHH! Ah ah it’s ah difficult, difficult [Ahhhhhhhh] Fire, fire, fire! My tea is hot!! Ah! [thud] That’s 10 points Class is dismissed! Thank you for being part of The James Penny my show But remember I will always love you [starts to sing] If I should stay I would all at the end your waaaaayyyy heyah so good bye please don’t cry we both know I’m watching you dreeeeeeaaammm And…I Will always love you yoooouuu Will always love you ou ou ou Oooooooo Oooooooo…ooooo Oooooo arggghhhh! Thank you! [clapping] Bravo! [romantic music plays]

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