High School Boyfriend Drama – ft. Studio C | Brooklyn and Bailey

hey guys it’s Brooklyn and Bailey and this is Ryan okay he’s gonna be showing up in our new video with Studio C that we felt for y’all that we’re showing you today but before we go on to the video don’t forget to give this video a huge thumbs up all the thumbs oh yeah now let’s go on to the sketch [Music] oh hey Brianne hey Ryan it’s been a while how are things it’s been like 10 minutes since we broke up it’s been that long just uh time flies when you’ve had your heart stomped on I just think we should see other people okay it’s totally okay I’m completely over you that’s really fast I have risen like a phoenix from the ashes of our relationship and I am dating someone new Wow don’t you think you should slow down not Ryan meet my new girlfriend Brianna so yeah I’m over you she looks just like me Ryan excuse me um how dare you she is twice the woman you are she’s the same amount of woman I am oh my goodness I see it now thank you she’s jealous what clearly seeing the two of us together reminds me of how great it is to be with Ryan you’re right it does remind me because with the exact same our names are practically identical Briana Briana Wow grasping at straws right our clothes aren’t even the exact same no I am clearly more fashionable than you hey Briana super cute outfit today thank you hey Briana okay you can date whoever you want because I already have a boyfriend I wasn’t gonna tie you because I thought it might hurt your feelings but obviously it’s not going to so this is John my new boyfriend um whoa it’s it’s like I’m looking in a mirror what okay Brianne you just need to let it go you’re clearly just dating this guy because of how much he resembles Ryan you got me reading there right I can’t believe you used to be one guy look it’s time to face the music I have moved on and you are still hung up on me classic see you later Brianne come on Breanna oh to be young and look like Brianna hey Brian thank you guys so so much for watching I hope you guys found that as enjoyable as we did click over here if you guys want to see the sketch that we filmed with Studio C on their channel and we there subscribe and check out all their other videos because they’re amazing we love them so much these guys you guys to comment below if you guys think Brooklyn and I look alike in our sketch and if you want to see more studio C sketches with us in it I do and that’s all we have for you guys today so we’ll see you next week bye [Music]

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