Hindra | Stand-up Comedy | Why Indians love the Chinese

That’s why they don’t go for Indian girls but not all Indian girls are like that Let me give you another example So now the boys call me up say you know what?! One of the boys is flying off to UK, same place lah I don’t know why they always go there So one of boys is flying off to UK we gonna meet up in Changkat tonight We gonna get DRUNK…Harrr!! Then he hangs up the phone right, so im gonna call up Ling Ling So I call up Ling Ling. Hey Ling Ling..hey Ahhh.. you know what, Jordan ah is going off to UK lah So we gonna go to Changkat and drink lah, Ok ah? Em, ok lah you go lah I’m going with my girls to Hartamas For drinks also..Ooo..okok..have fun ah..ok..have fun. That’s All! Now I’m going to call Gayatri So before i call Gayatri, I have to check whether The weather is OK or not?! Line full bar or not?! Yah ok, line is full bar. Then I call Gayatri, Hello. Eat already ah? Wh… what you doing? Yah i eat already..I eat already. Huh…no lah working lah Why suddenly call ah? No lah I MISS YOU lah! You know what? This.. this..this. This boys ah suddenly call me up and They’re forcing me you know. Ahh!.. some had this happen before lah Yah they’re forcing me you know Have to come lah What? Where? Cha… Changkat Ooo.. Changkat where ah?! Changkat, Kuala Lumpur lah, which street ah? AI.. CHANGKAT STREET LAH! Nooo..I’m not shouting…aye I’m not shouting No..no..here is loud lah, trailer just passed by just now thats why yah Yah..yah… cannot..what..huh Can lah..no no no..got no girls all, no girls all. I’m not bringing any girls lah The club got girls lah of course Huh! Go to all Guy’s club ah Eh,that one Gay club right But..ah Then Gayatri is gonna say what you know,in the end she gonna say after 25 minutes.No! 25 hours sorry..after 25 hours she is gonna say “Ok lah you go lah”. But… Bring me along That’s why you go to the club all, you’ll see 5-6 Machas over there, then there is one girl at the side there with her phone over there Thanks for watching and do subscribe.

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