Home Alone! Full Movie Recreated by Kids Fun TV (Part 1)

This is my house and I have to defend it! Hahaha…isn’t it fun to be home alone! Kade why don’t you go pack your suitcase. Pack my suitcase?!? Is anybody here? Is there parents? Ah…oh…ah Anybody could somebody just stop for one second, please. So I can talk to you… Kalia what are you doing? I am packing my suitcase for Disney Land…but I don’t know how to pack my suitcase? It’s easy just follow your lil sis by packing all the stuffed animals in the house Hahaha! Kalia this is a joke you have way too many stuffed animals! But I love them especially this big bear right there. Kaden what are you so worried about anyway, you know, mom’s gonna pack your suitcase anyway. You’re what the French call (speaking in French) What does that mean? I don’t even know. I just heard it on a cool movie once By the way your sleeping with baby Kyler tonight.. and you know what happens if Kyler drinks a little too much water This is a joke! When I grow up and get married I’m living alone! You hear me…I’m living alone! A whole lot of action around here huh? You guys going on vacation? You guys know how to talk…. Boo! Hey…hey..hold on kid are your parents home? Yes! Do they live here? No! Oh, okay great So some kind of fancy orphanage all kids, no parents! Cowabunga! Pizza is here! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Hey are you Mr. Sky…do you live here? Yeah why? Well, it’s Christmastime and we hear that there’s people out there taking down Christmas decorations And we want to make sure that everybody’s taking the proper precautions Well, we do have lots of Christmas decorations here, but we do have alarms, cameras, Google home? You know…the best anyone can do these days right? Hey, you look a little familiar. I can’t figure out why… Oh jeez. Oh, well, why do you say that? I can’t put my finger on it, but Well I am new to the area so I don’t think so… Oh, well can I get you some eggnog or something Where are you going to go again tomorrow? We have a long road trip tomorrow to sunny, California Wait, what time are we leaving again? Early If we want to be to Disneyland on time tomorrow, we got to leave at 8:00 a.m Sharp! Did anyone order me a plain cheese pizza? Yeah, but it looks like I got the last piece Humph! Kyler easy on the sippy! Kaden stop! You always cause trouble! Look what you did you little squirt! Kaden upstairs now! Kaden you’re such a problem around here! Kaden upstairs! Say goodnight Kaden. Goodnight Kaden. Upstairs now Hi there excuse me ma’am I’ve been looking around enjoying all your wonderful Christmas decorations. Are you guys sticking around for Christmas? No, actually we’re leaving for Disneyland first thing in the morning. Ohhh California, that’s nice. Yeah Well, you guys have a good time. If you’ll excuse me this one needs to go right to his room. All right well, don’t you worry about it Ma’am? I’ve already spoken to your husband and your Christmas decorations are gonna be just fine They’re in good hands Kaden there are seven people, five friends, four cats , two elves on the shelves and 107 stuffed animals in this house And you’re the only one that has to make trouble. No, I’m the only one who gets picked on to the bedroom! uhhh the baby’s room. Don’t be silly Kyler will be up soon. I don’t want to sleep with Kyler he drank too much water tonight. Fine we’ll put Kyler somewhere else. I’m sorry Mommy. Nice try mister to the room Everyone in this family is mean to me! Well, maybe you can ask Santa for a new one. I hope I never see anyone in this family ever again I wish they would all just disappear (alarm going off) Sparky! We slept in! Ahhhhhh! Nice and safe Mr. Bing All right, count the kids. Okay, do we have everybody one two, three, four, five perfect! Seatbelt on everybody All right, honey, we got everybody? Yep, I counted all five kids. Whoa I can’t believe we made it. Mom?!? Hello?!? Mom? Dad? Where are you guys? Jack? Kalia? Jazzy? Kyler? Is this a joke? Did you get the Disneyland tickets? Sure did! Alright, let’s get out of here Disneyland here we come!!! I’m so glad you came with us Mr. Bear Mom?!? Dad?!? Is this a joke? (evil laugh) It’s all in my imagination…it’s all in my imagination. Well hello Kaden. The cars are gone! What?!? I I made my family disappear Look what you did you little squirt. Kaden you are what the French call (speaking in French) Hmmmm Just patched stuffed animals Haha! And you’re the only one that has to make trouble! I made my family disappear! Yay!!! I’m free!! I can’t wait to see all the princesses. Are cold? Do you want to share my blanket? Dad I’m going through all your fun stuff you better come out and grab me, whoa Ha dad’s high school picture!! woof! Whoaa look at all these Nerf blasters. I’ll save these for later I hope we didn’t forget anything. Hey, honey what movie is this from? I’m living in a van down by the river… Ohhh Sparky Mom…I’m riding bikes in the house like I’m not suppose to… I hope I don’t get in trouble! Hey honey, want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Haaahhhhaaaa Honey…ohh that is so annoying! Who is it? It’s me Thanos, I got the stone. Leave it on the doorstep and get out of here. Alright Thor, but what about my money? What money? Loki said you had some infinity stones for me How much do I owe you? Loki said fifty percent. Too bad Loki ain’t in charge
no more. Dad I am eating your fruity pebbles and watching Youtube You better come out and stop me Hey I’ll tell you what I am going to give you Thanos. I’m gonna give you to the count of 10 to get your ugly purple no-good Infinity gauntlet off this planet before I show you how it’s done. Alright Thor I’m sorry I’m going Keep the change you purple animal Mom?!? Honey what’s wrong? I have a bad feeling. About what? I don’t know is there something we could be forgetting? No, you just feel that way because we left so quickly. Did I turn off the lights? No, I did Did you lock up Yeah, did you close the fridge That’s it I forgot to close the fridge That’s not it. Is there something else we could be forgetting? Kaden!! Oh I can’t believe we left him alone. We left him home alone! We have to turn around right now! Okay, let me pull off the next exit and fill up with gas real quick and we’ll be on our way No no we don’t have time to stop for gas! Honey we’ve driven across four state lines. We have to stop for gas No, no. No we gotta get back to Kaden How can we have done this? Well, honey, if it makes you feel any better, I forgot my bunny jammies Alrighty Max so check this house out. Look at all those disgusting decorations they have and that’s just the outside. There’s so many decorations inside that it’s gonna make everyone in Whoville absolutely sick. Are you sure? Yes Max This is the house. This is our main target. We got to get in there We got to get all those Christmas decorations and out of there so we can ruin Christmas once and for all You sure say that a lot, aren’t you scared? What are you talking about? Max? I’m not scared….I’m the Grinch! It’s go time Max! I I do the laughs around here Max. Don’t tell anybody Max. Look a these decorations Max…Christmas bells are ringing..Christmas bells are stinking! That’s what I say too huh? Let’s see what’s over here. Oh my gosh Max! I thought they weren’t here! Let’s get out of here! Uh Sarah what are you doing out here? I don’t have time for this I’ve gotta get home to Kaden I’m calling an uber! An uber.. the gas is almost done. I don’t have time for you to fill up with gas Oh good. My uber is here But it’s almost done Look I’m done So you a heading home Miss? Where am I taking you? Yeah, I left my little boy home alone and it’s just breaking my heart. I just gotta get home as fast as I can I’ve been driving uber for about five years now, and I’ve never driven somebody over three state lines. What…this is sad only a wimp would be scared and hiding under the bed like this and I am no wimp. I am the man of the house! I’m not afraid anymore! Do you hear that I’m not afraid anymore! I am not afraid anymore! Ahhhhhhh!!! Hey honey, I’m literally right behind you. Are you sure you don’t want to just pull over and hop back in my car? Nope, uber will get me there faster. But honey that will cost a fortune. You’re gonna have to take an uber across three states I have to get home to Kaden as soon as possible! But honey, you’re literally right in front of me! But honey, that’s the point. I’m still in front of you. Okay. Bye. Can you step on the gas a little bit? I’ve took the longest shower I’ve ever had today and I washed every part of me Including in between my toes and in my bellybutton, which I sort of enjoy I can’t seem to find my toothbrush So I’ll pick one up when I go out today. Other than that, I’m in good shape Dad’s credit cards this will come in handy Yes, Dad’s credit card! Let’s see if we can buy some presents with this. How about a $10,000 TV What about a new computer for Dad? Hmm? How about Kalia? Hmm? She likes my little pony… even better a real horse! Jazzy wants an iPhone 11 How about an iPhone 11 Pro…and for Kyler a gigantic bounce house? Oh, I’m totally getting this.. Dad you shouldn’t have left your credit card home Max do you remember that kid we saw yesterday? He lives here and he’s putting up more Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations? That’s right..and he’s home alone! This is it don’t get scared now Double stick tape! He doesn’t even know what this does to my fur?! Man Isn’t it fun to be home alone Make sure to LIKE and subscribe below and if you want to see another awesome home alone video part 2 click this video below And have a Merry Christmas

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