Home Sweet Home | 집우집주 [2019 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2019.11.14]

Please come this way. I redesigned the leftover space here as a bathroom for your convenience. You must be eager to see the kitchen. The faucet and sink are from the brand you wanted. We made sure the cabinets and countertops were placed at the perfect height for you. The water pressure was too low before… The pump is all fixed now. Why don’t you take a look here? Why, that light… You wanted that ceiling light but thought it would clash with the whole concept. But I recalled you saying how the pantry belongs to you alone. Do you like it? Oh, my… Actually, that light wouldn’t leave my mind. Thank you. My duty and pleasure. Hey! She liked the ceiling light, did she? Wow. Why don’t we run a side business as fortunetellers? Your beaming face made it obvious. Another happy client, thanks to you. I can’t take credit for that. You found the right item. How is my precious baby? There’s my little baby. Just buy it. Instead of drooling over it. I will once I get married. My place is too shabby for it now. For a treasure like this, I need a living room. It should rest on vintage, hardwood furniture. That calls for natural lighting and ventilation. – Geez. / – Ow! What a boatload of excuses. That reminds me. Write an essay, will you? An essay? What do you mean? I told you about that editor. My friend working for “Monthly Place.” She’s commissioning personal essays from designers working in the field. I put in a word for you. “Monthly Place?” I’d get chewed out. I’m a lowly assistant manager at a tiny firm. I can’t write for a big magazine like that. I already said you would do it. Just so you know. – I’ll sell that if you don’t. / – But… What is the theme? “The Home of My Life.” The home of my life… (Home Sweet Home) (My Universe) My house, my universe. A house reveals the universe of its resident. As an architect, I’m driven by the mission of creating other people’s universes. But my own universe is a makeshift realm of compromises filled with cheap furniture. What does this house reveal about me as a person? (Real estate agency) Oh, right. Hello? I was planning to call. I’d like to extend the lease on my flat. What? You’re raising the deposit? You need to pay at least $50,000 to cover the new deposit. $50,000? This is too abrupt… Honestly, I’m losing money by leasing the flat to you. It’s a prime spot given the new subway line. It won’t even be close to the new station. It’ll be at least a ten-minute walk. That makes it close enough. You can’t do this on such short notice. Then move out. There are plenty of others willing to pay monthly rent for the place. Just move out. If you can’t even cough up $50,000, you should move farther away and walk an additional 15 minutes. I need more coffee. My throat feels dry. So you didn’t extend the lease? I couldn’t, not didn’t. Where would I get $50,000 out of the blue? I poured all my savings into a housing subscription deposit account. Your lease ends this month. Any plans? I have a good idea. Don’t you dare harp on about a campervan. Why are you tenting out here anyway? Sales requires user experience. So what is your plan? I’ll start looking for a new place tomorrow. I didn’t want to move until getting married. Oh, geez… Then maybe it’s time. For what? For marriage. Tie the knot. With me. We were thinking about it anyway. Instead of struggling separately, we can live together. Under the same roof. Under the same roof… Marriage will open a new chapter in my life with a new house in tow. Two homes becoming one, forming our universe. Yes, Yuchan. I asked for the afternoon off. See you later at the real estate agency. Bye. – Where are you going? / – Gosh! You scared me. There’s a meeting with a supplier. What made you so burnt out? Stress from the Riverview Castle client. It’s triggering hair loss. I thought the construction was wrapping up. The client is a young woman. So picky. She hates this, she hates that, she says there’s no ambiance, like a factory product and whatnot… Want to take over the project? Me? You put in so much work into it. You’re an expert on high-class tastes. Besides, she’s about your age. She thinks I’m a hopeless old fogey. Get me off the hook, will you? A favor for nothing? I’ll buy you some coffee. So… This is what makes the Riverview Castle so famous. You’ve come early. Hello. I’m replacing Manager Shin as I explained over the phone. Gosh! It’s you, Sua! Juyeon. What a coincidence. Seriously, it’s amazing. You got even prettier. I heard you’re a flight attendant. Oh, not at all. Look at you, Sua. You’re a success. You dreamed of being an architect since high school. I’m just an employee, not a success. Nothing compared to you, moving into Riverview Castle as a newlywed. My parents bought it for us since they’re getting a doctor as a son-in-law. My in-laws insisted on that place. They say it’s perfect for kids with good schools in the neighborhood. I see. How about you, Sua? Any good news? I haven’t set a date yet, but I’ll probably get married soon. Really? That’s great. Did you choose a house yet? I’ll be looking at places today. You should live around here. It’s close to your workplace. It sure is. Oh, are you okay with the construction schedule? Sounds good. She’s your friend and a huge budget too. It’ll add to your portfolio. Besides, the house is for newlyweds. Think of it as a rehearsal and enjoy it. I’m not so sure about it. Here you are. It’s the third-floor flat. Feel free to look around. I have to move out by the 15th. What are the rags doing there? This is a rare place for the price point. The water pressure and structure are great. Are there any new-built places for sale? This could be a bedroom. – Shall we go downstairs? / – Yes. It’s a newly-built townhouse. It’s popular with newlyweds. Good location and public transportation. Good for raising kids too. It’s a luxurious place. I really like it. Me too. It’s quite nice. How much is it? Newly-built but affordable. $500,000 for a long-term lease. At your price point, this is the only place you can afford on a long-term lease. It’s not in great shape now, but it’ll be as good as new after renovations. The owner agreed to pay for it. What do you think? Do you have a pen, Sua? A pen? Why do you look so glum? I scrimped and saved but can’t even afford a good place on lease. House-hunting is depressing, even for rich folks. Only because we all dream of places slightly beyond our budgets. I’m not dreaming of anything fancy. An upgraded house might be impossible. But we shouldn’t get downgraded either. Don’t get too discouraged. It’ll be a temporary house, not permanent. It’s your live-in spouse that matters. You once told me you can redraw what’s on the canvas, whether it’s an apartment or a rooftop room. Yes. But we can’t afford a decent canvas. This won’t do. Let’s tackle another home-related mission before you get even more discouraged. Another mission? – It won’t open up. / – Hang on. Maybe it’s the luggage. The car seems slow. I told you. We should’ve gotten a cab. You penny-pincher. Get a new car. It’s not about money. This car is an old buddy. I can’t toss it away. It’ll stop running on the road. Take my word for it. We’re almost there. Hang on. You can’t block someone else’s garage. This is their place. Huh? We’re here. Welcome. Come on in. Nice to see you, at last. Nice to meet you. I brought you this. Oh, my. I love the tarts from this bakery. We’re already hitting it off, aren’t we? Already? Let’s go in. I mean it. – Come on in. / – Okay. – How is work? / – It’s fine. Not too tough? Come on in, Sua. Sure. When will you have your wedding? We haven’t set a date yet. I’d like to get it done soon. Oh, dear. What’s the rush? Start planning things one by one… Oh, my. Are you two expecting… No, no. We’re not. Don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s because of her housing lease. It’s expiring, so we want to live together. I see. Oh, dear. No need to rush without a baby on the way. The wedding halls are probably booked full. I won’t book a lavish place like my brothers did. I can’t afford it anyway. It should be a decent wedding hall for appearance’s sake. Most of the guests will be there for your father and me, not you. You should just do a vow renewal. That impertinent mouth of yours… Sua, you see my point, don’t you? You only get one wedding in your life. Don’t book a cheap wedding hall that churns out wedding parties like a factory. A hotel is certainly better. Don’t you agree? We can help out financially. No worries about that. Mom! Just leave them be. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink. You can have a threadbare wedding or just go to city hall. Do as you please. – Alright. / – Oh, dear… Once we pay a visit to Sua’s parents, we’ll start by finding a house. How about this, Sua? The two of you can move in here. The second floor is empty. Stop that. You want me to die an old bachelor? Honestly… You’re too young to have much savings. How can you afford a good place in Seoul? You can live here for a while and move out once you save enough. Either that or accept our help financially. We came to share our wedding news. We didn’t come to beg. That’s enough. Let’s finish the meal. Shall we taste the tart Sua brought for us? I had no idea that you are from a rich family. I guess I look too scruffy. You won’t call off the wedding, will you? Scared off by the overbearing family… Come on… No way. We won’t come here again. No worries. I rarely come here myself. Ignore what they said about the house and wedding hall. They’re just nagging. You bore with it well. You too, Yuchan. Oh, right. When should we go to your place? You want to make a stop on the way? I meant your parents’ house. We should see your parents too. My… Yes, of course. We should. For most of us, the first house we live in is where our parents live, our parents’ house. It’s where we first take root. Even a master architect can’t change this house of the past. This inherent starting point can’t be changed by effort or personal tastes. You have a listening room just for music? Yes, my dad collects first edition records. Let’s see… The album you like… Geez. I liked him for being so carefree despite being hard up like me. But he’s from a rich family after all. I can’t believe I’m jealous of my boyfriend’s family. I’m impossible. Anyway, my own starting point… I’d rather not go. I dread facing it. There you are. Good timing. Carry this with me. Why are you picking up that trash? A family tossed these out when they moved out. Hop to it. Take that side. Lift it up. There you go. You came right on time. Were you planning to carry this alone? Watch out there. I haven’t been home in ages, but I’m slaving away already. Take it easy. Tilt it to the side. My dear daughter is home. Gosh, what is that? – Tilt it back. / – Where should it go? Set it down there. My, goodness. Oh, my. She’s drenched in sweat. Bring me a rag. Move to a place with an elevator. You might die on the stairs soon. Watch what you say… Why did you have to carry this up? Making her work on a rare visit… – Mom, get me some water. / – Sure, sure. I should’ve brought it before they attached this sticker. What’s this? Here you go. Did you set a date yet? Isn’t the bride’s family supposed to get a lucky date from a fortuneteller? We’ll have the wedding this year if possible. We’ll move in together beforehand. Did you say he runs a business? What do his parents do? His father is the CEO of Hyeona Securities. Oh, dear. Won’t they oppose the marriage? Our family isn’t up to that standard. Call it off. You’ll be out of your depth. I already paid them a formal visit. Is this a new cup? Isn’t it expensive? Where did you get it? Well… Mom. Are you working as a cleaner again? No need to shout. I’m a housekeeper, not a cleaner. Whatever. Someone asked me as a favor. There’s no use being idle. I send you plenty of spending money. Don’t accept these things like a beggar. They were tossing out mismatching china. It was a waste. Fine. Change your outfit. We’re going out. Why? My fiance wants to pay a visit. Want him to see these shabby furnishings? It’s a new model. The color and cushioning are perfect. (Price: $2,150) We don’t need such a large sofa. It’s a three-seater, the smallest parlor sofa. It’s perfect for a small home. We’ll take this one. You’ll be getting married soon. You don’t have the money. We really don’t need this. I need it. I won’t be embarrassed when Yuchan visits. – Can you deliver it right away? / – Certainly. Sua. I’m set. Go on in. Don’t hurt yourselves. Heavy, isn’t it? Set it down. Slowly. You should’ve told us there isn’t an elevator. Telling you wouldn’t make it magically appear, would it? No, we wouldn’t have come at all. Where do you want this? Right there where the sofa is. You want us to remove that sofa too? No one is removing anything. It has to go. The house is cramped. We’ll make space. I’ve grown fond of it. Right. You shouldn’t toss away old furniture. That’s right. This is unbelievable. I can’t wear this while eating. Just bear with it. – Sorry for being late. / – Come in. You’re five minutes late. No worries. We arrived just now. It’s a belated introduction. I’m Kim Yuchan. – Let’s order now. / – Sure. You live in your store? That can’t be good for your health. When we built the store, Sua fixed up a leftover room. It’s snug and convenient for work too. Why worry? It’s his job to sleep outdoors. Dad, you mean, camping. I’m spreading the culture of sleeping outdoors. Did you first meet Sua while constructing your store? Yes. Our store was a rundown space in an old building. Sua is so talented, exceptional at renovating old structures. Every old structure has a charm of its own. What a shame they are torn down left and right for renovations these days. Now I see… Sua learned from you. Sua has a philosophy of preserving old charm while creating new spaces. That made me smitten with her. A philosophy… That’s too grand. Try this. I should’ve visited you at your home. I’m terribly sorry. We had a good time. It was a nice restaurant. I wish I could’ve made a nice meal for you. I’ll visit you soon at your home. Please cook a tasty meal for me. – Sure. / – My dad is here. Why, thank you. Take care. Goodbye to you too. I don’t think your father likes me. He does. That’s his happy face. What are you doing? Hop in. Fine. Bye. – Take care. / – Goodbye. Start looking for a suitable house. House-hunting takes legwork. Yes, certainly. Take care. Yes! Please start with the master bedroom for painting. Please install that here. Careful now. The window sashes are done. I found one. By the subway station with three rooms. For lease… Oh, it’s a semi-basement. There’s always something wrong. Nothing but lousy flats. Why didn’t you set up a housing subscription deposit account? I’ve been telling you for years. Those subscriptions are like lotteries anyway. Better to have two tickets than one. We can’t afford a new apartment anyway. Let’s get a place, though it may have flaws. We can fix it up. Even this place was originally an office. You fixed it up into a snug room. Whatever. It’s not even a proper house. I might as well live with my in-laws. Even if we work all our lives, we… I mean, I’ll never get to live in a house like that. Geez. These won’t fit in my car. Should we return after moving this load? I’m tossing out the furniture. All of them? Why? We assembled these together. They are cheap furniture. We’ll buy nicer ones for our new place. They’re still in good shape, not broken. You’re tossing them out? I want a fresh start in a decent house filled with decent furniture. What exactly does marriage mean to you? What? Did you expect a new, 100m² apartment to appear out of thin air? Now you’re looking down on your snug flat and calling these cheap furniture. What does that make your life before marriage? I moved my things with my dad’s truck. I’ll stay here until we find a house. I’m not upset. Fine. Take care during your business trip. Bye. Geez. What the… Mom, what’s wrong with the shower head? It was dripping, then it stopped. Oh, I forgot to tell you. It’s broken. The water comes and goes. What? How am I supposed to wash up? Use that dipper to mix in this hot water. There’s no hot water? They’re fixing the hot water pipes. It’ll last a month for the whole building. This isn’t a mountain cabin. How come you never have hot water? Make sure to mix in hot water. That’ll help you fall asleep. Nonsense… Geez! Please fasten them tightly. They tend to get loose. Hello, Juyeon. I like the furniture you picked out. But I have to leave tomorrow on a week-long business trip. I won’t be there for the furniture delivery. Will that be a problem? A long-distance flight, is it? No worries. I’ll send you updates via text. Thanks, Sua. By the way, can I ask you a favor? Sure, go ahead. That item in your profile photo… Could you get that for me too? My profile photo? (Your profile photo has been updated) My little baby… Oh… – You mean the record player? / – Yes. My fiance never cares much for things, but he really wanted it when he saw it. Well, actually… I put that on hold a while back to buy it once I got married. Sorry, I’ll find a similar one for you. I see. No, don’t bother. I understand. Alright. Sorry about it. See you this evening. Bye. (Change to default photo) (Your profile photo has been updated) Has it been a year since we met? The furniture looks nice, doesn’t it? – She coordinated everything? / – Yes. We’re finally meeting up thanks to Juyeon. I heard so much about you. It must be tough work. Oh, not at all. Sua is redecorating our new house. Is that so? If you’re planning renovations, hire Sua. Sua has such great taste. All the work is finished perfectly. Oh, come on. This is great. I’m moving soon. Give me a business card, Sua. – Oh. / – I need one too. So you’re moving. I should’ve given you one sooner. Call me anytime. By the way, Sua. About that record player… I’m hoping you could get that for us. Huh? My fiance was looking for a similar one, but he says none of them feel the same. Could you get that for us? It seems perfect for our house. I wonder why… I never get my share. In my dreams, you were always at the center of my house. But I admit this house suits you better. Hi, Juyeon. Aren’t you abroad? I have to ask for a quick favor. My housekeeper will be there soon. Could you give her your access card? Sure, I will. Oh, and please tell her to keep the cat in the guest room. My fiance has allergies. Sure, I’ll pass it on. Sounds like she arrived already. Mom. Sua. There, there. Nice kitty. Cleaning, cooking, babysitting… Now you’re even waiting on other people’s cats? Have you lost your mind? No need to shout. While moving abroad, her mom asked me to look after her daughter and cat. That daughter happens to be my friend. What’s more, she’s my client. So we’re both looking after clients. No need to throw a fit. Mom! I want to help out with marriage expenses. You probably couldn’t save much after paying off student loans. I didn’t want you to be discouraged about being from a common family. I can take care of that cat on the side, so just stop it, mom. You’re busy enough as it is. Setting up a new house takes a lot of work. I’ll take care of it, so don’t trouble yourself. Okay? Please. Hello? Yes, mother. This is good. I longed for a girls’ weekend at a department store like this. I only have four big men in the family with two of my sons living abroad… Seriously… Let’s spend time like this now and then. Yes, mother. Did you mention our get-together to Yuchan by any chance? He probably threw a fit. No, we don’t call much when we are busy. I’m so glad you’re not as rigid. I can breathe easily now. You know how he is. Yuchan is my son, but I must say he is as stubborn as a mule. Sure, I know. You do? Already? If you two need any help with the wedding, you’re the one who should let me know. Especially with the new house. You shouldn’t lower your standards to find a house within your budget. Nowadays, your house and neighborhood determine your social status. Oh, my. It must be a new product line. What a lovely color. It’s a new, premium wedding collection. There’s a 10% discount to celebrate the launch. The four-piece collection comes with a couple’s mug set as a gift. That’s a great price for a four-piece set. The cast iron might be a bit heavy, but it gives your food a different flavor. – Is there a delivery service? / – Of course. In that case, I’ll have two sets delivered… – No, just one set for now. / – Yes. Oh, there’s an extra discount for this VVIP card. Please write down the delivery address while we process your payment. Okay. Sua, you know your parents’ address, right? Sorry? It’s a gift for your mother. I want her to look kindly on Yuchan. That won’t be necessary. Hurry before my arms start aching. Don’t hurt my feelings now. Here you go. Oops. Nowadays, your house and neighborhood determine your social status. So that’s where your parents live. It’s close by. I’m from the apartment maintenance team. We provide air conditioner maintenance. You must’ve moved in today. Oh, yes. Most new residents replace the filter when they move in. It’s a service offered by Riverview Castle at a lower price than usual. In that case, I’ll sign up for the service. Please write your name and sign here. Please contact us if you ever need help. I will. Thank you. They say houses take after their owners. You have a lovely house. (Recipient: Jo Sua, Address: Riverview Castle) – Hello. / – Hello. (The delivery address has been saved) Hi, I just sent you an email. Could you check it now? (Resident) You have one package. The door is open. Did it run out of film? Sua. What are you doing here? Mom. You said you were working late these days. What were you doing there? I was there for work. I wanted to feed the cat too. What about Yuchan? Why isn’t he calling you? Did you have an argument? No. He rarely calls during business trips. I see… How is the house-hunt? Let’s talk about that later. I’m tired. Oh, dear. You know what… I lived in a lavish house like that before. Back when I first came to Seoul alone… In those days, there was a small room next to the kitchen for live-in maids. I was young back then, feeling proud about living in a fine apartment in Seoul. Then I met your father and we worked hard to save up. We moved into this tiny house. But strangely enough… I knew right away. I thought, “This is the place. This is our house.” You’ll find a place like that. One that makes you feel, “This is my house.” I want to sleep. Sure. Sleep tight, Sua. A place that makes me feel, “This is my house,” rather than “I wish this were my house.” Will I really find such a place? (Yuchan) You were in no hurry to call, huh? Sorry. I called right after things wrapped up. I miss you. Did anything new happen? Do you even want to know? I’m sorry. I’ll make up for it with a gift. A gift? What gift? I was too busy to notice your mother’s text message. I feel bad, so I’m buying snow crabs for her. What do you mean, snow crabs? You told me she likes them. Call her. Let’s have snow crabs for dinner. No! No, don’t bother coming to our house. Come on, we’ll be family soon. Besides, I felt bad about meeting them at a restaurant instead of their home. Text me the address, alright? Yuchan. Yuchan! Oh, geez… This is nuts… How lovely! You made this out of the old sofa? There’s a use for everything. – Mom! / – Goodness, Sua. Change your outfit, quickly. You too, dad. Yuchan is coming over for dinner. Then I should start cleaning. We’ll meet him somewhere else. You… Wait, you don’t mean… I have no choice. I already told mother… Anyway, hurry up. I won’t be joining you. Dad, help me out just once, will you? Please? Hurry. Hurry up. Alright, alright. Mom, did you bring everything you need? Yes, I did. What’s that? These are plates. Use these, alright? What else do I have to do? Thank you. Good evening. Welcome. – I bought snow crabs. / – Yes. You didn’t have to… Come in. What a lovely house. My friend pitched a tent on a camping trip. The ground was covered in pebbles. Thank you. He said the pebbles kept him up all night. Turns out, the whistle hung over his neck had been under his back. Sir, do you not like the food? I’m eating. I heard you worked in education. There are teachers in my mother’s family. He was an administrator, not a teacher. Is that so? My uncle worked in the Education Office. You might have crossed paths. My dad worked mostly in schools, not the Education Office. Towards the end of my career, I stayed at Dongchan Elementary. My other uncle was the vice principal there. What years did you work there? It was a different school, not Dongchan. Isn’t that right, dad? If this is what it takes, call off the wedding. Honey… Dad. Father? Excuse me. Did I say something wrong? No, no. It’s nothing like that. I should bring him back. – I’ll look for him. / – No. Stay here. I’ll go after him. He must be coming back. It’s nothing. Just stay seated. You’re back. You’re the housekeeper… Sua? What is going on here? Well, the thing is… We had some snow crabs, too many to eat by ourselves… She’s my mom. You put on a show at a different house? You even dragged your parents into it? Did you think so little of me? That I would like someone based on where they live or what their parents do? Then tell me. Why did you do such a thing? I felt ashamed. It had nothing to do with you. It was all me. I felt ashamed on my own. You have no idea. How the things you can’t change by effort… Make you feel so pathetic. Then let me ask you. What do you know about me? Do you know why I left my parents’ home and what I’m struggling not to inherit from them? I thought we knew each other well. But I’m not sure anymore. Thank you for visiting. There’s a fee for visitors who park for over two hours… Aren’t you a resident? How much is it? I never felt ashamed. This house that finally let me take root, this house where I had and raised you… Never once did I feel ashamed of it. I’m sorry. For always making you feel ashamed. The stinky gardener is here again. He stinks. The stinky gardener is Jo Sua’s dad. Really? Yeah. I was at her house. It stinks too. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, dad. I’m sorry. You trusted me with your house. Marriage is a funny business. At first, it simply meant living with the person I love. That’s all it was. But what others think and sees took over. We bought this when we didn’t even know how to use this. If you would rather have someone else finish the work here… – You can… / – I called off the marriage. The truth is, my mom… She didn’t move abroad. She is very ill. But… They don’t want a cancer patient at the wedding. My in-laws, I mean. So I’m calling it off. I’m tired of it… Trying so hard. Sua, it must be tiresome work for you, but I need to ask for one last favor. Can you renovate this house again? Not for a newlywed couple, but for me to live with an ill patient. I was blinded by the neighborhood, the apartment brand, and its cost. I didn’t realize this seeming palace was a house of sand for Juyeon. Fearing its collapse, she built what became a house of loneliness. (Real estate agency) It’s a nice house, isn’t it? I called you as soon as it hit the market. The price was lowered for a quick deal. It goes a bit over your budget, but it’s a rare house at the price point. Are there any places suited for a single resident? If only I had known, I would’ve prepared a whole list of single-household flats. It’s enough space for one person. Even two people could live here. This could be a dressing room or study. Here, you have a large bedroom. Take your time and look around. You’ll find a place like that. One that makes you feel, “This is my house.” We have to fix that part. Hold it in place first. Just like that. It seems like a vain chore beforehand, but the paint changes everything. Trust me. Rooms should be wallpapered, not painted. Pipe down and do as the expert says. We should at least remove the wallpaper. It doesn’t make sense to paint over it. Mom, cover dad’s mouth, will you? – So noisy. / – Should I? I can stick this tape over his mouth. Come on. Put that away. What nonsense. Take one each and paint the wall. Careful with splashes. – Alright. / – Don’t change your tune later. Let’s try this out. – Like this? / – Yes. It’s fun. Hello? I told you, didn’t I? That it would stop on the road. Those exact words went through my mind. Thank goodness you’re alive. – You should’ve listened… / – You’re right. You’re always right. Not always. When the car stopped on the road… At first, I felt glad you weren’t next to me. And then… I felt relieved you were by my side. Did you know you’re just like your father at moments like this? I know. I’ll carry one. You have so much luggage. What’s that? This? It’s beef. I signed a deal in Hoengseong. Are you a tourist or a businessman? Why don’t you take some to your parents? Or should we invite them to a barbecue? Just get in the car. Keep your shoes on. Hello. Why are you staring? Keep working. Why are you standing there? Start painting. Oh, yes. You’ve got the right son-in-law. I majored in painting at a design department. Where should I paint? You know where. The whole place. Careful with your clothes. Shouldn’t we remove the wallpaper first? – Just rip it off. / – No way. You’re supposed to paint over it. Gosh. Yes? The shower head… The water stopped running. Go back in. – Not too cold, is it? / – No. Rinse it out well. There’s shampoo on the back here. All done with the shampoo. I need to use conditioner too. Geez. Sua, you… I leased a new flat. Huh? Really? You should consult your fiance on important matters like that. I’ll be living there alone. Don’t you want to live with me? It’s a bit small for both of us. But you can move in if you insist. Really? For real, right? You said so. Just finish washing your hair. Houses are built for the sake of our lives, but we often live for their sake instead. The double-edged space that makes us laugh and cry. Even so, I will carry on living and loving until my last day on Earth. In my house, my universe. (Home Sweet Home)

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  1. People pursuing their dreams are the best. But, here I am, giving up on everything and forgetting my dreams. Live however it flow…

  2. Kenapa harus malu sih sama kehidupannya. Dia terlalu terobsesi dengan kehidupan glamor dan kekayaan orang lain sampai lupa bersyukur sudah diberi kekasih yang baik dan orang tua yg penyayang.
    Aku benar2 benci wanita arsitek ini.

  3. I finally found my answer here in this drama…
    I 'm of who i am yesterday today and tomorrow…i love my life together w/ my loved ones

  4. 집 it’s more about the people who you’re with every day. Big house does not always make you happy and bring you happiness. Do not fall in the illusion of big house. Home should be the place where makes you feel warm and beautiful.

  5. I was waiting for the KBS drama specials for 2019, and this movie made the waiting worth it. For you who is looking for some kind of review to watch the movie, I can guarantee this movie is worth your 1h. KBS thank you for such an amazing movie 👏🏿

  6. This is the best short drama I've ever seen. I liked the storyline and actors. It gave me a warm feeling that I'll never forget. Thank you for making it 😊

  7. Hands up for kbs world for making great movies for us. Love sign from malaysia. This was warm movie that touch your heart. I hope your will give us story that move our heart

  8. I think this drama concept reminds me a lot about one of popular serial drama on American television. Not the exact same story but the character, their job, the decorations esp the vintage store.

  9. I grew up ashamed of my family's financial status and had rich friends then I had normal friends yet the feeling of being ashamed of my poverty kept living inside me. Now am 28y old and I feel okay with the way I grew up because I had to meet so many people and find out that I was lucky to have good parents and a family. Some people don't have both parents, some don't have healthy family members, some don't have roofs over them, some don't get the chance to eat what they like, some can't get education or anything. I'm lucky I had so many things in life but am mostly happy because I have a loving family and a very healthy lifestyle. Money and status is nothing really its not important. To be happy is a beautiful thing, being happy with what you have that's the real life.

  10. omg so relate with my life.. sometimes i feel ashamed of my parents house.. whenever my friends want to go to my house i feel like plss don't.. 😭

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