How Black Panther Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

Oh come on!! Father… Father are you there? Simba… wait you’re not Simba… Who are you? My name is T’Challa. I am the new king of Wakanda and the Black
Panther. I am looking for my father in the ancestral
pla… Oh You’re a panther. Sorry. This is the lion section,
The Panther section is right over there. They are shooting at us! Luckily our car is bulletproof Yes. Now I climb out into the open to attack. You’re going to What? Okoye Why?! Precious! Klaue is getting away! I will begin another car chase sponsored by
lexus. Don’t be silly brother! Use the car disabling devices you dummy! Oh right I forgot we have those. Yes! Black Panther! This will give you the power of the black
panther. Psych it’s actually just poison. Haha! Looks like YOU did not check what you put
in your body. Wakanda Forever. Wakanda Forever! Hey hey hey! What is going on here? Captain America! We are… having a disagreement. What are you doing here? I was coming to see how Bucky’s Jesus costume
was going. We are … a little busy at the moment. Well Do you need any help? NO! GO AWAY! Okay guys now’s apparently not a good time,
let’s just come back later. Oh no! You have saved my life,
but also killed your brother who was a traitor to Wakanda. Yes… we will speak nothing of this. What about his boy? We should leave him. I don’t think that’s a good idea. We should take him with us. Yeah I think if I grew up here I’d have
turned out a whole lot different. We will not let the mistakes of our fathers
define who we are. Together we will make things right. What you mean? Like start a violent revolution? No cousin I did not mean a… Don’t trip I’m just playin. Let’s just start by giving people the tools to
better their lives. Yes. We can build a school right over there! We can provide medical and technological advancements over there. Educate the masses
Improve our way of life And get these two… a cafe Oh thank god! Oh my gosh! You can afford a cafe you Oh this new cafe is nice! It’s like nothing ever happened. Yeah apparently vibranium just fixes everything. Yes it does. It is really quite convenient. And seemingly capable of fixing anything. Would you like some? No thanks Catman, I’m good.
Because i’m batman. Besides…. something tells me you’re gonna need that Vibranium more than us. Why is that? hear me and rejoice… mercy is upon you Just a feeling. Is there anyone else here who wishes to challenge for the thrown? I challenge! Time for the Daywalker to take back his day. WHAT ARE THOSE?!? You like tired memes, huh? Then you’re gonna love these! Gasp!!

100 Replies to “How Black Panther Should Have Ended – Animated Parody”

  1. I wish they would have kept Kilmonger’s comic book background where he was born and raised in Wakanda but I understand the reason they gave him an American background.

  2. I both like and hate the movie. They speak of peace and being better because of technology and segregation of outside cultures while fighting to death for position of the throne.

  3. I really love this hishe and his he in generally and I have for years, but does anyone else think in some scenes it looks quite rushed?

  4. 2:23 Are its just me or maybe someone could tell me how someone could growing up like that for one year? Just a feeling

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