How Comedian Kirk Fox Says His Life Changed Forever After A Trip To The Grocery Store

even that guy for a long time but something happened you have a woman in your life there is a woman where’d you meet her in my life I met her at Bristol Farms on Sunset and Fairfax yeah one morning about 10:30 I waited for her in the parking lot like most predators do and when she came out I asked if she had a Valentine and she did not so I went back in the store and I bought a dozen roses which I don’t usually like to buy anything and I gave her the roses and we eventually got married you talk about your first marriage in your Showtime special so let’s get that one out of the way and then we’ll talk about this one all right I don’t know how to make a marriage last I can tell you how to make one fail marry someone because their father is your favorite actor at some point believe me we’re just waking up with her so what is that all about well I married Clint Eastwood’s daughter Allyson I remember the last thing he said to me he he called me a son of a bitch and I was so excited that he had called me son that worked out well for you I was the first husband to try and take my wife’s last name yeah that doesn’t work does it work that way so now you’re married after telling me you would never do that so you’re gonna be a stay-at-home dad right I will be having a daughter in May so payback okay so let me pick the name her name will be Addison Bristol Fox Bristol Farms because that’s where I met the mother okay so you named her after the grocery store yes and I will be a stay-at-home pop I’ve been training for it my whole life so he are you prepared for this I’ve been reading up on it and I’ve been practicing changing diapers on I have two puppies so that’s Kenyan Karma and we adopted them from Mexico there before the wall went up who got them out and the great thing was is we got the dogs these two puppies and then the next day Jaron told me she was pregnant so I’ll be doing a lot of walking yeah so you say Jared won’t pick up dog poop so I think I’ll be in in charge of the diapers because of that yeah it’s just something she doesn’t do I mean she when she walks the dogs and I’m not there she’ll send me photos of the dog poop and the house it’s in front of and sometimes I can’t find the house so I’ll walk around showing pictures of the dog poop to neighbors and I say have you seen this and eventually I always get close enough and I find it and I pick it up I’m good at it yeah I’m seeing you later today I would think I’d I’ll be there at 4:00 I’m hungry yeah well yeah let me tell you he plays tennis eats us out of house and home every time he comes over I’m not dummy

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