How IG Comedian King Keraun Blew Up On Instagram & Has Been Blowing Bags Since | Blew A Bag

What’s up with y’all? Man, it’s your boy King Keraun,
and I blew a bag. Y’all probably know me
from the Gram, you know, social media,
Facebook, Vine, Twitter. I parlayed that video success
into TV, movies, standup. Now you know,
I’m just making my way through this
comedy/entertainment world doing my thing. Last job I had, I was working at
this oil field where we cleaned out
these chemical barriers and these big chemical trucks. We cleaned them out
for the company. Only felons could work
on this job. I was a felon.
Most of y’all know my story. Y’all know I did three years
in the pen. I got out. I was working at this oil field,
nose was bleeding every day from the chemicals
coming out my nose. I thought I was about to die,
to be quite frank with you. I quit, I ain’t going
to lie to you. I just up and quit. I was like, “Man, I’m not about
to die for no job.” That’s the last thing
I’m about to do. So I said, “I’m out.”
My mom was messed up about it. She was like,
“Well, what you going to do, since you’re just
going to your job?” I was like, “Shoot, I think…
I don’t know. I’m going to do videos.”
And that’s how it all started. When I first quit my job,
I was just like, “Man, anything is better
than this.” At this time, people weren’t
doing Instagram videos or nothing like this.
Vine had just came out. I was like, “While I’m waiting
to find another job,” because I’m going to
find a job eventually, “I’m going to just do
these videos on this new app called Vine
just to pass the time.” Actually, I stumbled into
my new job, which was comedy. My first big video was… I did a video about
the Meek Mill Intro song about how you feel
when you listened to it. I played the beginning
of the song. In the beginning of the song,
I had on an outfit like I was at church,
you know, a little suit, and I was singing
the Meek Mill song. Halfway through when
the beat drop and he goes crazy, I cut to how I’m acting
at that part. I got my shirt off screaming,
“Hold up, wait a minute. Y’all thought I was finished.” I posted it on my Instagram
and it went crazy. The numbers went stupid,
and the next thing I know, I look up and Jay Prince, Jr. texts me,
who’s a friend of Meek Mill and is a partner of mine.
We’re both from Houston. You know,
his father is Jay Prince. He hits me and says, “Hey, send me
that video you did about Meek, because I’m going to
send it to Meek.” I was like,
“Oh shit, well bet.” Because this was before
they had the apps where you could pull videos.
This was the early stages, before you could even
pull videos and repost. If wanted somebody’s video
to repost, you had to get that
physical video from them. So I sent the video
to Jay Prince, who sent it to Meek Mill. He sent Meek Mill the video,
and my @. Meek Mill posted it with my @, and that day
I gained 15000 followers. Everybody thought
I was from Philly. I’m really from Houston. Because Meek Mill’s from Philly
and they saw the beard, they thought I was from Philly.
So literally two weeks later I got booked in Philly
to come to a club. So Meek helped me
get my first Vine video, and he helped me get paid
for the first time. The first big text that I knew
this is what I was going to do, was when I started booked
in all the clubs. I was doing funny videos, and then the next thing I know
I started getting club bookings, you know what I’m saying?
5K, 10K. Things like that. So when I started
getting these club bookings where all I had to do
was get drunk for a bag, I was like, “Okay.
I like this life. Yeah, this is real dope
right here.” That was when I was like, “Yeah man, I got to parlay this
into some more success.” When I got the fame, people
started treating me different because I was known
around Houston. Houston’s my city.
I was born and raised there. But now I’m going
to those same clubs that I was just paying
$10.00 to get in, and they was letting me
in the club for free. Then they were giving me
a bottle for free. And then they went from
giving me a bottle for free, to saying I can bring four
or five people with me. I was like,
“Okay, well Slim Thug just brought four
or five people, and I can bring four or people? Oh, okay.
I’m up there with Slim Thug.” [inaudible 00:04:25] with videos,
you become monetized. You gain so many followers where
people like YouTube and Facebook pay you to put ads
in between your videos. So I got to a certain point
where I had so much fame where now YouTube companies
like Maker were offering me $200,000.00 contracts
to bring my YouTube over and do my YouTube videos
under their network so they can help me
get the ad money and be a part of them. That was the first
big check I got. I was getting these little 20,
10K checks, and then out the blue I got
a call and they were like, “We’re going to give you
$200,000.00 for your YouTube,” and I was like, “What?
$200,000.00 for my YouTube? You can have
this YouTube, sir.” Now, I’m living in an apartment
at this time. I’m paying $800.00 a month.
I just got my party money, and now I just got me
a little Challenger, you know what I’m saying? That was my first car
I got in my own name. I was just happy about that. I just got me
a little Challenger, and now he’s talking
about $200,000.00 for YouTube. I’m like, “Man, you can
have this, sir. You got it. Anything else you need? You need me to clean
some dishes or anything? I got that too.” There was company,
and they’re a big company too and I’m not going
to say their name because they might give me
some more money. Their thing said they were
supposed to pay me after 30 days,
and they tried to wait 31. I was like, “No, sir.
Uh-uh (negative). No. It’s day 31, sir.
I need that check.” “It’s in the mail.” “No, you’re supposed
to have it here on day 30. Not put it
in the mail day 30. It don’t work like that.
I needs my coins.” You can’t pay me for my services
to help make you funny. Either you’re funny
or you’re not funny. If I collab with somebody,
it’s because my audience can see you
and your audience can see me. I respect what you do.
You respect what I do. And now we’re doing
this together, and shoot we can help
get this money together because your audience sees me,
and my audience sees you. I don’t really collab
with people. I collab more with companies,
because companies pay on time. They give you an invoice, and they give you
when they’re going to pay. They’ll say, “Look, we’re going
to pay this invoice in 30 days,” so you can put it
on the calendar. You’re getting that money
in 30 days. But with a
[inaudible 00:06:43], you can’t put 30 days
on the calendar. Ain’t no way.
That ain’t going to work. My family, they didn’t
treat me different, but they treated me different. They only treated me different
with asking me for stuff, because they know I got it. Now, my sisters,
my little sisters, oh they don’t spare me nothing. Every problem they got that’s
financial, they come to me. They let me know
why this happening, and what they’re trying to do
with it, and why they need it. It’s up to me to say yes or no, and they try to
make me feel bad. Like, I ain’t have you. Mama and Daddy had you.
Go ask your daddy. The only time that I could
remember that I splurged, I got a big check,
I ain’t going to lie. I got a big check. It was a big six figure,
half a million dollar check, and I was like, “Man, I’m about
to have fun with this.” So I went and bought
a Maserati cash, and I was like,
“All right, look I got a Benz, but I’m going to get
the Maserati just in case I want another car
to drive around in. If I don’t like it,
I can always sell it back,” you know what I’m saying?
So I ended up buying a Maserati, and then I ended up
buying my sister a car. That was a wild time, because right after I bought
the car I went to The Galleria and I splurged
in a couple of stores. But that was the only time
I ever splurged. It was just because that check
was calling my name now. I mean, that check was
a half of a million dollars. Look where I come from.
Now I got a check like this, and they just telling me
to act regular? I’m like, “Nah, nah, nah I’ve got to throw
some of this around.” But besides that,
I’ve been great with it. I just make sure to take care
of family, and family only. So that was that Maserati. I’ve got partners
who come up to me and they try to come to me
about their dreams. You coming to me talking about
how you really wanted to be
a photographer your whole life, and how you need
a $2,500.00 camera. Who you think you fooling? I think that’s got to be
the worst one, when you feel like
it’s a slap in the face. Like you don’t even
do that, young sir. You don’t even do that. That ain’t even the type
of person you are. Talking about you need
some money to help train because you’re about
to take the League serious. Man, you’re 33.
It’s over with. Dating in LA is different
than dating in Houston, because these women
out here in LA, they a little more aggressive. They come for what they want,
and they come for blood. Houston, you’ve got
little Southern Belles. They ain’t going to really
jump out there and [inaudible 00:09:31]. But these LA girls,
they [inaudible 00:09:33]. They come get it.
They come get what they want. They ain’t playing with you,
whether it’s money, or if you’ve got some fame, or if you can put them
in a video and get them some followers.
They going to go get it. And if you don’t give them
what they want, they’re going to come
and they’re going to tell everybody else
a story about you. They got these little things
going on now where girls are getting
in these sex cults, these many women out here getting in these sex cults
for followers. I’m taking this entertainment
thing to the next level, you know what I’m saying?
I’m studying my crafts, making sure my crafts
get better. You know,
I’m not trying to be stagnant and trying to sit
in the same place. I’m taking this gift
God gave me, and I’m trying to run it it up,
you know what I’m saying? I know that ain’t all
just money-wise. You’ve got to run up
the talent too. You’ve got to keep working
on your craft. That’s what I’m about every day. Every day, I’m trying
to hustle to work this craft because the more opportunities
come, the more you work. I started working, and I started getting
opportunities out of the blue. They throwing bags everywhere,
20K for this, 50K for this, 100K for this,
I got 40K40, I got 70. I’m like, “Yeah,
give me all them bags.” Keep working.
They’re going to come. Once again, it’s your boy
King Keraun, and I blew a bag, but I made sure to have
a bag behind that bag. If you’re going to blow a bag,
then you need to have a bag behind the bag to cover
for the bag you just blew. Because if you have you
just blew, now you ain’t living like Nipsey
tried to tell us to live. You’ve got to live the way
Nipsey told us to live, I’m trying to tell you.
I watched all the Nipsey videos, and that’s my
financial consultant even now. I’m telling you,
I listen to what Nipsey said. What would Jesus do? You got
What would Nipsey do? Because if Nipsey
wouldn’t invest in it, I ain’t investing in it. [inaudible 00:11:09]
Nipsey, man. Let it be known.

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