How many people does it take to catch a rat? (so funny)

She’s just sniffing She’s just playing with it go Jess go What if it bites me I’ll get rabies It’s probably too weak to oh Don’t scare him in a another corner if you come from like the where the cat is like that side in it’s like ooo I know I went really slow , ooo god she’s gonna eat him Kill it come on. do you want me to try come on pudy cat if you want scare it gin gins scare it that way nope Come into the bucket ooo it’s in that thing aw it’s gonna run out I can just see it happening what if I just tilt it over O my gosh, No It’s under my bed There it is AGHH Where is it? What’s going on? there is a rat Where is it? Oh there she’s after it , good cat O the cats here How we gonna get it out I I Don’t know. It’s a really big mouse. If it is I Think it looks kind of cute. I feel really sad for it, but it’s tails so long it has to be a rat Where’s Ginny? She’s in there behind it, come on push it out yes yes yes yes catch it She brought it in, what she brought it in? O there it is All I heard was running down the hall way. maybe it was in the house I don’t know but I had running down the hallway and then I heard it getting it Where did it go ? (Ginny) Is it over there ? Well, it was in that corner and then it AGHHH I don’t want a rat in my room It’ll be behind there I reckon Yeah, it’s gonna be behind that draw, oh I don’t want it to go on my feet Yes you got it you got it girl, (screem) yes we got it but now what do we do ? This is the lid but it doesn’t like you have to hold it on it doesn’t close on the bucket Aww I hope this doesn’t come out. You got it a Amy Yeah, but you have to let O! you have to hold it It’s still in there, It’s still in there It’s gonna come out. Is it in there, in the bucket? O my gosh you guys Okay, let’s see if we can scare it back the other way It’ll go under in there Yep O No, Scare it There he is O It’s coming, It’s coming . OK you got it you got it. Ahh get it get it Go on Ginny you got it girl. Should I have just let her kill it? We should just dump that strait on top of it It’s gonna do a bolt Who’s towel is this? Aaa mine. Are you gonna throw on it? Ooo Well, if you do you have to throw the towel away Move! Yes! Nooo ! he crawled out of the bucket Where? You need a different bucket That’s why I got that other container Ginny come on ! YES! So what do we do? Do we kill it or set it free? If It’s a mouse you can leave it. It”s a mouse not a rat. Then you can just let it go I have a party trick Ill flick it up and catch it in a bucket, O NO ! Umm I Don’t think that’s gonna work. I Think just trying some how like either chuck it in the bucket put the lid on, though that lid actually doesn’t like fit on the bucket So get some card board. That’s too small. It’s like semmy gonna keep it in there. and the flip it upside down and then you grab it with that and then put it outside Just grab Its tail. If you get bitten by it you’re getting rabies shot Ooo shizzles You ready, Yeah flip it Ok you have to hold the lid , take it outside Ok where are we putting it ? Out on the road like far away On the road like Or on the grass on the other side No Yeah, not in the garden

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