How to Be a Stand-Up Comedian

How to Be a Stand-Up Comedian. Try these tips to take your act out of your
living room and in front of a live audience. You will need Original material Act Stage
time Ability to read an audience Demo DVD Respectful attitude Mentor and funny friends
(optional). Step 1. Write original material for your routine. Whenever inspiration strikes, write it down
immediately. Then, take time to polish your jokes into
a linear, comedic narrative. If you have funny friends, enlist them to
help with jokes or give you an opinion on your material. Step 2. Develop your act by rehearsing your material
and finding an original voice. Study successful comedians for tips on delivery,
timing, and attitude. Angry, zany, laid-back, deadpan — however
you deliver your act, be true to yourself. Have plenty of backup material ready in case
your act bombs. Step 3. Get on stage often. It’s critical for a stand-up to practice before
an audience as much as possible. Sign up for open-mic nights at comedy clubs,
nightclubs, and coffeehouses. Travel to other areas to see how different
audiences react. Step 4. Read the audience. If you’re not getting laughs, shift gears. Be prepared to stray from your material and
improvise to mine comedy from spontaneous situations, and defuse hecklers. Step 5. Record your set when you have it down, and
make a DVD. Professional comics send these to comedy clubs
around the country as a way to audition for a booking. Step 6. Show respect to fellow comedians and club
owners. Comedy is a small world and many clubs are
family-owned. Staying in good graces is crucial if you want
to continue to work. Step 7. Have one or more seasoned comics as a mentor. Most professional comics learned a lot about
the business from hanging out with older comics, and listening to their words of wisdom. Did you know Film comedy impresario Judd Apatow
spent eight years as a stand-up comedian before becoming a television comedy writer.

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  1. Uhhh this was like my entire 2 years in college for comedy writing and performance in 2 minutes. This is all really right!

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  4. Dont you hate it when a comment that has nothing to do with the video makes it on the top comments????? (come on people stick to the topic of the video)

  5. Im 15 and my town does not have a sense of humor… I havn't found 1 open mic anywhere and if there are it's only for acoustic and poetry! Cant wait to move to New York after highschool or L.A.

  6. Chili Challis conducts one of the best standup comedy classes in the nation at the Funny Bone in Toledo, OH. He also conducts one day seminars and does private sessions even. Contact him on Facebook or Twitter for details.

  7. @jthen75 As a fellow New Yorkian, I must warn you…this city is pretty ruthless and not that safe. But there are oppurtunities to make it out here. The best of decisions…

  8. @jthen75 i have the same problem but i did manage to get an act at a local music gig they let me on first 10 mins just try anywhwere at all

  9. You want good stand up you need to watch brittish comedy , i do stand up in glasgow ( scotland) and we get irish , northern irish, english and welsh coming up here and some of the acts are unbelievable , i like my american and canadian acts but if you want original raw talent britain is the place to look!

  10. @livelobster123 once i forgot to do step one, it became a sitcom but i couldn't hear the studio audience so we had to cut to commercial

  11. I only do stand up comedy in front of my family, but it sucks I can't still find a way to handle the "hecklers"

  12. OMG… What a Crock of S*it…
    U need brains… theres not any Stand up out there that's not got inteligence… and those that don't have it, They haven't made it…
    I don't even need to think about jokes.. they just pop right out of my brain all the time, and that can be a blessing but also dam annoying.. U never get any rest, U'r brain is always on fire..

  13. you said it man, ive a stand up comedy workshop before but the comedian was that intelligent a bit shameful he was

  14. you're trolling right? when you typed that… you were just joking right? or are you just a huge douchebag? granted, this video was pretty bad, but you managed to top it with that egotistical garbage that i highly doubt holds much truth.

  15. YES,, so much easier to build a name for yourself where everyone is trying to achieve the same goal…. If I were you i would head to utah, then kansas, west virginia, alabama, vermont, colorado, texas… AND WHEN THE WHOLE FREAKING NATION IS SCREAMING YOUR NAME… go to the melting pot of wannabees… where booking crews for larger stages are going… where the hell is that guy… also.. colleges…. GOT TO LOVE THE COLLEGES…. tuition money spends as good as club money.

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  19. Yeah, best advice would be to get some experience before you head to LA or NY. That's what I'm doing right now in Chicago.

  20. Take it easy, Mitch Hedberg. Just out of curiosity. Do you have a video of this "genius" stand up that I might be able to take a look at?

  21. Then don't play white rooms. Also, what do you say if black people don't get it? "Maybe mexicans will get it?"

  22. What would be the best advice to (myself) a young comic? Should I get five or ten minutes of material that I really feel comfortable about, and then head out there?

  23. But I think the most important thing is to get on stage as much as possible — way better than rehearsing in front of a mirror.

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