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Hello viewers! Welcome to the craziest show “We Do the Cooking, You Do the Dishes” As always we are back with a dish with a twist And to help you create this exciting new dish is your favourite top chef, Divya Drishti There is one food that is loved by one and all and that is- Chicken Biryani Today’s dish is called “Perfect Telugu Girl” Since the Perfect Telugu Girl must also be universally desirable we are going to prepare it just as we would a Biryani It’s that simple! The Perfect Telugu Girl is an instant hit with everyone in any household But the preparation of this dish varies from household to household depending on their practices. Everyone’s thoughts, taste, sentiments, sticks, stones err, I mean wishes and opinions have been duly considered while creating this recipe in a unique style for you. So lets take a look at the ingredients we need, shall we? The ingredients are: Mother Father A Telugu Girl Relatives Rules and Restrictions Hypocrisy Society Comparison Sentiments- To Taste Firstly, take a young and tender girl.. and see to it that she is well educated. Education not only adds nutrional value to the dish but also gives it a nice look. Salt and Chilli must be added in the right proportions, that is, Rules and Restrictions should be strongly incorporated into her existence. Once the girl is disciplined and educated, Take her into a plate. These plates called Marks, Grades, Ranks and so on are readily available in the market. Then, mix the girl well with Relatives and Comparisons You can also use Hypocrisy for a better consistency! With all of these elements in place the Girl goes through a struggle called Marination! While the Girl gets Marinated, let’s take a small break. This Sunday evening It’s time for you to fall to your knees Mr Janardhan Manchu Even after 3 whistles, you didn’t turn the stove off? Do you think you’re some sort of hero? Aunt Khaamini and Son-In-Law Janardhan Manchu! and the physical phenomena between them! The tension between Aunt and Son-In-Law! The Battle on the Boat! This Sunday at 9:30pm Attharintiki Daredi
[Which Way is My Aunt’s Place?] Hi Guys! Welcome back to
“We Do the Cooking, You Do the Dishes” Let’s take a look at our marinated Girl And she’s ready. Just look at this! All right, the opinions are frying nicely in the society so let’s toss our Girl into it. Tchh.. Ouch! So, since she’s been well educated earlier she might have some logic left in her even after falling into society so, this rebellious crackling is quite natural.. So, until all the logic vaporises into thin air, we need to keep stirring, frying and irritating the Girl keeping the stove Authority on High. Or the Frustration might leave her burnt on the outside and still raw on the inside. Take this fried, frustrated girl and irritate her a little more before making her move back in with her parents and simmer in her Bachelor life for a while. It is a common misconception that only the mother father this pressure at this point but what you should take note of is the fact that Amid society, relatives, comparisons and other layers and way beneath the parents even, is the Girl who truly bears the brunt of the entire situation And this time around, there is no crackling or any other sign of rebellion. She gets cooked silently and completely. And that’s the beauty of this dish! The Mother Father and Girl get cooked fully under the intense pressure of their only purpose- To host a grand and elaborate Biryani someday. Now let’s take some Biryani into a serving plate. This Serving Plate is nothing but Marriage! Viewers are advised to use Salt, Spices and Condiments as per the preferences of the final consumers. Or they may end up saying that the flavour is too pungent.. or that it tastes too Feminist.. among other useless judgements they pass. So, that was today’s dish guys! We’ll be back with another new dish on our next episode. Until then, stay tuned.. I mean, Subscribe to Girl Formula!

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  1. Indirect punch on GOT on Daenerys & Jon snow was great ….simply revelled there blood relationship 😂🤣👌🏼 great writing

  2. Akka nuvu and vidya Akka Kalasi Chala videos cheyandi Akka I am big fan.. AC…………………. Of u and vidya sis

  3. Akka Super chepavu Kani meku ella andhuku cheyali ani penchende alla ammaye life ni OK chicken biryani rupam lo bale chupencharu akka Super

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    Antha makeup vesukunnavu dhenikosam logic cheppandi dhani ki kuda …
    Kampu biriyani

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