How to Fail in Viva | Stand-Up Comedy by Mohd Suhel(With Lyrics)

disclaimers are for pussies do whatever you want man ok so next act is different from other people give it up for a potato thanks so i’ll tell you a story its about a pigeon and a peacock so listen very carefully(or read) *people laugh at the idea of a potato talking about pigeons* so once (control yourselves story hasnt even started yet) so once a pigeon was flying a kite with a peacock peacock was holding the kite reel and pigeon was flying it yes you heard it right im a potato talking to 70 humans about a pigeon flying a kite with a peacock pigeon was really excited to fly a kite but he got overconfident and kept releasing the string flying the kite higher and higher peacock was shouting at pigeon to not do that if we go any higher kite will be in space STOP IT PIGEON! but pigeon didnt listen to his best friend and sent the kite into space then there was no string left in the kite reel then peacock said theres no string now lets stop this madness now but pigeon wasnt ready for the party to stop so he started flying while flying the kite and peacock couldnt do anything because he cant fly its not like peacock doesnt have the ability to fly he can fly he just choose not to(he’s too lazy) so i was doing this joke yesterday and i just said peacock cant fly and didnt explain why so one guy came up to me(a potato) and said peacock can fly ive seen them so thanks for extra jokes buddy ok back to main story now so the kite is in space and pigeon is flying towards the sky sending the kite further into space and peacock is sleeping on burj khalifa’s terrace yes mofos they were flying the kite from burj khalifa’s terrace forgot to mention that unnecessary detail so after flying for 2 days pigeon reached in space but the kite is now on mars NASA and Tesla(elon musk) are supposed to be smart people they have some satellites in space already satellites are just really big kites nothing else so their satellites captured footage of a blue kite and they thought it was water then they used this very exclusive and super smart feature called zooming and realized it wasnt water but a blue kite then they thought maybe theres already humans on mars yes theres no food and water but they fly kites to survive they haven’t found water and food on mars but they discovered kites because if youre dying of starvation on an unknown planet and before dying you get to fly a kite it feels better and death is less painful so thats what nasa and tesla people thought all of this just because of a pigeon… …flying a kite meannwhile some tourists went to the burj khalifa terrace and found a peacock sleeping with an empty kite reel but they thought this is complimentary with their hotel package and ignored it now pigeon was tired he wanted to rest but theres no tree in space im telling you space is very eco-enemy it should have some plants and become eco friendly but i get their point if space government plant some trees in space then all the pigeons will come to space flying their kites disturbing the aliens so there was no place to rest in space for pigeon not even a chair so pigeon came back to earth.. ..with the kite and satellites stop showing that kite so pigeon once again showed how stupid nasa and tesla people are so this was a made-up story the standup one; not this, this ones true always remember, a potato always tells the truth thanks give it up for the one and only potato yes go ahead apologize for your incompetency as a comic and lack of contacts in the comedy scene i cant possibly explain this

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  1. Thanks so much for watching. If you're interested in my work click on this link to listen to all of my old standup recordings:

  2. Dude you have some serious writing skills. Pity there are only a handful of your videos. Looking forward to more content.

  3. Bro u are not stand up comedian..u r stand out comedian…very unique innovative original and honest script..kudos

  4. Generally I don't comment on YouTube's n all…..but U r epic my bro….❤️ Keep it up….without vulgarity u r best ❤️

  5. Bhai wse ye to pata chal gya Potato always says truth .
    And Elon Musk and NASA are stupid..

    And Pigeon is Savage..
    Yeah if u are dying then u should fly kite. 😂😂
    Hit like if smart people 😂💙💗
    Dumbass go ahead and dislike this comment and video too!!

  6. You deserve big shout out and standing ovation for this performance. You really nailed it bro 😂😂😂

  7. Yr ye aapki sabse bdiya vedio lgi… 🤣🤣🤣Yrr.. Kati zeher…. Bss apna face dikhate to… Or bhi.. Char chand LG jate😍😍😍😍

  8. Are jabar hai bhai ye to. Alag hi type ka comedy hai, type muje vese bhi nahi pata but tu alag hai ye pta hai
    Live your videos and the way you put up videos😂😂

  9. Dude i am blown away with your creativity.
    Hats off to your mindfucking ideas. (Lyrics to a standup. Wow)

  10. Bhai pehle jaisi video dalte they please vaisi he dala karo vo bohot acchi lagi thi sabko par isse sirf irritate honge sab 🤗🤗 no offence

  11. Bhai to bahut acha comedy karta i like that aani face ku nahi dikha ya video me batta

  12. Wtf in the subtitles 🤣😡
    Don't know how to react but Kya hai ye banda,kuch bhi subtitles me matlb kuch bhi😠

  13. bhai plz thoda audio rakh bhai baki u r so savage comedian bro lv u aab tak kisi itna nahi hasa bhai kisi comedian par

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  15. Dark humour! Rarest of rare people have it, and only a few can express and sustain it!
    Awesome bro! Don't lose it just for becoming another chomu on the factory belt! 👏

  16. वीडियो क्यों नहीं डाली.. गैलचोदे

  17. You are so natural and people need this punch… Keep it up brother… ☺ 🙂 Notify us once in Bangalore, I would like to attend a live show 🙃 😜 😜 😜

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