How to Make Travel Videos like the Pros (satire)

What’s up guys, I’m going to be giving you
some tips for making some — (music) First off, and this is like, travel tip 101,
if you’re working with a DSLR you want to make sure you’re looking at the screen instead
of the lens. So you can see how good you’re looking. Very important part of travel vlogging. It’s all about how you look! The destination… I mean it kind of matters, but not really. Another tip is you want to start out a video
super… what’s the word, um, smooth and exciting. So one thing you can do is you can like, have
some cool wildlife like birds and shit. In there natural environment. Ohhh! Oh! So we can’t all afford a drone, but with a
bit of ingenuity you don’t really need one. What I like to do is just throw my phone in
the air. One more from a different angle. Actually I wasn’t planning for this, but I
just ran out of memory. So I’m going to have to delete some stuff. You can just go ahead and delete any boring
stuff. Like if you’re talking about the culture or
the history or social issues that the local people are dealing with. No one’s got time for that shit. Oh man, it’s starting to rain! You know what, forget the phone, this is why
every travel vlogger knows to bring multiple cameras. In fact most of the time you can judge the
quality of a vlogger by the size of their camera bag. Shiiiit! Okay so, once you got the drone footage figured
out, we’re getting to a very important part of the travel vlog. So make sure your camera lens is nice and
clean. Now every good vlog is going to have a swimming
pool segment. Usually you want to have those cinematic bars,
so you’ve got to kind of duck down a bit. So if you’re on a budget like me, you want
to stay at the cheaper hotels. So I knocked 25% off by staying at one with
an empty swimming pool. But that’s okay, with the magic of editing,
you don’t even need water in your pool to enjoy it. (dog growling) Quiet! You see that? That’s what a travel vlog is all about. You gotta get the 6 pack. And if you don’t have a 6 pack like me, make
sure you get that really good photoshop action. At least for the thumbnail, you gotta get
the thumbnail. I recommend getting your girlfriend to have
a really skimpy bikini. “Hey baby, are you going to show your bathing
suit for the thumbnail?” Because nothing says I’m in a committed relationship
like asking strangers to click on your girlfriend’s butt. Now let’s face it guys, not every vlog’s going
to be the Great Pyramids of Giza. Some days you’re going to have to fake it
and pretend like a boring day is actually exciting. But that’s what God made dubstep for. So now it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing
anymore, it sounds more epic, right? It’s like a psychological trick. It fools people into thinking they’re having
a good time, if they hear the same song they heard in the last 10 videos. We don’t all have steady hands, so some people
will try to trick you into thinking you need these expensive gimbals and stuff. You don’t really need a gimbal. You can just fix it in post. Fix it in post is every travel vlogger’s favourite
expression, and it just means, like, making things look better than they actually are. There’s a lot of people vlogging these days,
so everything’s gotta be better, everything’s gotta be more epic. You need bigger drones, faster boosted boards. You just want to backflip off some rocks and
have a good time, right? I’m going to go steal some inspirational quotes
from Instagram, and then we’re going to call this a day. Hope to see you guys next time when I teach
you the 5 emojis that are holding you back from success. As always guys — OW! — I’m Dan from The New Travel. See you next time.

28 Replies to “How to Make Travel Videos like the Pros (satire)”

  1. The most sincere vlog that you've ever made, Dan! I liked that your face was never in focus, accidentally, I'm sure.

  2. Undoubtedly the best travel vlogging tips video on YouTube. My only question is how much is your exclusive VIP club membership level for guys that are super serious about upping their travel vlogging game?

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!! This is hilarious!!! I love the drone one! Also the part about dubstep music making boring days seem exiting (kinda guilty of this one in my latest video).This is by far one of the funniest tip videos I've seen lately!

  4. Dude. Seriously one of the funniest shit we've seen from you. 😛 You're so creative and we enjoyed your OBVIOUS sarcasm XD We can definitely relate to the bad club music to make any insipid thing look like the most epic adventure.. Can't stand those XD SO well made, can't stress that enough. I need to rewatch this a couple of times 😛 Very ingenious!

  5. Your reaction with the bird is freaking hilarious! haha. Great tips Dan! I'll try the drone shot using a phone trick. haha

  6. Hahaha this awesome Dan. I'll try throwing my phone in the air for our next video. We've always wanted a drone – problem solved!

  7. That would have to be the most entertaining video on how to make a video that there ever was! Love the swimming and 6 pack effects! Keep it up Dan.

  8. I like the tongue in cheek tips in this episode. you just saved me $800 from buying a drone. LOL at the cinematic bars. only request is a G rated language so my kids could watch too.

  9. lol I CAN'T wait for your photoshop ebook. This was so funny I had to pause and call David over to watch it with me specially after you drone demo. It looks like we might have to sell ours, after all it looks like it can just be done with a phone :p

  10. That was hilarious man!! Really an excellent satire of what the youtube travel videos have turned into. The part about throwing your phone in the air made us laugh so hard!

  11. Thanks for making a video on what not to do when making a travel vlog. I appreciate the effort that vloggers make into making high quality videos, but I just want some real content now and not just a highly produced and perfected piece of art.

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