Humsafar Drama – Episode 10 SD + Eng, Subtitle

“He was a companion..” “He was a companion..” So whom are you texting? Can’t Talha stop texting you,
even for a day? He texts you all day
at university as well. She was never interested
in studies. Now, she has a legitimate
excuse. Aunt is calling everyone outside.
The bridegroom has just arrived. Come on girls, let’s go. Wait a minute. Am I looking good?
– Yes. What’s the matter Khirad? Nothing. I just felt a little dizzy. You scared me. Is everything ok? Is there any other reason
for this dizziness? Don’t overthink, Samia. I’ve been very inactive lately. Shall we go?
– Let’s go. ‘I hope it really pours.’ ‘I’ll play in the rain for sure.’ ‘I used to get excited about
rain, when I was a kid.’ ‘I can still be childish.’ ‘I still get excited about it.’ ‘My group is going on an outing,
to enjoy this weather.’ ‘That’s how it’s done. Not like you.’ ‘You act like an old guy.’ ‘I think, I’m becoming
a boring person myself.’ ‘I feel, there’s much more
charm..’ ‘ spending this beautiful weather,
with my boring husband.’ ‘You look lovely.
Very different from your normal self.’ ‘Now that Khirad is here, let’s go inside.’ ‘He’s made us wait here
for fifteen minutes..’ ‘..he just wouldn’t go in
until you came here.’ ‘Khizar is great too.’ ‘I’m so glad they’re good friends.’ ‘He takes good care of her.’ ‘He has a great sense of humour.’ ‘I’m so happy that
they are studying together.’ All right guys, I have a news for you. What is it? You look very happy today. I hope you’re not getting engaged as well. That will happen one day. But for that,
I will have to become worthy. She’s got high standards, you know? Oh, my! So there’s definitly someone. Who is it? Just someone.
– Do I know her? Is she from our department? Is she from our campus? Tell me! She is neither from our
department, nor from our campus. Neither do you know her,
nor will I tell you about her. That’s not fair. Samia, let him say what he was saying. Khizar, you had some news for us? Well, I do have a news. Stop dragging it.
Just tell us. Actually, the news is.. ..I got admission
in Dallas University. Wow! Dallas University?
– Exactly. Wow! That’s fantastic.
When did this happen? I got to know about it, today. I haven’t told anyone,
besides you guys. Do you remember, I had applied
for a few American universities? I’m so happy for you. It has been your biggest
dream to go America for studying. Remember, you had asked your dad
to finance you and he had refused? You were so disappointed. Thank God, he finally accepted it. Yes, thank God. We’ll miss you a lot. When are you leaving? My semester starts in the next month.
So probably before that. If you are done chatting, come
and have some dinner. Of course. Let’s have dinner.
– Yes, of course, come on. Please come. Come soon.
I have a surprise for you. My advice is, be careful.. ..when she starts talking,
she just doesn’t stop. Is it true?
– He’s just lying. I am warning you. There’s Khirad. Where were you? I had some work. Khirad, your car is here. Ashar’s here. I’ll be leaving now. Have some food.
– No, I don’t feel like it. Goodbye.
– Ok. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Goodbye.
– All right, take care. Come soon.
I have a surprise for you. ‘He didn’t come to pick me up,
even after reading my message.’ ‘And he has fallen asleep already.’ ‘Wasn’t he eager to know my surprise?’ “At times, we share a
lot of affection and love.” “At times we behave like
we are strangers.” “Things were not hunky-dory..” “..but we were never separated.” What’s the matter? You’re so busy. Why aren’t you talking to me? Do you remember, I
had something to tell you? Why didn’t you come
to pick me up last night? I got so worried when I saw Niaz,
because I didn’t know.. ..what could have happened. I was sleepy. That’s great. You were sleepy. You could have called me. Sorry, I fell asleep. You look great. Get me my coffee? Sure. Coffee. You still haven’t asked
me about my surprise. What was it? I won’t tell you. First, you will have to
take me out for a lunch. That won’t be possible today.
I have too much work. All right,
we’ll go out for dinner. A nice, romantic dinner. Khirad, I’m late.
I don’t have time for such talks. You’ll have to make time for me today. We will both go out for dinner. That’s it. You shouldn’t behave like this, everytime. There is a moment for everything. Ashar? Your childish and romantic behaviour,
is too much. Grow up. A wife should know
her husband’s mood. What are you doing? Nothing. Have a seat. Are you busy? No. What’s the matter? Nothing. You look troubled. I told you, it’s nothing. Couldn’t get much sleep
last night. Ok. You tell me. Have you
done your presentation? It’s ready.
I’m sure you’ll like it. I’m just excited to know.. ..that I’m getting to spend
some time with you. We’re going to Islamabad.
When we’re done with the work.. ..we’ll finally sit down and talk. It’s been ages since we’ve talked. Ok. Will you have tea? I forgot to offer. ‘Ashar, what’s the matter with you?’ ‘What’s my fault?’ ‘Why are you insulting me?’ ‘I can’t believe,
how you behaved.’ ‘I have got used
to your love, Ashar.’ ‘I can’t bear your harsh words.’ ‘I’ve waited all day
for you to call me and..’ ‘..lovingly tell me that
you are sorry..’ ‘..that you had been in a bad mood.’ ‘Why do you take so long,
to say something so simple?’ Thank you. Hello. Hello. Shall I get dinner?
– No. Even I haven’t eaten all day. So, go ahead and eat it. But, you know I never eat without you. So, change that habit from today. What has happend to you, Ashar? Nothing. Why are you upset with me? At least tell me. Please. It’s nothing, I told you. I’m working. I just want to be alone. Something has happened. You were perfectly fine last night
when you dropped me at Nudrat’s. What happened after that? Are you upset because
I came home late from Nudrat’s place? You how know wedding functions are. I had taken your permission. If you had asked me not to,
I wouldn’t have gone. If you’ve done nothing wrong.. ..then why are you giving me
all these excuses? Now, please go to bed and let me work. I’ll come and sleep when I’m sleepy. Please don’t waste my time by sitting here. Will there ever be
a time in my life, when you.. at me like this? When you would get dressed for me. You shouldn’t remain
so distant from me. You know.. ..I’m going to America.. that, I might be appropriate
for your standards. Don’t you like me at all? Hello mummy.
– Hello. What’s the matter
with Ashar? He left without
having his breakfast. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood.
Did he say anything to you? He didn’t say anything. Actually, we both slept late last night.
He overslept and was late for a meeting. So he’s upset. He’ll have his breakfast at
the office. Don’t worry. This guy involves himself
way too much in his work. But why do you look so tired? I was studying till late, for
the exam. You shouldn’t strain yourself. Go and have you breakfast.
Catch up on some sleep after that. I am worried for you both. He storms off without breakfast.. ..and you don’t look after your
health. What am I to do with you both? Please, don’t be upset. I promise you, that I’ll take a
nap right after breakfast. Let’s go.
– Ok. How are you? I’m so happy..’re sitting with
me for a little while. What did you have to say, Khizar?
Could you make it quick? I’m running late to see a friend. Do you know, Sarah.. ..I come here only to see you. Just to catch a glimpse of you. Your cheap talks are irritating me. Sarah. Don’t you like me at all? Tell me! What do I do, so that
you begin to like me. You could never be that way. I could become the way you want. Sarah, please give me a chance. I will become like Ashar. I can adopt all those things
in me, which you like in Ashar. I’ll go to America and become
as successful as Ashar. Just accept my love for you. I have never loved anyone
as much as I love you. You are making me angry,
and I find your talks stupid. The one, whom you are crazy about.. ..doesn’t even look at you. Forget about him! This one-sided love
will get you nowhere. Don’t you dare talk about Ashar. What I feel for him,
is my lookout. Mind your own business. Don’t forget your limits
just because I sat with you. Remember this, that you can’t
even compete with Ashar. Get it? I wish, just once.. would look at me. If you could look into my eyes.. ..and realize how much
I love you, and.. much I care for you. Yes, Niazi? Tomorrow? I don’t think it’s possible tomorrow. I’m going to Islamabad for a week. We’ll meet after I return. Ok. Goodbye. Here, let me pack it for you. I’ll do it myself. Khirad? What happened?
Are you not feeling well? I’m fine. Shall I get you some water? No. “The journey of love
was such at times..” “..that we were heartbroken
but we never lost hope.” “..that we were heartbroken
but we never lost hope.” “Things were not hunky-dory..” “..but we were never separated.” “He was a companion..” “He was a companion..” I’m going to Islamabad for a week. Go and see a doctor. How can you leave
when you’re still angry? You love me. Why are you distancing yourself from me? What have I done? Don’t I deserve to know
the reason for your anger? Hello mummy. You woke up so early? Yes. Where is Khirad? She’s asleep. She was studying all night.
So I told her to get some sleep. I think she’s not well. I’m tired of this, Ashar. She just doesn’t listen to me. She never rests and
barely eats anything. When I got home late, last night.. ..the maid told me that she
hadn’t eaten anything all day. That explains the weakness. Would you please take
her to a good doctor? I’ve told her too.. ..but she’s rather careless. If it’s left to her, she’ll never go.
She’ll go if you insist. Don’t worry. I’ll take her for a check-up,
right after breakfast. Thank you. Anyway, I’ll leave. Goodbye. Hello mummy.
– Hello. Did you get any sleep? Yes. Ashar told me that you
were studying all night. Yes. Keep it here.
You may leave. Mummy, I want you to.. ..come to the doctor with me. To a gynaecologist. Oh. So that’s the thing. That’s why Ashar asked
me to take you to a doctor. So it seems that I am.. ..going to be a grandmother? I haven’t told Ashar yet. He thinks that I’m
stressed about my exams. Let’s go to the doctor. If it’s true.. ..then we’ll give Ashar the good news. I know a good doctor. Have your breakfast. Congratulations, Mrs. Baseerat.
You’re going to be a grandmother. Good! Great! She doesn’t eat much. She doesn’t look after herself. Please advice her something. Don’t avoid food. You must eat healthy. Please look after yourself. I’ll prescribe some
multivitamins.. ..but most importantly,
stay happy. This affects the baby’s health. I’ll tell you when to have these medicines. Call me, if you have any query. Ok? Are you calling Ashar? No. I haven’t told him anything yet. I don’t want to
tell him over the phone. Mummy, please don’t tell him anything. When he returns,
I wish to tell him myself. Of course. This is something that a wife
should tell a husband, herself. Don’t worry.
I won’t say anything. ‘Ashar, I want to tell you this..’ ‘..when you are sitting right
in front of me.’ ‘When I can watch your expression.’ ‘I want to see if you can stay angry
with me, after hearing the news.’ ‘Would you continue
to punish me for no fault of mine?’ ‘You wait and see,
how much I’d fight with you.’ ‘I won’t forgive you so easily.’ ‘Something, so wonderful,
is about to enter our life.’ ‘And you got upset, and
went so far away from me?’ ‘Ever since I knew that you
went to Islamabad with Ashar Hussain.’ ‘I’m feeling restless.’ ‘I’m jealous.’ ‘Sarah, I’m jealoius
of the man that you are so crazy about.’ ‘I hate Ashar Hussain.’ ‘I just hate him.’

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  1. pagal aurat se sadi nahi karni chahye mana ki khirat theek hai lekin ye to samjhna chahye tha ki mera saohar kya sochta

  2. arrogant horrible husband na deen ka pata na hi dunya ka dusrinaurton say has has kar baatein kar rahe hoty hain

  3. How can they create such beautiful serial …it's difficult to believe they r acting looks so real 😍

  4. كأن الممثله هذي سوت شيء لشفايفها السفليين نافختهم شكلهم مو طبيعي

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