Humsafar Drama – Episode 5 SD + Eng, Subtitle

“He was a companion..” What made you prepare food today? Just felt like cooking. Just tell me,
how is it? The food is very tasty. So, it’s confirmed Ms. Sarah.. ..that whatever you do,
you do it with perfection. Aunt, why are you so quiet? It’s nothing.
I am just enjoying your conversation. Is everything fine at home? Yes. How is Khirad?
– She’s fine too. You should bring her over. You’ve never brought her
over since your wedding. Why don’t we have a dinner for them? Try this.
– Ok. Take it from this side.
– Ok. What’s so special on this side? It has extra sauce.
– Ok. I think it’s a bit too spicy for me. I’m going to get something else. You carry on. So, what do you call this dish? “He was a companion..” “..but we didn’t know each other.” Please don’t worry, uncle. I’ll have lunch on time. In fact,
aunt will be home for lunch too. When she left in the morning, she told me about it. No, I’m not at all bored. Ok. Goodbye. Madam, there’s a girl to see you. To see me? Who is it? Her name is Afsheen.
– Afsheen? Afsheen. Hello.
– Hello. How are you?
– Fine. I can’t believe that you came to meet me. You are here, in front of me. Enough with the false love. False love?
– Yes. You doubt my love for you? Of course. You got married
without informing it to your best friend. Aunt Batool told me about it. You hid such a big thing from me.. ..and then you say,
I shouldn’t doubt your love. These types of weddings
are best done quietly. What happened Khirad?
Why do you say that? Are you not happy with it? I was so excited when I got the news. Don’t be happy for me. This forceful wedding.. ..this husband given in charity.. ..this house.. ..none of this is worth
being happy about. Were you forced into this marriage? But your mother never
went against your wishes. All my life my mother
taught me to be self-sufficient. But in the end she left me.. ..with a life full of humiliation. Is your husband not good to you? Husband? I’m not worth him. He is better than me
in every way. I’ve been forced upon his life. Afsheen, I’ve never tried to
reach higher than my worth in life. Why am I facing this humiliation? Has your husband said this to you? Silence has its own language. I spend my days realizing that
no one needs me here. Whenever I face Ashar.. ..I feel so humiliated.
I can’t even look him in the eye.. ..knowing that he didn’t
choose to marry me. He was pressured into it by uncle. You’re just being sensitive. It’s probably just your imagination. It is not my imagination. I know what I’ve seen. I see hatred and loathing
in his eyes, for me. I’m not a wife to him. Just an obligation. Sarah. What is it? Why aren’t you at work today? What is it now? Why are you sad? You say whatever you like, right? You know Ashar doesn’t
like it, if anyone mentions about Khirad. Yet, you mentioned her at the table. And then you made some
excuse and left the dinner. You know what he said after you left? That you don’t like him seeing me. What is it that you want? I just want what’s good for you. You are all I have. I can’t watch my only child
follow the wrong path. That is what I am trying to stop you from. Mom, if you really want
what’s best for me.. ..then let me do what I’m doing. Please, don’t get in my way. I understand your feelings. You had such a loving mother. I’m sure she made the
right decision. You have to give it sometime. Everything will eventually
be all right. You both will develop an understanding. Just stay positive. And you know what?
You are not less than anyone. In fact, Ashar is very lucky
to get a wife like you. You’re my friend. That is why,
you see all these qualities in me. It isn’t like that. Anyway, I am in Karachi for couple of days. If I can’t visit again,
I will at least call you. Please do.
– Ok. Look after yourself. You too look after yourself.
Right? A book is a man’s true friend. Once you start reading,
you can never be alone. Let me read something for you. Yes. Uncle, you really love reading. Yes. And Ashar has inherited
this love from me. You should also read with Ashar. You were going to read
something for me. Yes, yes. But first, how about some coffee? First, we’ll have some hot coffee. Then I’ll read you
something wonderful. Ok.
– Ok. Khirad.
– Yes? Does Ashar come home late? Yes. What’s the matter? Nothing. You look troubled.
What is the matter? I don’t know Farida.. ..I keep getting this feeling.. ..that I made a big mistake
by getting Khirad and Ashar married. Is it because Ashar comes
home late every night? It doesn’t matter,
he must be busy with work. Anyway, you are taking
care of Khirad. If I consider things very honestly.. ..then I can understand
Ashar’s attitude. I forced my decision upon him. He wasn’t even ready for marriage. I forced him to get married. Now he stays away
from home. Neither Khirad looks happy nor Ashar. Frankly, I don’t even see them talking. They don’t go out together. It’s just a strange, abnormal life. Don’t worry, everything will work out. Honestly.. ..I see accusations for me
in Ashar’s eyes. He always looks upset with me. I am embarrassed to face him. Don’t talk like that. He is your son. And just like you,
he’s committed to his relationships. And he will keep up
with this relationship too. It’s not just about keeping
up with a relationship. He is my son.. ..and I don’t want him to
keep up with it because he has to. I want him to accept it happily. His happiness is
the most important thing for me. When I decided this match,
I thought.. ..Ashar would like Khirad. But now it appears that I was wrong. They’ve barely been married. Have faith. Give it time. Everything will be fine. God will work it out. Please don’t mind my mother. She says all kinds of
things while trying to protect me. Perhaps, she’s right. Perhaps, it’s not right
to meet. How can something that
was never wrong, is wrong now. Sarah, I know what you’re saying and
where you’re coming from.. ..but I’m married now. Perhaps, that’s what your mother means. Ashar, do you feel guilty about
not having time for Khirad? You should spend time with her. You must give time to
your relationship with her. And for God’s sake.. ..please learn to separate
your marriage from our friendship. Our friendship is so much older. I’ll fight the whole world for you. You’re my best friend. I can’t even imagine of losing you. What are you thinking? You were lost. I was thinking of Khirad. Sometimes I think..’s not just unfair to me. The marriage wasn’t
forced upon me alone. Oh, come on, Ashar. She has always been lucky. She couldn’t have even
dreamed of a husband like you. And you know it. This hasn’t been
fair upon Ashar, uncle. What my mother did with me.. ..and what you have done with your son,
wasn’t right. Everyone is entitled
to likes and dislikes.. ..wishes and desires. Just picking a random girl.. ..and handing her over to someone
as their wife.. ..isn’t fair. Dear, I am talking about you. I feel that you are not happy. I am not happy with this, uncle. How could I be happy with it? Mother didn’t do the right thing. And you agreeing to her,
wasn’t the right thing. Could I not live here as your niece? Did I have to be
a daughter-in-law? You could have looked
after me as an uncle. Why force this relationship on us? I don’t like it at all.. ..that I have been forced
into his life.. ..and imposed upon someone like this. I’ve never even entered
a home uninvited. And now.. ..I’ve walked uninvited
into someone’s life. I feel insulted, uncle. It is for your sake that Ashar
is being decent. But me.. pride, my ego.. ..they’re all shattered. Thinking that.. one needs me here. I never wanted a
rich and mighty husband. I just wanted respect. ‘I’ve never even entered
a home uninvited.’ ‘And now, I’ve walked uninvited
into someone’s life.’ Hello. Hello. Where were you? I was with uncle. Shall I get dinner for you? No, I’ve eaten. ‘It is for your sake that Ashar
is being decent.’ ‘But my pride, my ego,
they’re all shattered.’ ‘No one needs me here.’ Where are you going? Getting some tea for uncle. Ok. Can you ask for my breakfast
to be brought here? Ok. And bring yours too. We’ll have it here together. What happened? Nothing. Nothing? So, are you crying
just for the fun? Is it something that I have said? I’m just missing my mother. I just dreamt of her last night. You were missing her,
so you left the room. I didn’t want to disturb your sleep. Whether it disturbs my sleep or not.. ..if you ever have to cry or laugh.. ..whether you want to sleep or be awake.. ..please don’t leave the room
like this in the middle of the night. Shall we? Let’s go in. Oh my goodness!
– Was my mother honestly so naughty? Naughty is not the word for it. She had troubled
the entire neighbourhood. I can’t believe it. She always made it sound as
though she was decent and sober. Hello.
– Hello. Come, Ashar We were just about to start.. .. but your mother’s in the
kitchen inventing a dish. We’ll soon find out. Tea?
– Yes, please. One day, your mother got
all the kids of the street.. Getting all set to leave? Yes. I was about to say don’t
even think of working late today. Let’s go out somewhere. First a nice long drive
so we can chat.. ..and then, dinner at a
really nice place. What do you think of the plan? Good, but I was just heading home. I haven’t spent much time
with my parents. So I’m heading home early. If that’s the real reason
then I won’t insist you to join me. Let’s go down together. Jamal! If I come home late, it’s an issue. Today I came early
and there’s no one around. Jamal? Yes, Ashar.
– Where were you? Where’s Khirad? She’s gone for a walk
in the park with your dad. For a walk?
– Yes, she goes every evening. Ok, you may leave. How did you like the ice cream?
– Wonderful. Tomorrow we’ll try another flavour. Right? Ok, done. Look, the busy guy
is already home from work. He also honoured us
by joining for the breakfast. Hello.
– Hi. Where are you going? How about some nice tea for us? Ashar, have you ever had Khirad’s tea? She makes the best tea. Would you?
– Go. I’ll bring it right away.
– Thank you. You presentation was good. I know, but thanks
for the compliment. Wow, very modest of you. You should know it. What are your plans for the evening? I have to go to a party. My friend Ayaz has called for dinner. What’s the occasion? Nothing much. He just felt like it. How is Khirad? Has she started to
speak or converse at all? She’s fine. Do one thing.. ..You just have a look at this tonight
and we’ll discuss it in the morning. Ok.
– I’m getting late. Bye. ‘Harry, this is getting out of hand.
– Alright, yeah.’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘See that she is not home at night.
– Yeah, see you.’ ‘You are not part of the club.
You actually said that.’ ‘It complicates things a little.’ ‘We don’t know who they are,
or how many they are.’ ‘And how we get so many friends..’ Hello. Hello. My friend Ayaz has invited me for a dinner party.. be ready by eight o’clock. Me? I have to go too? Yes. Why? Any objections? No. Then be ready by eight. Don’t be late. Shall I get some tea for you? I’ll have some. I’ll get it. Khirad.. Are you ready?
I’ll be ready in.. You look beautiful. Just one thing is missing. May I?

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  1. ye serial to me kitni baar dekh chuki hu my favourite story
    very nice couple โคโค๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. This drama portrays such a beautiful, sweet, slow-burning and heart wrenching relationship between a husband and a wife. We don't get to see this nowadays. This 'dating-invasion' in Pakistan has gotten the nation in frenzy, and even though I don't hate; I don't like it at the same time too. This drama beats all. May kuddos to the Momina Duraid, Farhat Ishtiaq and Sarmad Sultan Khoosat. Your blood, sweat and tears have definitely paid off. ๐Ÿ™Œโค๏ธโœจ

  3. my fav last scene…โฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธโฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  4. Fawad ke drame me inglish bahut bolte hain urdu ke jaga aur mujhe inglish bilkul bhi pasand nahi urdu ke muqable

  5. Please correct the translation of Assalamu aleykum as "Peace be upon you" as it's not just mere 'hello or hi'! Let the world know the way a Muslim man/woman greets๐Ÿ˜

  6. Both don't know how to interact with each other. Simple things a husband or wife can do to bring closer. Some time it could be holding hands or a lovely smile with desirable looks to each other. Or kind wipe of tears. Gently kiss…

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