I’ll see you fuckers next week when “Durr
Plant” is a fucking meme. [from clip] “Durr Plant!”
[IHE] You know I was joking, right? I didn’t actually want it to become a
real meme. I hate memes! *Local Forecast ~Elevator~ fades in as IHE audibly types and clicks* [clip] Durr Plant! *Local Forecast ~Elevator~ plays* So I’ve accidentally created the very
thing I hate the most. And I’m sure this video is only going to
perpetuate and escalate the spread at this point, but whatever I don’t even
care anymore. Also, I’ve got another piece of drama, and a very
large channel in particular to roast for some slimy behavior on their behalf that
relates to me, but more on that in a bit my meme lovers! *Punch and squeak sound effects* So in my video I made about…um…let’s
just call it “Crikey Cameron!” (I’m not risking even
mentioning it at this point because, dude, it’s not even worth it.) I made a joke
comparing popular memes like “Crikey Cameron” to making a video of me
pointing my finger at a potted Peace Lily and screaming “durr plant”. [clip] Durr Plant! [IHE] It was a reductive
cynical anti-meme that I assumed would only exist as a one-off joke highlighting how pointless and driveling meme trends can be But [pitched down] boy was I wrong! [normal voice] ‘Cause, of course with
the web being a regurgitative mess of people desperate for attention and
validation that it is, almost immediately it spread across the internet and now has an
official Know Your Meme page. Does that mean it’s a verified meme now? I really
have no idea how this dumb shit works. Someone then posted the clip on my most
hated website of all time: Vine, and it now has well over 100k loops Well done you dummies.
[Clip] Durr plant! Durr! Durr plant! Durr! Durr plant! Durr! The sad part is I expect there are plenty of
people who have seen the “durr plant” meme and find it funny for the exact same
reasons people find “Crikey Cameron” funny, because funny voice! Random! [clips of various Durr Plant meme videos] Without context there’s no
substance to it at all! [being drowned out by the voice clip] Why am I even trying to explain this anyway? None of you are actually listening to the words I’ve said. [“Durr Plant” clips almost completely drown out IHE’s voice] [“Durr Plant” clip] Someone even went as far as to make a reddit page
dedicated to Durr Plant. Look… are you kidding me? They have streams
of discussions where every single comment ends with “Durr Plant”! [The “Durr” part of the clip plays as each arrow points to the comments] Of course along with that, a bunch of
people have made their own videos about the plant of Durr, [clip]
which parody memes so much that they actually become memes themselves. [a “cover” of Durr Plant]
When does irony get such a pessimistic point that, in and of itself, it becomes its own
meme? What the hell is even happening anymore!?
[another “cover” of Durr Plant] Some guy even went as far as to make a
Durr Plant t-shirt, put on this crazy hat and pull around a little cart with a bunch of
Durr plants in them What have I done? [Remix where the Durr Plant clip is spliced in] I’ve been racking my brain trying to
think of ways to shut down this meme for good, and I think I have the answer! it’s time to call upon the help of
Unrelated-Copyright-Claiming-Wizard (Who’s-Most-Definitely-Not-A-Reference-To-Something-I’m-Legally-Not-Allowed-To-Talk-About) [Not-Merlin] Yes, my master? [IHE] Yeah, do me a favor and go
and shut down every video with Durr Plant in it, will you? It’s my very very
valuable intellectual property that belongs to me. How dare they use my funny and hilarious
meme that I created! [Not-Merlin] I’m on it right away! Copyright Claimius Durr Plantius [Windows error sound and fart noise] Copyright Claimius Durr Plantius [Different Windows error sound and fart noise] Copyright Claimius Durr Plantius [Boom and fart noise] Thanks, totally-not-reference-you-should-look-into wizard, for helping me out with that one! I really needed the four dollars all
those videos collectively made to buy a pizza. [splat noise] Also, I guess durr plant is very valuable
intellectual property. [IHE sniffs and burps tentatively] [Not-Merlin] If you ever need me to abuse my power on anyone else, feel
free to hit me up, baby! [IHE] Will do, you fucking cunt. But I may be needing your powers much
sooner than expected, because dumb internet drama in five… four…. three… two… This just in: talentless hack blatantly
steals the already unfunny Durr Plant joke! I’ve never really considered myself
funny enough to warrant stealing from which makes the following even more
insulting to me. OK, so this is really confusing because I
don’t know who’s to blame here for stealing my shit. Because the video on
Shane Dawson’s channel hosted by someone called Destery in a video titled “SAM PEPPER APOLOGY” and the video could have easily been
written by some fraud who gets paid to shamble together videos such as this one. So, I really- I really do not know who is to
blame here, but they’ve very obviously ripped me off! take a look: [IHE: Am I just too old for this shit?!] [Destery: Like, maybe I’m just too old for this] [D: shit, and it’s just going over my head]
[A: …but to me I see no difference in something like] [A: this and say for example…]
[D: To me, I see no difference in something like this than,] [D: say for example…] [A: I placed a potted plant in the middle of a room and then pointed at it] [A: and just went “Durr plant!”]
[D: …like if I went outside and pointed out a tree and was like…] [D: Wow, Tree! Woah… Wow, Tree!] [A: Like, that’s not an
exaggeration: that is precisely what this shit is] [D: Like, that’s not an exaggeration:
that’s exactly what the shit is] [repeated slowly to emphasize nigh-verbatim plagiarism] I feel like this is far *far* too similar to be able
to claim that this is just a coincidence. Like, while I was watching my material
being read back to me in terrible jump-cut delivery with no charisma at
all, I was trying to think of ways that this could be by accident, but everything
he says in the video is exactly the way I said it pretty much verbatim. I don’t understand why talentless joke
thieves go to the energy to find other people’s jokes, straight up steal them word for word,
make it worse and less funny in every way, and even have it make no sense
sometimes too. Like, why would he say “am I too old for
this”? [clip of Destery saying that] …when this guy looks like the exact demographic who should be enjoying the
subject in question? It only kinda worked for me, because you don’t know how old I
am or what I look like. If I was showing my face, I wouldn’t have said that,
because it would be dumb and make no sense and make me look like a massive
asshole! Whoever was in charge of this video
made the conscious decision to change it from a potted plant to a tree, but they couldn’t be bothered to change the rest of what I said because I guess they
don’t care… …and that would require effort and maybe
a speck of initiative or creativity. If this was some small-fry channel, I
wouldn’t really give as much of a shit but it’s the fact that it’s Shane Dawson’s
channel. I guess Dawson is buds with The Gabbie Show, who was also a dirty joke
thief. I’ll put a link to some evidence of that in the description so you can check
it out for yourself. Like, no matter who’s responsible, Shane Dawson should be embarrassed for
hosting and promoting this shit and this guy Destery should also be embarrassed
for hoodwinking and presenting my purposely unfunny joke that was
highlighting how terrible jokes like “Crikey Cameron” are! You know, I was hoping
to go at least one more month without another piece of drama. But here we are! …Crikey [IHE repeating Durr Plant again and again]


  1. Uhhh… thanks Youtube Recommendations for letting me discover a anti-meme turned meme turned drama I never knew existed.


    Dad yes dad come here and ruin this meme for me

    I now claim that I am a time traveler and that it worked!

  3. If I could find a way to boil ihe and inject it into my blood stream I'd live in a crack house by now

  4. IHE: says he hates memes
    also IHE: accidentally creates a new meme

  5. I feel pretty disappointed that my fellow people of the internet made a meme out of something that was supposed to be satire.

  6. Wtf did that cunt do to his hair, that must be a fucking wig otherwise that guy should honestly have another look at his life decisions.

  7. Oh yes, the army of 11 year olds putting 2 minutes of effort into regurgitating a fad in hopes of getting that sweet e-fame.
    I hope they all failed.

  8. Damn, that dude straight up stole that shit from you and to put salt in the fucking wound, he didn't even try to hide it or anything. He just didn't give a fuck about stealing basically your entire video word for word. That's bullshit and you just know that people who do that grimey ass shit are just desperate pieces of shit.

  9. Excuse me Mr Angry Man but the links in the description to your wonderful Durr Plant Mandem's videos seem to be broken, wowee! How will I ever find love now? I hope you see this and can fix the problem bossman, but no pressure, I don't think plants live that long anyway.

  10. All I can say is welcome to the millennial mind. Also I’ve never heard of durr plant. I’m guessing this is only funny in Europe where comedy has been lacking for decades.

  11. I actually like Destry but I hate Shane Dawson. He's been privating his old funny videos for no good reason and is just expecting people not to notice. To me, that's just him giving all the people who've supported him and made him popular by watching those videos, as well as spending money on his books and merch, the middle finger and saying "fuck you".
    Shane Dawson can fuck off.


  13. Durr plant only became a meme because you made it as an example of how shitty most memes are. It's literally just to fuck with you.

  14. I saw this emo twat's haircut and I couldn't believe this was only 3 years ago, that hairstyle was unacceptable by like 2012

  15. I just want to say I own the "CrikeyCameron" account on Reddit but what's even worse is using Reddit so

  16. im french and I swear when you say that ''plant'' I can barely tell the difference between this accent and the accent of a French kid trying to talk about plants

  17. Joke theives are better than that one kid who sits in front of me who says my jokes a little bit louder and gets all the credit >:(

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