I Lost My Best Friend Over Drama At The Halloween Dance

So I met this girl named Kendall in the
third grade she and I became like really close like we did like everything
together so fast forward we were friends for like a long time like third grade
fourth grade fifth grade and I was excreted so there is this Halloween
dance and everyone’s like so excited they’re all talking about it and when
she was like oh my gosh like it’s gonna be so fun before Halloween leading up to
the party we had this thing called spirit week where we were dressed up
like a taco tuesday worki Wednesday and the whole week Kendall just seemed
really mad at me and she was like giving me like the death look she was just like
oh it’s being about mean I don’t really know why so I just kind of ignored it
and I talked to my good friend Alexa about it I was like you know like why
Kendall’s mad at me like did I do anything like oh my gosh like she was
like don’t worry about it um coby’s go by and it is the day of the
Halloween dance I’m this like party I’m like dancing I’m like hitting the whip
and stuff I was like dancing alone my friends and I get like really tired so I
go get a cup and I get some juice and then I go sit on the bleachers and just
quietly cool down next thing you know chase who was Kendall’s other really
good friend and then I’ll come over to me and chase starts like screaming at me
he was like oh my god you’re the worst you’re so mean I cannot believe you and
that Kendall is like crying and then I was like really confused chase was like
you are like the worst friend ever and we didn’t want you to be our friend
anymore and kinda was like yeah like we don’t want you to be our friend anymore
and I was like what what why like I don’t understand what I did and they
were like you have to like not be our friend anymore like we don’t want to be
like with you like we don’t want to be seen around you and I was like okay I
guess and I started crying and they were crying and then everyone was like taking
sides you know team Kendall or team August and it was like not my best
moment I was really upset so we’ve been friends for so long so a couple weeks go
by and I’m still like really upset people are like making stuff up like we
threw hands at each other like we like fought or like i friend-dumped her never
I was like why did you do that I was like I didn’t do anything and I was like
really upset and then everyone was just like being really mean about it and so I
was really alone because with my loss Kendall I lost all of her friends which
were my friends it was really hard for me because that’s when I lost my best
friend on Halloween so the rest of my Halloween was having really bad wasn’t
my favorite and ever since then like Halloween is just like brings back
memories of that night I’m in eighth grade now and mean Kendall still don’t
talk but that’s okay cuz now I have a really good group of friends and people
who will support me through everything

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  1. Um hello? I seriously have like the same story 😂😂 (this comment isn’t supposed to be rude but I have lost another friend over drama lmao)

  2. I had a similar situation happen to me. In 4th grade I was best friends with this girl, we were so close that we called each other sisters. In 5th grade she stopped wanting to be my friend and got the whole grade against me. I didn’t even know what I did. People would bully me so much and to this day I still struggle with my self esteem because it was knocked down so hard that year and unfortunately in the years to come.

  3. Yeah that happened to me but I lost her when she said I’m so ugly and I thought she was upset but days went by and she continued bullied me and I never knew what I did I met my friend since preschool AND GUESS WHAT she lives 3 houses away from my house she like lives on my street

  4. if she friend dumped u like that she was never your real friend and don't worry karma will give her what she deserves 🙂

  5. This happened to me one time… so I’m in 8th grade and going into freshman and this girl named Hannah went around telling everyone that I punched her and that I was pregnant and so I got really mad and told a teacher who told the principal who brought me and Hannah into the principals office and Hannah cracked under all the pressure and then she got suspended and she didn’t really have friends for a long time

  6. If you read the description it seems like people were saying stuff about August possibly liking or dating somebody that kendyl liked or dated

  7. Friend: how could you!
    Me: pardon
    Friend and other friends: your the worst!
    Me: what did I do!!!!!!!
    Friend and others: this friendship is over you mean and horrible what you did is unFORGIVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: F**k you I’ll find new friends if your blaming for something I didn’t do then your the bad friends.

  8. If she ain't gon tell you what you so call did than you didn't do nothing and kendalle know you didn't do all that stuff to her so there is no reason for you to be sucking up to kendalle if she know what you so call did than she set you up and if you didn't know what you did and you are confused than she's the one who's not a good friend to you because you didn't know what was going on so how you did something to her I told y'all ever body is not your friend so watch out who you hang out with because your so call best friend is going to stab you in the back I'm telling you that's why your mom and your dad all ways say I'm your best friend

  9. I have lost a friend cause she passed away

    I had a friend in 1st grade and I was really close to her. She was my best friend. But one day she told me that she's going to a different school. So I got shocked and she hugged me. The next day when I came to school I walked to my class and I saw she isn't there. And in my head I knew she already left. But when I came in I saw everybody with a serious face. So I sat down and ask my friend What's going on?*, and she said that our teacher wants to tell us something. My teacher said that our friend has died in an accident. She used a van to go to her new school and there was a big truck behind and it was driving really fast and *BOOM there were some kids got severe injuries and my friend didn't make it. It was VIRAL it's on the radios and stuff like that. When I heard it I was really sad. So when I came back from school my parents told me the same thing. And I'm like The teacher already told us and my parents were like *We will give you some space*. So the people had to burn her and the parents of my friend release the dust in the sea.

    That's how I lost my best friend 🙁

  10. I think this happened in my school because I remember something like this I remember like somebody going into like a little corner and crying? I don't know I don't really care about School drama

  11. she just didn’t want to be her friend anymore cause she black and now she only got black friends and on white my opinion

  12. I can’t take side of this story because you left something important, like someone isn’t going to go up to their best friend and give out to them for no reason, I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense and I think she might have done something bad for them to leave it out

  13. Lesson: if this happens maintain a laser focus and ask them the reason. If you want to fight it then do better PR. Keep it short and keep repeating it so it spreads easier.

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