If Friends Tried Affiliate Marketing – Awkward Marketing Parody

Phoebs, you have to use your real name to
get commissions. But the Regina Phalange brand is so strong! Alright, guys. The assets are in the folder, organized
by color and it’s time to start promoting. Let’s see who gets to the top of the
leaderboard! I don’t know, Mon. I don’t think I’m cut out for this. You know I don’t like sending so many emails. Yeah, I got yours when you promoted B-School. Could you BE any more annoying? Hey wait a minute here – I didn’t get
notified we were affiliating this season. What’s up with that? That’s because when you promoted Phoebe’s
Smelly Cat Cure – Smelly cat, smelly cat. I’ve got a value proposition for you… You only sent a one sentence email. You remember? What’d it say? Hey. How you doing? Exactly. But it converted at 50% so it’s a moo
point! See, I don’t get it. He sends one email and makes sales – I put out bonuses, Instagram posts, Facebook Lives, and no one’s buying! Ross, you waited too long. Your audience doesn’t see you like that. You’re in the friend zone. I am NOT in the friend zone. Oh no. C’mon Ross. You are the mayor of the friend zone. I still can’t believe you promoted B-School
when you KNEW my course came out a week later. How could you promote someone else? We were ON A BREAK! Not now, Rachel! Joey, if you want, you can just use my code to
promote. Joey doesn’t share codes! OH MY GOD. I can’t handle this. I’m out. You can’t quit, Chandler! We need your list! Nooo. I’m not doing this again. I always LOSE subscribers. Well, when was the last time you scrubbed
your list? That thing’s not gonna clean itself. I can help! I mean, is everyone out? Phoebs? Will YOU be promoting? I wish I could, but I don’t want to. Well, this is a disaster. You can’t scale an online course without
affiliate sales. I KNOW! But I have one last backup. She reps everything – PLF, DCA… Oh no. Oh my gawddddd.

3 Replies to “If Friends Tried Affiliate Marketing – Awkward Marketing Parody”

  1. lmaoo it is scary how accurate the mannerisms are. I've seen way too much friends in my day. PLUS the marketing parts.

    Heck, I even remember the freakin episodes where some of these mannerisms come from. Freakin hilarious

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