If I Tell You I Have To Kill You | Drama Film | Thriller | Mystery Movie

(eerie piano music) – [Mama] When are
you gonna get here? – [Man] I’m gonna get
there as soon as I can. – [Mama] As soon as you can? – [Man] Mama the
ambulance will probably get there before I do. – [Mama] But that’s
gonna be too late! (Mama wheezing) Oh God. Oh God, I can’t breathe! – [Mama] I can’t breathe!
– [Man] You can breathe! – [Man] Mama, you
just gotta calm down! (Mama crying) – [Mama] Boy, you’re never
here when I need you. I’ve always been there for you! – [Man] Stop yelling,
stop yelling. – [Mama] And you know it! – [Man] No, I’m
not taking my car. (Mama yelling indistinctly) – [Man] Where the
hell is the ambulance! (Mama weeping) – [Man] Mama I’m on the way! Hang in there Mama please! – [Mama] I’m gonna die! – [Man] No mama I’m
not gonna let you die! (Mama gasping) Mama just hang in there! Please Mama hang in there! I’m on my way! (car horn honking) (metal crashing, glass breaking) (man screaming) (rain pattering) (windshield wipers thumping) (thunder) (thunder) (man gasps) – Oh my God. It’s gonna be alright. Where’s your family? Where’s your
mother, your father? (eerie piano music) – [Man] All I saw was the car. You’re gonna be okay! Oh my God. Hello, hello? You okay? (phone rings) – [Woman] i can’t. (man stuttering) I can’t. Don’t let them die. (phone ringing) – [Man] Okay, just
give me one minute! One minute! (car starts) (woman screams) – [Man] My God, my wing! There’s been a terrible accident at the Bleeker
crossroads cut-off. – [Woman] Are you saying Beeker? – No, no Bleeker! Bleeker! – [Woman] Anyone hurt? – I don’t know! That’s all I know! – [Woman] Sir… (somber piano music) (flat-line tone) (heart monitor
beeping rythmically) – [Woman] This
facility is intended for real emergencies,
not for traumas that can be treated in the home. We’re gonna keep her tonight but if this happens again, I’m gonna have to ask you
to seek help elsewhere. (loud clanging) – [Prof. Black] Why? (jazzy piano music) Something’s gonna happen. You turn the lock, open the door, I can do this. – [Internal voice] You
would like to do it, but you can’t. Who are you trying to fool? Just look at yourself. – [Prof. Black] I can do this. I’ve got to do this. – [Internal voice]
Stop kidding yourself. It’s been 15 years. It’s never gonna change. – [Prof. Black] While at
the planetarium you’ll experience a journey
into an ancient question not even your
smart apps can answer. (loud screeching) (dramatic music) The world, is moving
quickly to it’s end. And the days are
coming when those who live upon Earth shall
be sieged with great terror. And when I shall draw near to visit the
inhabitants of Earth. When I shall require from those who do evil, the
penalty of their sin, and they shall drink
the wine of God’s wrath, poured unmixed into
the cup of his anger, And they will be tormented with fire and sulfur
in the presence of the holy angels of the
lamb forever, and ever. So we are the
enemies of our fate. Or so we are told. We leap to our deaths. Now I’m going to
ask this question and I, don’t expect any
of you to know the answer. Maybe someone might surprise me. In Canon or Apocrypha, in what chapter, text, or verse is there written
anything that can tell us how we get out of this fate? Hmm, what is the word for that? (mystical music) I didn’t think so. (bell rings) Where are you going?! Fine! Don’t let me keep you from
your date with ignorance. Get out! – [Girl] you have
got to be kidding. (students chattering) – [Prof. Black] What is this? Sheol. – Yo, Prof! What you gettin’ your drink on? (giggles) – That’s very funny. Have you seen Michael? – You change my grade,
and I’ll tell you. – You know Lionel
it occurs to me in a world where
we are condemned by our words and thoughts, you are uniquely disadvantaged. (rock music and people chatting) David. – Hey do want a beer? – No, no, no, I’m fine. Listen, have you seen Michael? – No I haven’t. And i hope I don’t. – Michael. You having a good time? – Yes. – Hey listen, I think you dropped this. Where you going? You in a hurry? – (chuckling) I
have an appointment. With ignorance. (eerie piano music) – Cynthia, Cynthia
let’s get out of here. – Why don’t you get of here. – God, what is this music?! – It’s a Requiem. – It’s beautiful. – It’s a what? – It’s a death song. – Sounds dead alright. – I love it. – [David] Well I don’t,
I think it’s boring! – What do you call it? – It isn’t finished. – Yeah, well do the world a
favor and keep it that way. I said stop! I hate it! – You’ll come around to it. – I’m not coming around
to any death song. Are you trying to
tell me something? Hey man, I’m talkin’ to you. Hey man, I’m talkin’ to you! I said for you to stop! Let me go! Make him stop, make him stop! Let go of me! (rock music) (bird screeching) – [David] Let’s see how bad
you are now that you’re alone. I’m going to start
kicking your teeth out unless you have a
really good reason for why you’re always on me. – Why must you do this? – Who the hell do
you think you are? Where the hell
did you come from? – If I tell you, I
have to kill you. – [David] Come on now. You kill me? Whatever you have to say, I want to hear it and it
better make sense to me. – Do yourself a favor,
you’re not ready for this. – I’m ready to knock you
out if you don’t tell me. (whooshing) (whispering in foreign language) (jazzy music) (knocking) – Yes? – Yeah, police business. Detective Wilkes, Harris. – Come in. – Talk to you, yeah. – I, uh think the
best way to start this will be uh, to ask, do you know why we’re here? – I have no idea. – Well, take a look at this. Recognize it? – [Prof. Black] Yes. – What is it? – It is the Nishan Sahib. – The what? – Nishan Sahib it is
the emblem of the Sikhs. Yeah, you’ll see here
the two edged sword symbolizing truth and justice. And then you’ll
also see an addition here is a round throwing weapon which is called a chakkran. On these two swords, they
represent God’s spiritual power. – [Harris] You said
it was a weapon? – Well yes and no, I mean it… – [Harris] Well which is it? – Well, yes but it’s
not really a weapon it’s more a symbol. – [Harris] Well, well,
relax, relax, I understand. Some people confuse a
badge with a license. Anything you can imagine
can be used to kill somebody isn’t that right Wilkes? – Yeah that’s right. – But in this case,
somebody confused a symbol for a weapon and
killed somebody. – Killed somebody, who? – Take a wild stab. – David Pope. He’s my student. (groaning) (slashing and thudding) – Is that you’re here? – No, not entirely. – Well, then what’s
going on here? – Well, we just heard
that when it comes to this kind of mystical
symbology that you’re the man. – Yeah, take it
easy, don’t worry. Nobody’s accusing
anybody of anything. This is all just routine. – Were you at a party yesterday? – Yes, but I left very quickly. – Why was that? – Well, I mean I don’t know. I suppose the person
that I went to speak to didn’t have anything to say. – So you left? – Yes! – Okay. Um. Hold on to that, we
may need to chat. You know, you don’t strike me
as being very put out. I mean he was your student. – Well it wasn’t like
I really knew him. He was more of a just
a grade in my book. – Thanks for your time. – [Prof. Black] You’re welcome. – I’ll let myself out. – Guy’s wrapped pretty tight. – And they shall go out
and look on the dead bodies of men who have
rebelled against me. For their worms shall not die, their fire shall
not be quenched, and they shall be an
abhorrence to all flesh. (pill bottle bangs on the floor) (weeping) – [Woman] Suicide hotline. – It’s me again. – [Woman] Tell me
what’s goin’ on? Now promise me, you
won’t hurt yourself while you’re on the phone. (high pitched audio feedback) – Please no, no, stop. – (demonic voice) Be
transformed Helen. – No, no, not that. – This is not that,
not this time. – You must turn away from the
things that you are doing. – [Michael] How can I do that
when what I am is that I do? – Well that time has ended. – [Michael] If that were true there would be no need to stop. – You must accept the
things that you have done to face the things
that will follow. – [Michael] It isn’t
done, I can’t help that. – Maybe I can. You are beginning to get
away with things that I do. – Well, how ’bout
helpin’ us out here. Who can tell us about
the night of the party? – Everybody seemed to
be having a good time. – [Wilkes] Come one,
this is somebody you went to school
with and now he’s dead! – I still can’t
believe he’s dead. – How ’bout it. – I don’t say nothin’
unless I have to. – What? What’s that supposed
to be funny? Well look who’s talkin.’ – I ain’t no rat, unless
you got some cheese. – You know you can go to
jail for withholding evidence but then again,
you know all about withholding evidence
don’t you, huh? – [Lionel] I don’t have
a problem with you! – Well I’ve got a
real problem with you. So we find ourselves in
this situation again Lionel. I might not have been able to
get enough on you last time, but let me find out
if you have something to do with this
you little prick. I swear to God, I’ll nail
your ass to the cross. (birds flapping) (heart beating) (breathing heavy) – [Woman] Lionel what’s wrong? Lionel, what’s going on?! Something happened?! Son, talk to us! – He’s coming and I
can’t hide from him. I’m going to die! – Stop it! Who’s coming Lionel,
who’s coming?! – I can’t tell you! – You better fuckin’ answer me! – I can’t! – You better fuckin’ answer me! – I can’t! If I tell you, he’ll
come after you too. Oh. (weeping) (somber music) – Hello Professor. – Michael? How did you get in here? – It was unlocked. You only thought
you needed that. I wanted to ask you something. – Not right now Michael. All these murders, all I
have is killing on my mind. – You can’t seem to
get enough of that. – What? – If that’s all you think about, what do you expect
is going to happen? – What are you trying to say? – You got another thing coming. Wrap your mind around that. – Uh, Michael? What was it you
wanted to ask me? – If I could end all
of your problems, would you ask me to? – That was it? – Did you ever do
anything you regretted? – No. I can’t say that I have. Have you? – Everyday, I wake up to more
pain than the day before. I’ve tried drugs,
doctors, meditation. All to no use. They say that God is
nothing if not compassion. If that’s true, how can
he want this for me? He must not exist. Must’ve been
expecting a miracle. – What did you just say? – Nothing. – What did you just say? – I must’ve been
expecting a miracle? – A miracle. So all of this is my fault? – No, I didn’t say that. – That’s exactly what you said. – No, I didn’t. – No, you just that! – You weren’t listening. – Listening? You think I want to
lend my ears to this? And it’s not that
I’m not listening, it’s that I don’t care
anymore, you’ve worn me out! – Professor I was
talking to you about – [Prof. Black] Sit down. Sit down! You were talking to
me about a miracle. You don’t even know the
meaning of the word. It is not what people have
come to think of it as. It is nothing more
than a simple event. Otherwise ordinary
or commonplace. Like for example, you’re
walking through a park on the brink of a bad decision, and you look down
and low an behold, you’ve stepped in some shit. See? That’s all it is! A simple event,
bringing into focus the bigger picture. It’s not this, this
fantasy idea crap that you’ve made it into being. – I’m sorry Professor,
I have to go. (weeping) – Professor. – What? – That was a bit
harsh don’t you think? – Why? – A thing like that,
could push someone like her over the edge. – It would be the best thing
that could happen to her. – Professor? We’d like to ask you
a few more questions. – The Professor isn’t here. – Who are you? – I’m Max, the
Professor’s assistant. – You’re not going
to invite us in? – Detective Wilkes. Detective Harris. – It’s not my house. – Well considering I’m
investigating two homicides I don’t find that too friendly. What are you up to? – Just uh, grading
some papers down here. – What about? – Eschetology. – Uh, one more time? – End times, the afterlife,
you know those kind of things. So you’re the
Professor’s assistant? You like working for him? – I get something out of it. – Oh good, come on. – There? – Yeah. – Mean anything? – Not necessarily,
it’s a compass. – Oh I think necessarily. – That part we know. What else can you
tell us about it? – Well, it could, but
there’s usually more to it as part of the Freemason’s
primary emblem. – Go on. – Um, you’d have this compass
combined with a square. – So there’s a missing piece. Anything else you want
to say on the aubject? – Anything you
don’t want to say? – I don’t understand. – Oh I think you do. Even if I don’t. – I don’t get you. (chuckling) – Holding back is one thing, but you don’t have to
get all itchy about it. – I’m not itchy. – No? – All I know, is the
Freemason’s tools are used for personal
and spiritual growth, and they’re made
to build good men. – I still think you’re itchy. – Look, the
Professor’s a good guy, an amazing scholar
and a great boss, he didn’t have anything – Who said anything
about the Professor? – Then why are you here? – Come on, what is it? – It’s in there. – Imagine that. (papers flap) – Oh! – [Wilkes] What’s that there? Hit and run eh? The missing piece. – Have a cup. – What is this poison? – I wouldn’t do that. I’m afraid you don’t
have a cup big enough. (both chuckle) – I wasn’t sure what
to do with this one. Whoever it belongs
to forgot to sign it. – Well, I’m sure by
process of elimination you can figure out who it is. – I wasn’t sure how to grade it. It doesn’t really
answer the question but asks a new one. – The time envisioned by
Daniel to be an extremely stressful time when Michael,
the angelic patron of Israel, will stand over
them, guaranteeing
that all whose names are written in the Book of Life will be rescued is
what is in doubt. Question arising from
the opening phrase is at the time, invites far
deeper question, at what time? At what time will they go out and look on the
dead bodies of men who have rebelled against me (bird screeching) for the worms shall not die
(bird screeching) the fire shall not be quenched and they shall be in
accordance with all flesh. – [Prof. Black] Max, have
you been in my study today? – No. They’ve made you a
suspect haven’t they? – The whole world is a suspect. – [Max] What are
you going to do? – I’m not sure. – That’s a load of crap. – What? – This may be none
of my business but uh, people are dying. Doesn’t that mean
something to you? This isn’t some kind
of academic exercise. I’m just wondering, what
are you going to do? – You know Max, you’re
absolutely correct. This is none of your
Goddamn business. – [Max] I can’t help it. You’re important to me. What I can’t understand is
what’s important to you? – Me. That’s what’s
important to me Max. Me. – Excuse me, have you
seen Professor Black? Mr. Professor. Mind if we bother you
with a couple questions? – We found something having
to do with this latest case. Um, something we just dug up. – Or rather the coroner
found something, something in his mouth. Oh yeah he was, he as trying to
tell us something. That is, the killer was
trying to tell us who he is. Serial killers do things
like that sometime to prove their superiority. – There as a note. Fished out of his gut. – That’s a copy. The original got
a little soiled. – Anastasis. – Professor? – Uh it’s a Greek word. An apotholic word,
it’s usually translated to mean resurrection. – That’s a piece of irony. You see how he draws attention
to himself by hiding. By stuffing the word
resurrection into
the dead guy’s mouth, he’s saying, that either
he didn’t believe in it, or the victim didn’t
believe in it. You see I could make a whole
career out a case like this. He made him eat his words. Funny thing about words,
they tell on people. – People live and die by them. – (crunching) Mm. Thanks Professor. Wait a minute. You said “usually.” If the word is usually
translated ‘resurrection,’ is there another interpretation? – It means awakening. – Hm, awakening a dead guy. Oh that reminds me, I have
something that belongs to you. – These fell from the bookshelf while we were talking
to your assistant. Naturally we had
to look into it. Question being, why would
you be so interested in this? – My mother was in the
hospital the same night that that happened and
these help remind me of how lucky I am
that she made it. – Okay. – Thank you. – Thanks. – Check please. – [Demonic Man] You
cannot keep this up. – [Michael] I am almost done. – [Demonic Man] No, you
gotta stop what you’re doing. You are taking things too far. I cannot be involved. – [Michael] You’re
already involved. – [Demonic Man] This
is not a debate. There are consequences for
the things that you are doing. – [Michael] I can’t stop now. – [Demonic Man] We’re
talking about people’s lives. – [Michael] What do
you expect me to do? – [Demonic Man]
Stop, that’s what. Stop and go with me. – [Michael] I’m not
going anywhere with you. – [Demonic Man] Next
time, I won’t be alone. – [Michael] It’s not
like I have a choice. – [Demonic Man] Now you
sound just like them. – [Michael] What did you say? Say it again! – [Demonic Man]
I’m done talking. – Nothin’ going on here man. What makes you think
there’s something happening? – [Harris] I got a tip. – This is just a big
ol’ waste of time. – Look just don’t
think of it that way. Think of it like jail. Only you get to go home
at the end of the day. You see where I’m going? – I’m beginning to see. You need to back off. I’ve had it up to here,
you understand me? You really startin’
to piss me off! – That’s why I do it. – It’s the last
time I’m tellin’ ya! This had gotta stop! I’m not gonna take it anymore! – What are you
gonna do about it? You know I believe
you’re serious. I had no idea this
was upsetting you so. But now that I know, it’s gonna get a lot worse. – Why? Why can’t you just
leave me alone? – Because people like
you need to be stopped. And I’m not going to quit
until the job is done! – What do you
think you’re doin?’ – Nothing you want to hear. – Son of a bitch. What the fuck? Hey, get in the car! You want to tell me
what you’re doing here? – No, Detective Wilkes, I don’t. – You know my name. Seems you have the
advantage on me. – More than one. – [Wilkes] You know I
hate threatening people. Spoils the surprise. But I better start hearing
some serious answers. – What? Everything you’ve
heard thus far doesn’t seem to have done
you very much good. – Tell me your goddamn
name or I’m gonna start beatin’ it out of ya! – [Michael] If I tell
you, I have to kill you. – [Wilkes] You’re gonna do what? For the last time (gun
cocks), who are you? – [Harris] Put that gun down. And you, get the
fuck out of here. – [Man] Oh man, come
on please (whimpering), please, I didn’t,
don’t do it man, don’t, please man I swear to God, (whimpering) don’t do it,
oh please, gonna kill me. Oh! (grunts) (slashing and thudding) (somber music) – [Revel] To destroy
the bringer of doom. – When I tell you that
this man was a force in the field of language,
I mean he was electrifying! – I didn’t ask for any of this. – When it came to linguistics,
he was the last word. In fact, when the interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls
came under dispute, he was chosen to
settle the score. (muttering) – The Dead Sea Scrolls. I didn’t think anyone
was able to settle the score on that subject. – The imams of Islam, the
guardings of Catholicism, the Hebrew scholars and
every other camp in between brought pressure to bear. – Human perception
and divine process. Annunciation. – Those ingrained religions,
and so much at stake? – Yes, but you see this,
this was a moral struggle. What his findings
simply echo that which we had already known
and heard about or would there be a
repudiation of everything thereby ushering in
something which was completely new and unknown. – Well what happened? What did he say? – Nothing. Not a word. What happened to him, God only knows. – Doesn’t work the
way it used to. Human perception
and annunciation, and divine process goes
way beyond the abstract. Goddamn it, I got it! – [Harris] From victim number
one to the stuffed mouth guy, to all the way to
victim number three, look for some kind
of progression. – You mean like a schedule? From the first to the
second it was 10 days. And from the second
to the third, was six. – [Harris] Doesn’t
have to be days just some kind of pattern, I’m telling you, somewhere, something about this, tells
us something about that. – What if there’s a pattern? – Oh there’s a pattern. People can’t help it. We’re natural born
creatures of habit. Thoughts we think, the way
we feel, the things we do. We’re all held together by shit we’ve done in the past,
it’s the nature of the beast. – Suppose I find this
pattern and solve this thing. And instead of
telling what I know, keep it to myself. Unless I could
relieve some pressure. (laughs) – You know, I always
thought you were stupid. But I must admit, I didn’t give
you the credit you deserve. You could do that, but
that would oblige me to let known certain
things that I was working so hard
to keep to myself. – Go ahead. – Excuse me? – You heard me motherfucker. (chuckles) – I’m done with all
your constant bullshit. So anytime you want to
broadcast my sins, go ahead. Be my fuckin’ guest! Tell the whole fuckin’ world! – You know, you remind
me of the prostitute that announces to her husband, I’m done fuckin’ and
I’m startin’ with you. – [Revel] Professor? Professor, can I talk to you? – I’m sorry I have
to be somewhere. – Max asked me to talk to you. – About? – About helping
you with your work. Grading papers, research,
anything I can do. – Reylo. Bring me the English-Hebrew. – What? – The translation from
English to Hebrew. (mumbles) – [Prof. Black] Come on, come
on, come on, give it to me! – Here. – Ah! Sheol. – What does it mean? – Well the word translation
is a little muddled. But it derived from
the word ‘necromancer.’ – Study of the dead. Study of the dead. – Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, dead. To look into death,
into the dead. Which later became ‘to ask.’ – To ask what? – That’s it, to ask. To ask. – Pardon me, Professor, I – Not now! To ask, that’s it! That’s the question. Revel come here! – [Prof. Black] This is for you. – [Revel] Thank you. Professor, I wanted to ask
you about something I’ve been looking into. – Sure. – It’s a serum. – What were some of the effects? – It’s known to
cause memory loss. – Ah, depentha. – You know it. – Yes, researched it for years. It was known as the
forgetful wonder. – What can you tell me about it? – What do you want to know? – Where can I find it? – You can’t, the
secrets have been lost. Anyone wanting to
find out about it would have to do what I did. – Which is? – You would have to go to
the indigenous countries where it was once used and then
you would have to experiment with plant and
plant combinations and then hope against hope
that you come across it. – Sounds impossible. – Revel, I have decided that I I want to try and do
something about these murders. As of late I have
been at my wit’s end. And I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t ask you to
be involved in this if it weren’t really necessary. – You want me to help? – Yes. I want to smoke the killer out. – What do you want me to do? – [Man] At this party
around here someone, ah this must be the
spot right here. Hey, uh, no they didn’t, no they didn’t! Baked ziti primavera just
like my mama used to make. (laughs) Boy you don’t know
what you missin.’ And a little bit of
bruschetta cheese, never killed nobody. Now that’s what
I’m talkin’ about, that’s how you spoze to do it! What? All I’m sayin’ is whoever
put this thang together, sho know how to party (laughs). You know look it here I don’t I don’t mean no disrespect, but all I was sayin’ was that when my time come you know, when it’s time for me, I just hope somebody’ll hook
me up like ya’ll did here! (laughs) Hey you know cuz, you know it sometimes you got to you got to appreciate,
you know savor, you know, the moment. Sometimes in life you
know the great things they don’t happen all the time. Where’s the host at? I want to congratulate the host. Oh that him. (weeping) (shushes) I promise not to wake him. You know, this is beautiful. I know how you feel. – [Woman] No, no. – [Man] When you lose
your own flesh and blood. Your own pride and joy. A child that you love more
than anything in this world. Was just murdered down like
he ain’t nothin!’ (weeping) And I’ve got one better. Now how would you feel
if the one who did this, got away free like a breeze
on some humbug technicality? Huh? And on top of all of that he goin’ around braggin’ and tellin’ everyone
and they mama that my son brought
it on hiself! – [Large Man] Oh where is he? I don’t give a damn,
you be careful. – Sorry! I’m so sorry! (wailing) – [Large Man] Drunk
ass son of bitch! Who do you think you
are comin’ in here? – Now you know how I felt. You lost your son too! – Throw the fuckin’ drunk out! – I hope you all go to hell! – I’ll fuckin’ kill you! I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you! You hear me, I’ll kill you! (soft rock music) – I thought that was you. – How are you Gail? – Is this your new hideout? – Not anymore. – You’re hard to get. What is it about you? This bother you? Why do I find you
so irresistible? – Seems like a question
you have to answer. – No, no, no. I’m askin’ you. – I can’t answer that. – Oh, you’re gonna answer. – Why? – Because, I have to know. I made of my mind that
the next time I saw you I wasn’t gonna let you get away until I got what I came for. – I don’t think you understand. – No, you don’t understand. You don’t understand that you and I are going to be together. – You make it hard to resist. – It doesn’t matter if you do. Either way, it’s gonna happen. Today, is the day. I’m ready when you are. – There’s one thing. If I tell you, I
have to kill you. – Good. Because I’m dying to know. (whispers) (tires screech) (loud banging on the door) – Are you fuckin’ nuts?! – I tried Paul but I
didn’t have a choice. – Come in here man. You want to get me busted? – Please Harley it won’t
happen again (whimpering). – [Harley] You’re
goddamn right it won’t. (crying) – This is different! You don’t know what’s happened! Please Harley! I need a fix. (crying) – [Harley] Do it yourself. I don’t have time for this shit. (groaning) (mutters) (somber piano music) (heart beating) (heart beating) – Gail! How much did you fucking take?! Fuck! Gail, Gail! Jesus, Gail! (mumbles) Gail! Go somewhere else
and fuckin’ die! Wake up bitch, wake up bitch! Jimmy! Jimmy, Jimmy! Gail, wake up, Gail! Motherfucker Jimmy! – [Jimmy] What?! – [Harley] Goddamn it! – [Jimmy] What?! – [Harley] Fuck! Gail! Now you’re a murderer. Now, you’re a murderer. (glass shatters) Dammit! What the hell did you do? Shit, Revel, come
on, wake up, wake up. Come on, come on,
come on, come on! Oh my God. Are you okay? Listen don’t you
ever do that again. – What? – Did you hear me? Don’t ever do that again. – Yes, Professor. But the feeling
was indescribable. Things from the
past disappeared. Like they never happened. As if that, not this, is real. (phone rings) – One second, yes, hello. – [Wilkes] Professor Black,
this is Detective Wilks. Sorry to be such a pest but we’re really in
over our heads here. And we could really
use your help to piece together
some of this stuff. – Fine. – [Wilkes] Come by this evening? – Yes, okay, I’ll be
there as soon as I can. – [Wilkes] I’ll see you then. – Thank you very much. (keyboard clicking) – You were asking
me if I remembered? I’ll never forget it. Because of the boy mainly and because they
didn’t have to die. How anyone could just
leave them there like that I never understood but
if it’s details you want, I’m gonna have to
transfer you to records. Are you sure? Okay, bye. (man speaking in
background indistinctly) (phone ringing) (thunder) (eerie piano music) – Anything you can imagine
can be used to kill somebody, isn’t that right Wilks? – All these murders, all I
have is killing on my mind. – [Harris] The coroner
found something. – [Prof. Black] And then
you’ll also see an addition, – [Harris] something
in his mouth. – [Prof. Black] here is
a round throwing weapon. (overlapping speech) – [Harris] Serial killer do
things like that sometimes. Awakening a dead guy. – [Prof. Black] In what
book of Canon or Apocrypha, in what chapter, text, or verse is there anything
that can tell us – [Harris] The killer was
trying to tell us who he is. – [Prof. Black] How to get out. – [Max] They’ve made you
a suspect haven’t they? (thunder) – [Prof. Black] And then
you’ll also see an addition here is a round throwing weapon (overlapping,
increasingly rapid speech) All these murders, all I
have is killing on my mind. (overlapping speech) (woman screams) – Oh my God. – What do you want?! Why are you after me? – [Michael] I’m
not after anything, I came before you. – You didn’t come before me, you scared the hell out of me! – I came to warn you. – Warn me from who? – Oh yes, yes! (thunder) – This person is
very close to you. And you must get him
before he gets you. (eerie music, bird screeching) – [Prof. Black] Oh! Oh, thank you Richard. Listen, I really need
to think this thing out. Try and make sense of it. – Was there something
wrong with the pecans? – [Prof. Black] No,
no, no, no, no, no, no, I think I’ve got this
thing figured out! – Good. – [Prof. Black] Um, I have an
idea why it’s all happening. – Good for you! I was afraid, perhaps you
didn’t enjoy the pecans, and I was wrong to
have thought that. You did enjoy the
pecans, that’s good. (car horn honking) – Michael. I was brought here right? I was brought here because
of something you did. – On the contrary. – Yes. I was brought here
because of something that you did, now
what did you do? You know don’t you. – Know what? – The answer. – Even if I tell you,
you’d never find out. – Then what am I doing here? – You’re wasting time. You’re standing on a bridge. A bridge to nowhere. – Bridge? What are you talkin’
about bridge? I don’t know anything
about a bridge! – The problem is,
you’ve stopped beyond the point where you can cross. The problem is the cross. – The cross, are you
talking about the ankh? The Egyptian symbol for life? – What is it. – It’s the symbol. A symbol. – What is a symbol? – Um, a symbol, taken
from the word ‘symbolen’ to throw away, to, to, unite! – [Michael] What? – Wait, wait I’m getting it wait a minute, I’m getting it! – Whoa, Professor! – Wait, wait, wait! – Wait for what?! – [Prof. Black] I don’t know! – I know you don’t know! You don’t know because
you don’t want to know. There’s a word for the that. The Greek word, to tear
meaning from experience. – Um, that’s the word… – Diabolos. – Yes, yes, diabolos! – To tear apart, to divide. – You stop playing
with me, please. What in the hell do
you want to tell me?! – I could tell you, but I won’t. – Michael. – What. – Do you have
creative utterance? – Professor, you have creative utterance. (gasps) – Excuse me. (students chattering) – What are you doing? – I’m going home. – I meant that. How would you like to
get a letter like that? – I quit. – Like the kind when
there’s no chance to reply. – I have to go. – Don’t be late. (soft piano music) – Are you? Am I? – No. You’re not. You’re going about
this all wrong. You cut length wise
when you mean business. All you’re doing
is making a mess. (soft piano music) – [Harris] Thought
you’d have it all wrapped up by now. – I’ll call you back. That’s it. The DMV record that went cold, it was a declaration of non-use. – An orphan? – Orphan. Another dead end. So you’ll have me believe
that the kid just disappeared. And the vehicle just
vanished into thin air? – You think I’m
holding out on you? – No! You know why? – [Wilkes] Why? – Because you’re
all out of strikes and you never had any balls. – That’s it. (chuckles) – Where are you goin’ now? – You want it, you got it! – Really. (rock music) – [Harris] Let me have
what he’s drinking. – I called that kid. – I thought you quit. – I called the kid. – And? – We don’t have a chance Harris. – Look you shouldn’t
have involved me. I want you out. Give it up man. – Captain. – Now what is so damn important, You had me leave the station? – Wilkes? – Harris, he’s gonna be
able to close the case without much help from me. I’ll name you’re guy in
one or two days time. – Good! Why tell me now? – Because you’re the Captain. – We got it Captain. – Yeah. Scotch on the rocks. (phone ringing) – Yes hello? – Professor, Detective Wilkes. I found one that matches. The guy was killed when
someone set an arrow ablaze and drove it through his heart. He was burned
beyond recognition. Only the arrow made of
steel was left intact. – Were there any other
clues besides the arrow? – Only the arrow was left. There was a word etched in it. – What was the word? – Ham-ar – Hamarita. – Hamarita you know it? – It’s a Greek word traditionally translated
to mean ‘sin,’ it’s also used in archery it means missing the mark! You have to understand
that for the Gnostic the original Christian, to sin was not to do
something evil or against God, but to make a mistake! To do something contrary
to one’s true nature! Yeah, that’s right… – Professor, were
there any students that went missing
from your class? – My class? No, no. Oh wait, wait. At the beginning of the term there was one student
that dropped the course. – You remember his name? – No, you know what, why don’t you call
my assistant Max he’d have that information okay? – Thank you. (high-pitched squeal) (tires screech) (phone rings) – Detective Wilks. – [Max] Yeah. – Max. Max, I’m looking for
the name of a student from Professor Black’s class who may have dropped
out of the term early. – [Max] We might be able
to find out in roll book. – Where? – [Max] At Professor
Black’s house. – At the Professor’s? – [Max] Yeah. – Why don’t I meet you there. – [Max] Okay. – Alright I’ll see you in 15. (phone ringing) – [Harris] You’ve reached the
phone of Detective Harris. Leave a message. – Harris, it’s Wilks. I’m on my way to
the Professor’s. Meet me there asap. (knocking) – Max? Professor Black? (threatening music) (bizarre sounds
increasing in intensity) Reynolds. James Maxwell Reynolds. (muttering) The boy from the accident. (high-pitched squeal) What are you doing?! No! No! (groans loudly) – [Prof. Black] Richard. (pensive guitar music) Richard open the door,
Richard I need to talk to you! Richard! Doctor, doctor! Richard? Richard! Richard, I gotta talk to you! (music stops) Richard? Richard. – Oh was there something
wrong with the pecans? – [Prof. Black] No, no, no. I think I got this whole
things figured out. Why it’s happening. – Oh really? That’s good, I was afraid
you hadn’t enjoyed them and myself, I like pecans
and now you like pecans and we both like
pecans and that’s good! Since we both like ’em… – [Prof. Black] Man,
forget about the pecans. This is not about pecans
this is about the murders. This is about the murders
and who committing them. See he’s, he’s trying
to make a point. You see he’s been
leaving symbols dates and symbols, and they’re all
leading to one thing, the Path. It’s the Path of the Left Hand. – Huh. – The Cave of the Cosmos. Cancer! – Um now the pecan is originally
apart of the hickory family and it was uh, closely
related to the uh, walnut! – See, it’s all an association, with John the Baptist. An identification
into the psyche. The body, the suffering,
the pain of the world. – Who cares? – See, John the Baptist
was an initiator, see he was the one
that put us on the path away from these things. See in Christianity,
when you’re trying to achieve gnosis,
one’s consciousness, one with consciousness, you have to first go through
the first stage of initiation. And the first stage of
initiation is baptism by water. Cleansing oneself of
all it’s Earthliness. – [Richard] Mm hm, I know. – You see what I’m saying? The second victim
was suffocated. He was found with a note
stuffed down his throat! – The only nut tree that grows
naturally in North America, did you know that? Somethin’ else huh? – Don’t you see, he’s
turning the whole thing on it’s head! He’s saying that
there is no God! – Richard, I’m so
glad you dropped by. Because there’s just
simply not that many people interested in this
type of thing. And I have this. – Richard, Richard! – Leave me alone! – Richard, Richard, I
know what you’re saying, why was not the
first victim water? Because he’s reversed the order. – This rich history
goes all the way back to the 16th century. – [Prof. Black] See,
John the Baptist was born during the summer solstice,
making him Cancer. For Pagans, Cancer represented
a way into the cave. Birth, the metaphysical
coming into contact with the physical! – And it has been known
to heal many many wounds. – What? Jesus! Richard! – Native Americans
have been known to plan their entire activities
around it’s growth. They called it Algonquin. Hard to crack. – [Prof. Black] Jesus,
was in a completely opposite direction, 180 degrees, he was born during
the winter solstice! Capricorn! The Right-handed Path. The way out of the cave! You see, he was moving
us away from space and time and suffering, the
murderer has flipped it! To contradicting. (thunder) There’s something
you’re not telling me! Why! – I can’t, I can’t. – Richard. Tell me about
creative utterance. – Creative utterance
which is matched to the times of Pharaoh
when ancient Egyptians came to believe the creative
force of the spoken word. A thing to be divine, Amun. You know the god, Amun? – Yes, yes, yes, go on. – It was believed that Amun, who’s name means ‘hidden,’ was an ole, and that he
created the universe, time, dimension, and therefore was way beyond our perception. Created them from
a concept and that that concept was nothing but
an image in the creator’s mind. – Well, go ahead, go ahead! – Why? I don’t see why my
telling you any of this means anything to you. – Just go ahead, please Richard. – Accordingly, the Egyptians
came to see everything as a manifestation of
what the heart plans and what the tongue commands. – Yes, so ye shall
think, so ye shall be. – This link between
human perception, divine process,
and annunciation, are way beyond the
abstract alright? Enough with the, okay? Look, look, listen to me, now, you came to me! You came to me! To me! To find out what I think! What I know! And you came to me. And what I think and what I know is that you should
think long and hard trust me on this. You should think long and hard before you take one
more God forsaken step. Leave this alone. Goodnight. (police siren) – I killed a boy. A little boy. God oh God! – Somebody help! – Forgive me. (breathing heavily) Forgive me. – [Harris] Only God
can forgive you. – [Harris] Max, I’m looking
for Professor Black. Hello? – Yes, yes, I can hear you. Did you uh, try him at home? I just spoke to him there. – [Harris] At home? – Oh wait, no. Come to think of it, there was something in
his appointment book about a meeting he has tonight. Uh, but that won’t be for
another couple of hours. – [Harris] You know where? – This is where it all began. – I was right. It is you isn’t it? – What do you think Professor? – Did you hear what I said? I said I know who you are! You’re Michael. You’re Mich… Michael, the sword that took
John the Baptist’s head. – [Revel] You’re the one. – No, no, no. – Will you help me? Please? – You don’t understand. – No, no it’s me,
it’s me that you want. – Release me. Please? Hell is nothing next to this. – Michael she doesn’t
even know who you are. – Then tell me who you are! – If I tell you, I
have to kill you. – Then tell me! Please! I can’t take it (weeping). Help me please, I
just want to die. – You’ve been killing
yourself for years. – Then finish me! – [Michael] Finish you? There’s nothing left
of you to finish. – Then take whatever’s
there, please! – Why should I? – Please. (crying) My whole life has
been a torture. A rack of screams, a torment, a pile of whips and lashes lashes and whips. Put to together by nothing
but a chain of horrors! Please help me! – For days and days, and years, you have made a store of fear. You found it neglected, and you took hold
of it for keeps. You found it in the cold and
you nourished it to health. You don’t know what you want. – No, I do. (screams) – You’ve got it backwards. Look at yourself. You say death, but you have
no idea what you’re saying. (groans) – What do you want? – I don’t know! – How can you claim
to want somehting when you have no idea
what it is that you want? You chase the grave as if
you knew what went in it. (screams) You like pain? What is it that you want? – Michael! – What is death? – I don’t know! (sobbing) – Think about it. – I know who you are. – And I know who you are too. – I know who you really are. – [Max] Professor? Professor Black. – [Prof. Black] Max? – The police, the police where
all over your house. There must’ve
been, I don’t know, some kind of accident. You’ve got to do something now. The time has come. – A hit an run? – What? – [Prof. Black] You
said a hit and run. – No I didn’t, I said
the time has come. – No, I distinctly heard you say – Accident! There was no accident. There had to be a reason. Because there’s a reason
for everything right? – There is a reason. – It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is
what you believe. Now’s your chance. See if you can believe
your way out of this. (dramatic music) – You’re the boy. – I had no choice. None of them had
any choice either and neither do you. You left me! Standing there! What choice did I have. – Oh my boy, – [Max] My mother. – I’m so sorry. – [Max] My sister. – I’m so sorry! Forgive me. – Say goodbye Revel. – Professor, don’t! (gunshot) (groans) – [Max] Now die. (bullet whizzing) – [Revel] Oh, no, Professor. Why did you save my life? – I had to. I had to. (weeping) (thunder) – Look into the eyes that
came before the fall. I came before the birth of man. Eyes that came before creation. Look into the eyes that
have seen your maker and seen His righteous hand. Do you feel the venegence? Do you feel the love? Then let that love, destroy
everything you have become. Away goes all the pain. Away goes all the fear. And everything that
made you change, and before me, His righteous hand, you were born again, anew. Now rise Revel. Rise in your death
and be reborn. – Thank you. (ethereal music) – Michael. It is time. This cannot wait any longer. – I’m ready Gabrielle. Do you know what goodbye means? – No. – That’s a blessing. – I don’t believe it. It’s a goddamn miracle. (otherworldly music)

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