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You can just go
right through there. -Hey. How are you?
-Hi. [ Laughter ] She looked like
she hated me. Did you do something to her? It looks like our families
have been feuding for centuries. The Hatfields
and Vulcanos? Sal, as soon as
the bride walks in, hit her with a “I’m so
[bleep] excited for you.” [ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] -Oh! So nice.
-Thank you. Got the full-length here. I’m so [bleep] excited
for you. [ Laughter ] Did you book
your money-poon yet? ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Where are you guys headed on your, uh… ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Where are you guys headed
on your money-poon? -The honeymoon?
-Yeah, the money-poon. [ Laughter ] -Bora Bora.
-Oh, wow. Oh, that’s —
that’s really nice. Yeah,
my best friend went… -Yeah, I’m excited.
-…for his money-poon. [ Laughter ] Hm? You keep saying that. [ Laughter ] It’s, uh, dyslexia. [ Laughter ] Joe: Okay, Sal, ready? Let’s play a little
hide-and-seek. Q: Hide-and-seek! Gonna play a little
hide-and-seek. Plenty of places
to hide in here. Why don’t you go hide
behind some dresses? Right back there
in your little hidey-hole. Murr: It’s your
little hiding spot. Yeah,
get in your hidey-hole. It’s bride-and-go-seek. -Oh! -Hey, all right! -Nice, man! -I came to play! -Don’t — don’t encourage him.
-[ Laughs ] Fun-tastic. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Yeah, buddy. Get on in there. [ Laughter ] -Yeah! -Perfect. -There she is.
-I don’t even think I can have it any looser,
because it’s gonna fall. I’ll bring the seamstress out
and see if she can take a look, -okay?
-Okay. All right. Thank you. Be right back. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] ♪♪ Everything fitting okay? Oh, my God. You scared me. [ Laughter ] Why are you…? Um… “Have you seen my pants?” Have you seen a pair of pants? No. I, uh… I got to get my pants. Okay. [ Laughter ]

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  1. geniuses here believing everything on TV!
    The first girl is not actually the way they portray it with the edits, you can clearly see her smiling at 0:30 but they've cut it and put probably another scene right after it to make it look like she's angry all the time!

    Stop believing everything on Tv kiddos!

  2. BTW i live in Australia and WE DO NOT USE 44 HOMES or whatever you said in that text box, we call it Hide and go seek too. and when we find the person it's normally something to the affect of" I found you"….FYI lol i have never heard the term 44 homes before after 33 years in Australia and neither has anyone i know. Love the show though boys, you are HYSTERICAL!!

  3. Those poor men that feel they have to marry them cows when the milk is free !!!! These ladies are already ugly on the inside, time will do the rest.

  4. That first girl was so rude, Stuck up, self important and ignorant! Pity the fool that's marrying that!… He'll be dipping elsewhere before long!

  5. Lol it made it much better when sal hid and the assistant left 😂 idk if she knew but it made it funnier that way

  6. For me it is called 44 homes the rules I forgot but hide and seek is normal called tag or something like that

  7. ……….stop sticking these post its on the screen every 2 seconds. It's fine if you really have something to say…

  8. first chick has a sexy vibe her husband is a lucky man especially on the moneypoon he gets to shag her every night now wow ok

  9. Umm 44 Holmes is a bit different.
    the spotter has to stay in one place, the home. And the hider has to make there way back without being seen. The hider gets out when the seeker sees them, then they say 44 I see you. And then the hider is out. You win by getting back home without being spotted.
    We also play hide and seek. Two different games both fun. But 44 Holmes is easier to play in a school yard

  10. Why are all of you so mean to a woman you barely know? Maybe she had a bad morning for something… stop saying the groom is marrying a monster, if this isn't cyberbullying and hating I don't know what is…

  11. That first woman has a chip on her shoulder. With an attitude like that she will never be happy with anyone….i guarantee it.

  12. I’m from Australia and I can confirm we do not say 44 homes. Maybe like 40 years ago or something. But when I was in primary school we would say hide and seek or hide and go seek tip lol

  13. Hide and Seek is NOT called 44 Homes in australia. There's a separate game called 44 home but it's not the same as hide and seek. IJ might need new researchers

  14. 1:27 I dunno chief I've never heard anyone call it anything else but hide and seek down here where I've grown up. We do have a completely different game called home 44 but it's not hide and seek

  15. The fact the first woman signed off for her face to be shown on national television…
    …clearly means she has no idea how rude as fuh she is.

  16. We know sal we expect better for sal, but try to understand the first girl just got approached by some fat wierdo who keeps saying moneypoon lol. People have been kidnapped raped and murder by less.

  17. The first women is getting married, Good for her. But the poor soul who married her. don't worry my friend it would be over after the moneypoon.

  18. The First Lady will enjoy being fat and miserable when she hits the wall. Personality is important. Hope she enjoyed her money poon!

  19. I feel sorry for the man who marrys that prude. I wish the husband would comment on how he dumped her because you know it's not gonna last.

  20. 'In Australia hide and seek is called 44 homes'…….. WTF im Australian and its 'hide and seek' we remove the 'go'. I have never heard of 44 homes untill now.
    This has to be a joke.

  21. Murr : it's bride and go seek
    Q : heyy alright
    Joe : nicee man
    Murr : I came to play
    Sal : don't encourage him
    Joe : Puntastic
    Me : dead lol 😆😆😆

  22. Woah! One of the tips said in Australia that Hide and Seek is called 44 Homes… Hide and Seek and 44 Homes are Totally Different!

  23. I think that first woman was sort of rude in the beginning addressing Sal but she must not be that bad. She did approve of them to use her footage for the show after all!

  24. Actually I'm Australian and we call hide and go seek ' hide and seek ' but there is a different game called 44 home base where the seeker stays at the base and the hiders try to touch the base with out being seen

  25. If anyone’s reading the yellow notes on the video let me clarify that as an Australian we do not call “hide and go seek” “44 homes” we call it “hide and seek” like normal people wth

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