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But anyway what I have on the show tonight is the ghost of Ronald Reagan and ghosts Actually, if you’re doing the talk show if you’re doing a podcast ghosts tend to be free a lot of times They’re not wanted so ghosts, you know, even if they were famous in life It’s like people don’t want them around and so they’re usually pretty willing to appear on podcast. So here is everybody Let’s give it up for the ghost of Ronald Wilson Reagan Okay Hello my fellow Americans This is your former President Ronald Wilson Reagan, and it’s a pleasure to be here It’s a pleasure to be anywhere given given my condition of late So thank you for having me on the show Well, thank you very much for being here. Mr. President So I guess this is an initial question There’s a lot of talk about the afterlife a lot of religions and philosophies that kind of get built up around What is after this life, you know is this everything there is well, obviously not if you’re here talking to me As a ghost so there must be something so I just wonder what is it? Where did you end up? Did you go to heaven hell purgatory? And I wound up in limbo Piers did limbo was where I was last several years of my life You know and even during my presidency. So, uh I’m in limbo. I’m not sure what’s going on Anyway, but it’s good to be here. That’s for sure Mr. President what was the proudest achievement of your presidency? You know? Yeah I mean there’s a lot of things that you did during your presidency. There was you signed Martin Luther King jr. Day into Into law, you know created a federal holiday for Reverend. Dr. King. That’s something that a lot of people maybe forget You were also are credited with playing a key role in the United States winning the Cold War with the Soviet Union Out spending the Soviets on defense and just your foreign policy All that good stuff. You know, what would you say your proudest achievement of your residency is Well, uh, that’s a good question whether I believe is my proudest Achievement. My legacy really is is that I paved the way for any actor any television or film personality to become president of the United States Because really actors are great candidates for the job because you already know how to read a script so, uh you just get the script from the powers that be and you just read it to the American people and you smile real big and Everybody loves it and they clap for you and they laugh at your jokes. And uh And and everybody’s happy. It’s uh, it’s kind of like If the United States had a king, you know Like the way the British do with the royalty where they’re really just popular figureheads. They just You know appear before the cameras They do a lot of photo ops and they say a lot of things that get quoted in the press But they really don’t govern they really don’t do much of anything. And so uh Meanwhile, the real business of governing is handed by those in at the top of the society in Great Britain. Those who own the candidates in Parliament and So other so I believe the presidency is much like that it doesn’t really do much of anything, but it is a very symbolically important Office and I was pleased to play the role of American president I like that better than any of the other roles that I played and I believe that I’m Breaking down that glass ceiling. I paved a way for people such as prison and Trump to become president basically – my understanding was a reality TV star and That’s how he became. The president of the United had not been for me. He would not have been our president today Well, that is probably very true and an interesting perspective Let me ask you another question you were Reputed to have as I guess governor of caliph. You said that ketchup was a vegetable Has something to do with the school lunch program, maybe the kids needed to have a meat dairy Grain Fruit and a vegetable and so Or maybe two vegetables. Anyway, I think it was two veg today I can’t recall at this point but it was like basically you said that a cheeseburger satisfied all those requirements because I had the bun for the the grain the burger or fake burger meat for the meat and the cheese for the dairy and the pickle and The ketchup for the vegetables and I’ve heard this story actually I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it sounds good And I’ve heard it from both a supporter of yours and somebody who didn’t like you So I figured well, maybe there’s some truth to it. So I wanted to ask you mr. President Did you really say that ketchup is a vegetable and do you really think that that ketchup is a vegetable? Well, let’s not kid ourselves Nothing that is served in schools is a vegetable It’s if you had to play 20 questions with it, I believe it would fall not under the animal and not under the vegetable but under the mineral category If you remember your days eating a school lunch and most of it I believe was made out of the same plastic Material that the lunch trays were made out of so it really didn’t matter It was a question of a budget and we could save money by giving the children one plastic Cheeseburger instead of a plastic cheeseburger and rubber green beans or something like that. So what I did was I classified Ketchup as a vegetable and and dance. That is true. That’s a true story. So there you have it folks Ketchup is a vegetable I mean I see something else mr. President you you were known for telling a lot of jokes for Having well quite a presence on stage and you know interacting with the audience having I don’t know what you call it You almost could have been a comedian or maybe work meaning at some point. But anyway, you you told a lot of jokes I was just wondering if you had any jokes you would like to tell about the way the world today the current situation Any jokes that you’d like to tell well, that’s funny. You should ask there was a joke that I used to tell when I was president and it it was about a Soviet citizen and an American citizen and I believe it can be repurposed to fit the current situation Between the United States and the People’s Republic of China now there were two people a Chinese citizen and an American citizen and they were arguing about which of their countries was the best and the American citizen said My country is the best because we’re free I can stand on any street corner in America and hold up a sign saying I hate the President Trump He should be impeached and the Chinese Citizens said well, that’s nothing we can do the exact same thing well I can stand on any street corner in China I want and I can also hold a sign that says I hate President Trump and he should be impeached So I also have another joke that I like to tell about North Korea, it used to be a joke that I would tell about the Soviet Union or the Soviet bloc in East Germany But now I could I believe it fits North Korea pretty well. So a North Korean Man was calling about scheduling a delivery date for his a new refrigerator and the man at the Store said well, well, as you know, it’s a its ten-year backlog on any new appliances, so Let’s see. Today is July 28th 2019 I can schedule you for your new delivery of your refrigerator Any time after? August 1st 2029 well would August 1st 2029 work for you for us to deliver your new refrigerator And the North Korean man said is that going to be the morning or the afternoon? And the the delivery man said well what difference does that make? It’s ten years from now Why why do you need to know if it’s going to be the morning or the afternoon? And the North Korean man said well the problem is I got the electrician coming that morning So that may give you an idea about how backwards their economy is Well, that’s pretty good. Mr. President. I’m sorry for both jokes that uh, I didn’t have a laugh track I’m gonna put one together to make this cop podcast a little better But uh, you know, both of those jokes certainly we’re deserving of a good hearty laugh from a laugh track So thank you very much. Mr. President for being on. Thank you very much for having me. Thank you again for being on. Mr President it’s a pleasure to have you and you wish you the best on you know, whatever your journeys through limbo Hopefully you make it up to heaven eventually Well, I hope so too. You you have a great day into my fellow Americans god bless you and God bless the United States of America Thank You, mr. President, thank you All right, folks. Well that does it for this edition of the podcast Hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back again next week with even more crazy comedy humor and satire So I’m still kind of fine in my my niche You know or my rhythm or whatever you you will so I’m gonna try to get some more just on here Hopefully there will be some a-list celebrities As I said when I hear back from Jerry Seinfeld, I’m gonna get him on well everybody Have a great week and don’t forget to visit my website visit

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