Ishqiya Episode 2 | 10th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Hi, my name is Hamza Are you done? It happened four years ago. I named it love Listen, hold on to this boredom for a while longer.
I will come with a solution soon Both your daughters are very nice. But we wish to make Hamna our daughter in law You have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow Yes, please keep this file One second Why have you kept it here? If Hamna or Roomy find it what explanation will I give to them? How long are you going to continue hiding it?
You will have to tell them sooner or later Have you seen their smiles? It is the only cure I have for this illness If I take that away as well, I might die much sooner For God’s sake, please don’t say such things.
Besides, your reports are showing improvement Yes, improvement is there.
But my liver is continuously shrinking I will have to get a transplant if the medicines don’t work We can’t afford that What are you doing? If you continue doing like this then I’ll feel sorry that why did I even tell you about it You are so brave Only God knows, how I’ve controlled myself for the last six months Just pray to God and keep faith in God.
God will make things easier I hope so In fact, God has already solved half of our worries. Otherwise, I was more worried about Hamna and Roomy’s future then I was because of this illness Thank God we now have hope for Hamna’s future I just pray to God that he gives me enough time in this world to fulfill my responsibilities with Roomy as well I hope so Roomy? What happened?
Why are you crying? Oh what happened? What happened? First put down the cigar then we’ll play You are such a show off You are sitting here playing cards with her,
do you want the marriage or not? What are you saying? I’m perfectly happy with you, why would I want to get married? I’m talking about Zoya Even I don’t want to get married.
I’m very happy with both of you What’s wrong with the both of you?
You both will make me go crazy You don’t take anything I say seriously, and that Hamza isn’t giving me any response about Alishba’s matter And the way you’re raising her, no one is going to like her, I’m telling you If you want, I can help you I have a news What news? Drum roll please? Okay wait a minute Thank you, Hamza is in love Really? Yes Poor girl I know Has Hamza told you himself? No, but I’m sure he’s in love Some times he’s walking in the garden with him phone in his hand. Sometimes he’s sitting at the pool side replying to messages. And Father, sometimes he’s talking on the phone for hours inside his room All these are symptoms of love Yes, right Don’t be silly, where is the girl? On the other side of the phone mother. You should pray it’s a girl otherwise this could be a very big problem Oh, she’s got a point. You should keep an eye on the boy.
He could go astray I will not let anything of that sort to happen. I have already talked to Khawar about Alishba.
Hamza will have to do as I say Doctor Know, what do you think? I think Alishba is about to become the cause of a very big dispute Really? Yes, I don’t like her What could be more selfless Hamna? A person who has been enduring so much pain for so long and still making so much effort day and night Not for himself, but for us He did not even show us what he is going through so that we continue smiling Nothing can be more selfless then this I can not lose him Nothing is going to happen This is the first time I’m feeling sorry that I’m not a son If I was a son he might have shared it with me He would have share his pain with me I’ve never felt this much helpless before I’ve decided that I will talk to Mr. Siddiqui about this. He is not the only one who has the right to express love If he can do so much for us then can’t we do anything for him? Even I will cross any limit for him He didn’t even tell us, that’s not fair Is everything okay dear?
You did not even greet me? Father you have done very wrong with us What did I do dear? Enough father, you’ve betrayed us. You’ve distanced yourself from us when you needed us the most No my dear, I did not do anything of that sort If you can’t tell the truth then please remain quiet, at least let us vent out our anger We have given you alot of pain by being a guest in this house. What? Father, we know about your sickness. Your anger is legit, my child but I didn’t want to stress you all. Father, you think that it is only you who can be worried about us? He thinks we aren’t capable of it. After all we are girls. We should get married and leave, right? You didn’t give us any right on your worries Fine! It was my mistake.
Forgive me. You can fight with me. You can complain or show anger but don’t give pain to yourself. You know that I have one weakness I can not see tears in your eyes. Father, make a promise that now you will not hide anything from us about this. I will not hide anything, my child. Shall I write it on a stamp paper for you that I won’t hide anything? I’m bringing breakfast.
Do it before you go. She’ll be fine.
You sit. Hey?
What is it? One second. Why are you back so early today? What is this my child?
Where is your mother? She has gone to neighbor’s house. Will you tell me what are you finding? I’m finding your file. Because you will not tell anything and God knows which doctor you are seeing. Take out your file and give it to me. Give it to me otherwise I swear I’ll create mess in this house. Take it out. I don’t know. My child, you should have asked me before.
Why are you being so worried? Take it out and give it to me quickly. Take it my child. Thank you! What will you understand? It’s okay. I’ll look for it on Google.
You chill. I came to tell the good news.
Anyways, you read the file. What good news?
Have you resigned? I have accepted Hamna’s proposal. Is this how you tell good news, father? You should have brought 1 or 2 kg sweet at least. You know nothing. I’ll go and bring it. No! no. I’m just joking.
I was fooling around. You are very naughty. Let me go and surprise madam.
Okay? Give me my file back at least. I’ll give it back to you after reading it. This is nice. Hey listen, take this one with you. It’s not nice.
Leave this one for me. Okay? What are you doing? What? Think this room will be so spacious. And I will throw this old table and replace it with a swing. Light will directly come on it.
How much fun would it be. Right? And I will join these two beds and will sleep comfortably. Okay? I will have a lot of fun. You have gone mad. Excuse me? Did you say something? I will also change these curtains.
I never liked them. What bullshit are you saying? Bullshit? I’m not talking bullshit. Your time is over in this room in fact in this whole house. What do you mean?
What are you trying to say? I’m trying to say that father has accepted proposal for you. Be happy. Will you have sweet? Let me bring it for you.
All these clothes are mine. Hello? First of all thank you for calling me after 24 hours and making me realize that I’m not your priority. Hamza! Hello? Hamna, are you fine?
Are you fine? Why are you crying? Hello? Where are you Hamna? I’m coming.
Is your father well? No! No! Please Hamza no. Hamna! Hamna! Hamna! Please relax.
Calm down. Calm down. Hamna, if anyone has said to you anything
then I swear I won’t leave him. Hamza, I? I … Hamza say something.
Why are you crying? I’ll talk to you later. Hello?
Hello? Why did you say yes on call in a dry way? Madam, what is dry in it? Kashif called. He asked me what have we thought so I said ‘yes’. Do you have anything else to say? No! No! I meant to say that you should have taken time from him. We would have gone to their place and say yes. And from Hamna also … What do you think Hamna would have objection on my decision? No! These is nothing like that.
I was just … Enough! You know it very well that I am not fond of these baseless norms of this world. I know Kashif since many years. There is no use of wasting time in useless things. As far as Hamna is concerned, we, father and daughter, have such relation that if she has an objection, she would tell me. Fine! Then what do you think what should be done next? What to think in it? Both families will sit together and decide what to do. In fact, lets do one thing. Lets go to their place in a day or two.
Okay? Okay! My child, your mother has put me in confusion. I have satisfied her but I’m here with you to satisfy myself. What confusion father? That my daughter has faith in me that I can not take a wrong decision for her. Now you must be thinking that why am I asking this question? All I know is that I have no doubt on my decision.
You will have no pain in that house. You will get all the happiness and respect that you deserve. All I want to know is if my faith is one sided or not? Does my daughter think I’m capable of it or not? Why did you create this drama? How dare he touch? Will you hit? I’ll kill him. Nothing is more important for me than your dignity and trust. Stay happy my child. Wow! Wow! Bravo! Bravo!
Hey, it’s proven from DNA that you are my own child. DNA? Yes! You sing as bad as I do.
What more proof is needed than this? Have you ever fallen in love? Man.
I used to fall in love daily in your age. I’m talking about love. What kind of love are you talking about? The one in which you feel anxious. You can’t wait and you want other person to love you back. It is such a strange love in which you are talking about taking not giving. Anyways leave it. Who is it? There is someone. There is someone who keeps me away from her and doesn’t let me come close. Or may be she is testing me. Good! Do fall in love. Do it openly but never imprison it. Always let it fly in open air.
Okay? How dare he touch you? Why are you creating a drama? How dare he touch? Will you hit him? I will kill him. Hey?
Why are you awake? I’m not sleepy. A person is usually sleepy but to stay awake there must be some reason. Why are you arguing? I understood.
Are you having anxiety because of proposal. I’m not understanding anything. I don’t know him. I haven’t seem him properly. What would be his temperament.
Either we have same habits or not. I don’t know anything. Hmm.. So that’s the problem. Hey, chill. What will you get by taking tension? Also, Mr. Siddique has taken this decision after thinking a lot. He wouldn’t get you married to anyone. And God forbid, if anything wrong happens then we are standing with you. Then? Don’t take tension. Everything will be fine. I’m going to offer prayer.
I will talk to Him. I’m a pious woman. This is why He listens to me.
You also offer prayer. How have you come here? like this.
Tell me how’s your father? Hello? Don’t you work in office and picks up anyone’s phone? Who is this speaking? Romaisa Siddique also knows as Rumi. Romaisa? There’s going to be a proper way. Haven’t you recognized your to-be sister-in-law? Oh! Rumi?
How are you? I’m absolutely fine but if you want to stay fine then come at home in the evening. Why? Mr. Siddique has called you. He wants to meet you.
Do come at 6:00 p.m. in the evening. Umm .. Rumi? We came to know about his sickness suddenly.
I don’t understand what to do … We will take appointment of best doctor and will take him for check up. It isn’t this easy Hamza. Why isn’t it? What will you say to him? Who are you?
His daughter’s boyfriend? Is that it? Fine! I’ll solve this problem today.
Okay? Whom are you calling? Father! I’ll ask him to take proposal to your house.
At least I will be capable of introducing myself. Hamza please, it’s not a joke for me. It isn’t either for me, Hamna. In fact, I’m doing it to remove the tears that you have in your eyes and I swear if someone else was the reason of it then I would have burnt everything. There is no one more helpless than if me I’m with you and still unable to help you, Hamna. I just want to help you. You want to help me? So what do you think? Then give me some time please.

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