‘It’s always J-Hope!’: Halsey on which BTS member makes fun of her the most and new song ‘Nightmare’

Holsey it’s so nice to speak to you guys
I am like truly obsessed with your new song and I’m not just saying there’s
like stroke there you go it’s on my gym playlist and my shower playlist a good
gym sock so it’s like the song that I like get pumped to but also the one that
I’d like whined down to weirdly interesting on all points of the day
thank you it’s such a good like cathartic yeah yeah because they feel
that way to sing totally it was definitely very I mean there’s a lot to
unpack there you know I mean there’s a lot back in that record and like I think
it can be very difficult as a songwriter to find ways to get messages like that
across and like a concise way yeah I was kind of thinking like how can i
summarize a lot of these experiences without like invalidating the nuances in
them I don’t know that sounds like the way I’m explaining that sounds very
pretentious but what I mean basically is like I wanted to make a song every woman
could really like I don’t see the video it’s like the perfect companion to that
oh so fun to it it looks like the most fun so fun it took us two days female
director female editor all-female cast female Commissioner female production
design style is everything it was like they were like palsy how many women do
you want in this video and I was like yes I think sometimes it can be hard
representation is something anyone can do any kind of artist can do but it
really does take it take until you’re at like a really like a different level
where you can make demands and make choices where you can say you know I
want plus-sized women I want skinny women I want disabled
women I want like you know women of all different races all different abilities
all different sexualities like I want all different ages there was like the
mosh pit scene there’s like I think a couple at 40 50 year-old women just
throwing down and there I was like yeah a punk has no age dude like yeah it was
super super cool but you know I mean I’m in a position of privilege to be able to
do that yeah because you know I can say I want a female guitarist and they’re
like oh well the female guitarist is gonna cost us more we don’t have it in
the Michael then I’ll pay for it yeah cuz
it’s important to me but something like artists that are just starting out don’t
always have that ability and that’s what I think a lot of people don’t understand
you know like it takes a while to build to build to that privilege where you can
make those choices and like take that responsibility yeah it’s great that
you’re doing that Thanks you have so many like different cool oh my gosh
video do you have a favorite because yes fans which one my favorite was you know
I think it was interesting for me because I think some people think of me
as like a very like sexual artist yeah you know what I mean like very like not
provocative but you know cuz I’m just like I kind of just draw Taiwan say what
I want and whatever but I’ve never really done like a sexy video yeah you
know what I don’t even think I’ve not really done like a sexy video when I was
in like a sexy outfit and being sexy and so I was kind of like if I’m gonna do it
I want to do it in the like in the video where it’s like I’m taking ownership of
it you know yeah where it’s not like an objectification kind of thing yeah where
it’s more like a celebration thing so getting to be in the latex was so fun
for me because I never do stuff like that
yeah you know I’ve never like I don’t know I’ve just never been like I want to
do a music video where my little glass box full of mirrors and wearing a fetish
off how long after you put on the outfit that you like this is so hot this is
sorry Wyatt I’m gonna have to get cut out of the three minutes and I had to
wear it for probably two hours and I was dancing and singing and like it was very
hard I have so much respect for people whose job yeah uniform requires latex
that was tough man can we talk about insight in here that you’ve had because
I feel like every time I go on Twitter it’s like holes he breaks another record
on the hot 100 and everything yeah I feel like a lot of the records are like
made up something it would be like Halsey is the longest-running artists
with red hair to ever have a single and I’m like you made that up like me but in
your dong date you can be like yeah yeah yeah
you have one feelin batter myself like I’m the longest running artist with red
hair I don’t know if you know that I don’t know if you guys know no it’s it’s
really it’s really crazy the reason it means a lot to me is because it means my
audience is getting bigger mm-hm that’s all I can really ever hope
for as a musician is to have more people connecting with what I’m saying yeah you
know it’s less about like wanting to prove something
you’re like feeling competitive or like anything like that for me it’s more like
representing how much my fan bases has grown mm-hmm and what they’re capable of
and that’s what’s really special to me about it is like less it’s less about
the actual record and like yeah find it also about longevity yeah I think it’s
nice when you find out that people didn’t get sick your song right away
yeah it’s you feel pretty good about it you’re like God they still want to hear
it I did okay here’s the listening to it and I can’t you know say last time I
talked to you I asked you if you’re gonna teach me this line knowing it up
yeah I am a fan of you I’m really so I heard on the grapevine that you did do a
collaboration with BTS this is heard about said radar you know sometimes I
think the biggest the most interesting for me was realizing how much of a
crossover family’s we already had to begin with
you really did icing which was really that strange to me because I was like
but it also made sense the more I got into it because for all the same reasons
that I love them all the same reasons that you know my our fans like both of
us which is like I think that M for myself and for BTS people let’s try to
make like interesting art that’s made of layers there’s like Easter eggs there’s
things to be discovered like there’s ways to apply to yourself and your
friend will apply to themself differently you know like impressive
like stage and live performances that like really create a mood and also being
like human and like personal personable because for a group that is such
larger-than-life that it can be so easy to like dehumanize them yeah they were
they do a good job of keeping themselves like really like just natural and humble
like I’m like it made sense once I saw that I was like aw we’re really not that
different yeah you know I’m like still kind of realizing like what what we’ve
managed to do because it’s um it’s such a lucky thing I feel really lucky that
we managed to put this thing together and that it worked for us personally
yeah because it made sense on paper it was like okay cool but we did it because
we wanted to because you have friends you know and like every single time we
hang out we spend time together we have a good great performance or like we just
like a great time just like hanging out and
like I leave them and I miss them in my heart I don’t feel like I’m walking away
from like a lighter like a job booking my heart and miss them
yeah and like I want to see how they’re doing and check up on them it’s like
that’s where I’m saying it hasn’t really sunk in yet where it’s like this could
have gone so many different ways and how lucky for me to have you know made a
record with people who are not gonna be my friends for the rest of my life yeah
you know cuz it does noise happen away yeah it doesn’t send a message new songs
of people and it’s cool in the arts good but you don’t feel safe we gotta check
out and you’re like okay yeah you around maybe
yeah and I feel I’ve very feel very firmly that I’ve made friends for life
yes I’m finally I just want to commend you on the dancing in the video no but
seriously I last night finished a boy with love dance class
oh dude so I do actually know the whole dance you do I was so sweaty like
literally it’s so hard it’s really heavy I kinda I kind of want to make you do it
I’m not gonna do it on camera the hardest one is that the dot bit oh
that part don’t even get me started the hardest part actually is there’s
like like this like shoulder move that you’re supposed to do and so I learned a
choreography in America yeah before I went to create a filmer video so I
learned it from someone else to someone it was taught to someone who taught it
to someone who taught it to me so I was doing this a game of like telephone
choreography and how at some point the person who taught it to me taught it to
me with like this elbow so we’re walking to the guys are like like that but the
person who taught it to me taught it to me like this that’s what I’ve learned
yeah that’s not it yeah well so you do a different foot than you think you’re
gonna do with that fit as well I’m always like yeah it’s real it’s it’s
it’s it’s that fit this foot in this arm yeah yeah but I will say they have
absolutely no shame about making fun of me for because every time we do it
there’s always I mean it’s it’s always the same it’s always always Jo Jo he’s
like my best on snap jo Jong Kook in LA and I mean Jimmy doesn’t really make fun
of me so much anymore but like they’re always the two of a corner who are like
I don’t think I can see you I’ve never really wanted me
doing the best I can okay like whatever and then when we did the VMAs together
and they saw I did this a contemporary style like dance performance with this
amazing dancer named Jade from the states and we did this like crazy
contemporary dance and like I remember seeing them outdoors and I was like yeah
what’d you go do that you see you guys go do what I just did
and they were like whoa what I think yeah cuz I can’t do cool hip-hop dancing
doesn’t mean that I suck so this is a bit of a bit of a discourse if I’ve got
your own thing that’s might work yin and yang well congratulations on
nightmare lucky with love and patience I’m just killing it thank you
transitions are learning the choreo thank you I’m actually quite proud –
rhythm like it’s a joke out it’s the musicality of that song is very
difficult it is like I’ve had professional dancers tell me that the
musicality that choreography I sorted I stupidly thought it would be easy and
hmm just riffing yeah thank you

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