“Jamaicans” | Russell Peters

>>Russell Peters: I grew up around black people, you don’t scare me. [Laughter] I grew up around Jamaicans, man. Jamaicans are hard people to grow up around. Any Jamaicans here tonight? [Cheering] They’re like, the most passive Jamaicans ever. They’re like, [Monotone voice] “Uh, bo bo lick shot.” [Laughter] [Monotone voice] “I, man a bredren, is a Jamaican.” [Laughter] Quietest Jamaicans in the world, there. Jamaicans are hard people to grow up around. Do you know why? ‘Cause when I was growing up around Jamaicans, if you would hang around Jamaican people long enough, you feel the need to want to be Jamaican. They just look so cool! Everything about them is cool. When I was a kid, I was like – I wanted to be Jamaican so bad, I started dressing like a Jamaican, I started wearing a little red, yellow, and green belt, and– I started talking like a Jamaican, I started listening to Reggae music, I started– having kids I didn’t know about, I did EVERYTHING– [Laughter] that I possibly could. [Laughter continues] But you know what the shitty thing is? A Jamaican will never act like you. You’re never gonna see Jamaican guy, that grew up around a bunch of Indian guys, walking around going, [Indian accent] “Hey baby, wh’appening? Wh’appening? [Laughter] It’s not gonna happen, you know? I felt bad, for my dad, ’cause he tried fitting in with my Jamaican friends, when I was growing up. You don’t ever want a man, from India– trying to speak like a Jamaican, at any point, during his life. [Laughter] My friends would be in the living room, and my dad would walk in– [Indian accent] “Ok, come on Marlon, move your bumboclaat, and go home!” [Laughter] My dad thought punani was a tropical fruit! [Laughter and Clapping] It is, if you think about it. [Laughter] For the older white folks, that look confused right now– [Laughter] punani is the Jamaican word for a woman’s– [Russell whistles] [Laughter] You know what I’m sayin’? [Laughter and Clapping] For her “pum pum.” [Laughter] My dad thought it was a tropical fruit. [Laughter] One time, when I was a kid, I was sick, and messing around with my dad. He came in, and he goes, [Indian accent] “Oh my God, son, you’re sick? What can I get you?” I go, “Dad– I love punani.” [Laughter] My dad went to the Jamaican store! [Laughter] [Indian accent] “Hey lady, where’s your punani?” [Laughter and Applause] [Indian accent] “My son is at home sick. He needs punani, right now!” [Laughter and applause continues] [Indian accent] “Give me two!” [Laughter and applause continues] [Indian accent] “Is it ripe? Let me squeeze it.” [Laughter and Appluase] [Indian accent] “No no, no seeds.” [Laughter and Applause] ♪♪

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  1. This guy is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂
    I never get tired of all his Indian accent jokes.
    Wh'appening, wh'appening!?

  2. Was at a swap meet in Florida once, and there was a Jamaican guy selling coconuts. He was hollering at some white chick with a huge ass to come see him, saying in his accent “Hey, girl! Come here! I got something special just for you!” She ask him what it was… He giggled and shouted back, “Coconut jelly!”

    I face palmed.

  3. People who commente in this section, plz stop appreciating this clown for abusing other country and making fun of there culture. When he talks about India he talk Lott about our accent and our lifestyle but he forgets his origin of birth. My country has Lott of advantages and still humanity left in us when compared to where this fool bought up and place where racism is still active sport. When he can't respect his own nation, how do you expect him to respect his surroundings. Person filled with bad intentions of bullying others.

  4. Indian man will leave their kids and another country quick than a motherfuker I grew up with a lot of Indian people

  5. Lol this is hilarious having kids they don't know about not sure about that Jamaicans Love their kid's even if they have eight.lol them kill you now fi them pitny

  6. Bum bo clot this can never be boring 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇯🇲🙏🏼🇺🇸💯Love punaani bad 💯

  7. he is the most racist Indian i ever seen in my life. Every show he does is about race and plus he is the ugliest Indian i ever seen lol

  8. I think this guy always chooses to a multicultural country to crack jokes. That's why which ever nationality he calls for always makes noise

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