100 Replies to “James Corden Discovers Swedish “Carpool Karaoke” Song”

  1. If against the unlikely James Corden reads this, check out Nanne Grönvall's answer:
    You may need to translate the text into English, but you did so well with the lyrics that it shouldn't be a problem.

  2. James, I wanna…damn…do something with you one day. I just LOVE LOVE your comicity,..Is that a word? Oh fuck. If I ever get big, I'll have my agent call you…

  3. In Eurovision UK had very common songs in last years, not having any special thing so that stand out. That's why they didn't do very well, not because of the brexit.

  4. In case if you didn't know this, Nanne Grönvall's husband, Peter Grönvall, happens to be the son of ABBA-pianist Benny Andersson.


  5. Am I the only one who wanted James to show them 'Toy' by that Israel singer and only then tell them that it won. >.<

  6. The Eurovision is not about The best song it's abot The best singer.
    But tbh it would be better to make it The best song then Sweden would atleast be Number 1.
    Because most songs are written by us "The stupid blond People" well atcually i have brow hair but it dosent matter have a good Day.

  7. This is amazing.. just one thing.. nobody in Sweden knows dafuq "Swedish Fish" is. I think they're officially called "Pastellfiskar" (lit. Pastel Fishes) over here and while they're quite common nobody in the bulk candy part of most stores they're not really something we pay much mind over here

  8. ♒⛲🈴👕👖💸💸🎿🛶🎯🏆 Baserat på kärlek ensam. Gud sände sin son Jesus Kristus att dö i vårt ställe. Sedan den tredje dagen honom från de döda.

    Men nu Jesus Kristus ensam. Gud har gett oss den fria gåva av evigt liv. Han kommer att spara och läka dig, om du frågar honom. (titta upp mot himlen och fråga honom))


  9. Please do make this happen, Nanne is literally the most delightful human being on earth, not going through with this would be a travesty

  10. James you need to have her on just so she can say she sang Carpool Karaoke with you!! Like so he will see!

  11. Imma just be honest tho, if Nanne got in, she might have stole the show from my personal favourite singers who won… And no, I'm not saying that Montaigne is my favourite because she is Australian and I am Aussie. But Nanne did write one of the best songs to ever be performed in the history of music ever, I have you know.

  12. I hope James reacts to Nanne's reply to his invitation to sing together (even though this particular song was more of a gag than anything, Nanne is actually a well established and renowned artist in Sweden that has been around since the 80:s and has had a very succesfull career in Sweden).

  13. I’m hoping that she is able to come on carpool karaoke with Corden! That would make for a funny video!

  14. Best song ever. Agreed. 🤣🤣🤣

    (I didn’t watch the semifinals, I normally only watch the finals, but honestly I’m not that surprised)

  15. Man, Nanne and James Corden singing "Carpool Karaoke" on a Carpool Karaoke segment would get super meta…

  16. So great! Can’t believe U didn’t make the ABBA connection though. Nanne is married to Benny Andersson’s son and ABBAs big breakthrough was in Eurovision 🇸🇪

  17. I'm from Sweden so when she sang that I actually had a fangirl moment I'm not gonna hide it, I was watching with my friend and I was like "OMG SHE'S SINGING ABOUT CARPOOL KARAOKE AND SHE MENTIONED JAMES CORDEN " and she was like "wtf is wrong with you"

  18. I was watching Melodifestivalen (I’m swedish) and then when I saw you I was like..

    oMg mOmMmM iTs jAmEs!! rEmEmBeR wHeN i sHoWeD u hIm wItH bTsSsSsS

  19. James "so there's this place called Europe" Americans scratches their head "America?" James "no, Europe" Confused Americans "Eumerica"? James "forget it.."

  20. Nanne Grönvall (as part of a group called One More Time) competed for Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest in 1996 with a beautiful song called "Den Vilda". They came in 3rd place, so if James has actually watched Eurovision his whole life, he must have heard it at some point. Search on YouTube. It's so beautiful.

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