Japan Vs India | Stand-up Comedy by Ravi Gupta

Have you seen Japanese porn? Did you notice one thing, they blur hain?laughter So this one thing we notice that they blur but I don’t know what is the reason first thing is that you are blurring then you showing porn, you blurring Bastard what do you really want, should we watch this with our family? Few days ago I read a news It was saying that Japan would be devastated in 200 years yes it has a reason to it People there are not having sex anymore yes, they are so busy in their work, career,future, ambition that they are not doing it. After that I started to mull about India See Japan is a country where people are not doing And look at India, just see any newspaper half the paper is filled with advertisements of Japanese oil (aphrodisiac) Bro, we are tharki (lecher/ pervert hindi slang) from beginining Tharakpan (perversion) is in our blood there is a reason behind it my friend We have made Khajuraho We have written Kamasutra Even recent times if you talk of, Sunny Leone is from Punjab There is no surprise if tomorrow’s news is that Sasha Gray hails from Jharkhand like..there must be a reason, that in India marriages are mostly happening in winters meaning the chap (launda-derogatory for a boy) who has worn out his parents by repeatedly saying I don’t want to get married As soon as winter arrives he says now get it done Please fix my marriage now and see let me state a fact that regardless of how bad our mood is we are in ‘mood’ always like, a chap (banda-urdu) arrives home from office frustrated he says- today Singhania humiliated me in front of everyone and kicked me out wifey come here wife has lentils cooking she knows this is harami’s (bastard) everyday job If I go once inside, lentils would burn for sure while she is providing food to householders banda (chap) is messaging Is this why I married you After providing food to all household once she reaches inside Banda (chap) is already sitting with handcuffs on He says ‘Listen’ You are jailer I’m prisoner, punish me hunter (whip) is kept in almirah (rack) You know which is the worst day… when husband arrives late from office wife is asleep he can’t understand what he should do now he is seeing curtains/ he seeing TV after unable to comprehend anything (confused state) he returns ‘listen’ Excuse me Wife says ‘what is it” (irritated mood), please see if something is possible (little much) (husband) So here (India) These are the things present (happening) like we keep on doing Its not happening in Japan, In Japan they are working they getting in mood after 6 months okay fine do it there is one thing in Japan that if they are doing this thing They prefer Doggy style Yes This allows them space to keep laptops We are incorrigible (no hope in future)

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  2. Ravi bhai… awesome video… Even I have shared this video in a lot of groups.. kai baar to logo ko baitha ke dikhaya hai ye video..

    Aweosme.. "ham kitne bhi kharaab mood mein kyu na ho ham mood mein hote hain… "😂😂😂👌🏻

    I have watched this video more than 20 times 👍🏻👍🏻

    Keep uploading more videos.. more frequently.. 🤘🏻😁

  3. Just watch bhagwant mann, gurpreet ghugii.. Bhotu shah nd mny more punjbi comedian bcz thy use pure neat nd clean comedy ndu cn enjy with ur familyyy without hesitation

  4. bhai baki comedians ki video dekh kr mai muskurata hun or teri video dekhti time kutton ki tarha hasi aati hai

  5. Bhai..ye comedy ni h…ye h mazzak jispe chutiye khush h… U could have done something better ….u got excellent sense of humour…

  6. Who the hell is that girl..? She knows she is being focused by the camera.. She is there purposely i guess..

  7. Saf suthre shabdo me to hasya ho hi nahi sakta jitane bhi comedy dekhata hu fuhadata jarroor hoti hai kya ab ke dour me ye namumkin hai?

  8. Jo is show me ladkiya baithi h vo sab bahot hi bigdi hui h varna aise kaam koi shareef ladki kabhi nahi karegi hair mardo ke samne aise bate sun rahi h

  9. हम कितने भी खराब मूड में हो लेकिन हम मूड में रहते है 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌 बहुत सही भाइ

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