Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson DRAMA Behind the Scenes of Beauty Series??

Shane dawson is releasing his nine part series with jeffrey star and the beauty community is responding From reach TV studios in hollywood. You’re watching. What’s trending? I’m Shira Lazar Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily Shane Dawson has been working on his second series with Jeffrey star all year as they create a makeup palette from start to finish And during the filming of the series a lot of drama shook the beauty community including James Charles Tati Westbrook Jeffrey star himself Nikita Dragan and more and it looks like Shayne intends to talk about it all But in general the beauty community has stayed pretty quiet this week Except for Nikita dragon who was involved in the Tati and jeans feud that broke the Internet but how exactly did Nikita dragon play into drama get in and Drama get in 2.0. That’s a lot of drama Well Nikita has been in the beauty game since 2013 as she documented her transition and she continues to advocate for trans rights from being in the space Nikita made friends with James Charles, Gabrielle Zamora Nanny MUA Laura Lee and others and was featured in the photo that spurred the first major divide in the beauty community between Jeffrey star and pretty much everyone else Almost a year later talk to you uploaded a shocking video about James Charles which further divided the community But while all the drama was going down Nikita stayed by James Charles’s side see the pictures but I did see these messages going about you know when your friend is like on their phone in there just like It was one of those moments I’m like, okay Wow James is really into this yeah, it was a reciprocated thing to say that period however It looks like since the drama has settled down Nikita also left the James Charles camp what she seems to have confirmed on bill defranco’s podcast Referring to James as her quote friend at the time. She told Phil I don’t know Shane that personally but I know he has a good heart He’s a good person and I hope it’s not something that’s going to further something. That’s at some point been resolved But as the series is starting to roll out. It seems like some new drama might be brewing between Jeffrey and Nikita. That’s right Apparently Jeffrey got a PR box that he was not happy about and many people think it’s Nikita’s Since she is opening up her own beauty pop-up store and is pushing out new products. I’m standing by in the house. No No, baby, I’m a citizen. I’m my girl if You’re a brand or you’re a brand owner and you haven’t spoken to me at all this year. I’m talking zero words Please don’t send me your makeup girl Why? Don’t support me, but you want me number one Beauty reviewer to support you to help hopefully pay for your rent But you gotta admit these days. The rent is too high and we are in a housing crisis Oh Jeffrey also revealed that there are some people behind the scenes trying to mess with him and shame The beauty community is so funny. And there’s also people behind the scenes right now really trying me and Shane and I my girl Go worry about your own raise your own hopes your own aspirations because all we’re doing is for the next few hours Well people who are featured in this might take things of it personally. It seems like Shane is doing his due diligence Now that he’s doing these docks more and more. I mean, he’s probably putting things through the lawyers covering his ass Because he wants to make sure he’s not sued or liable for anything So who do you think could be coming from Geoffrey and Shane behind the scenes? Let us know in the comments below be sure to like this video subscribe for more. What’s trending? But you are and you know that also we’re on Instagram follow us at which trending. I’m at Shira Lazar. We’re also on roku Amazon fire and apple TV just search what’s trending?

34 Replies to “Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson DRAMA Behind the Scenes of Beauty Series??”

  1. More clickbait cause they have nothing better to do. Shane and Jeffree rock. Trying to dig up dirt when there ain't none.

  2. People would have to be stupid to try Jeffree and Shane.. those two together is a duo you DO NOT want to get in the way of 🤷🏻‍♀️😆 they’re killing it and telling it how it is along the way. I love them both for that. People wanna be mad, go be mad in silence and let them live their dreams. They both worked damn hard to get there.

  3. Listen , while everyone is focused on the stupid ass drama,Jeffree and Shane are teaching bigger lessons in the series. But uh can’t wait for the third installment

  4. No ones coming for shane and jefree. Because they don't have anything to come after them for. They are killing it in every aspect. And are elevating the platform. To levels that's never been seen before. And telling the people the truth they should've been told along time ago. All these sleazy, scheming, fake ass youtubers. Hmmm. Hmmmm (James charles). Better just think twice before trying jefree and shane. Especially in a lawsuit. Because im sure shane and Jefree have covered all there bases. After working for a year flat on all this. They have nothing to come after him for. Shane has done nothing to anyone. But succeed and be one of the kindest people on the planet. He truly deserves everything that has came to him and will continue to come. Anyone who would try and put a damper on that. Or hurt shane. Is literally just jealous that he is so talented and is bringing content to the platform. That is bigger then YOUTUBE. And breaks the mold from these other influencers that are just making shit for views. And want every penny that you can give them.

  5. Oh my God. You guys took that 'at the time' out of context. Literally like ten seconds later she said they're still really close. Nikita meant that James at the the time was dealing with so so much. You guys couldn't even listen ten seconds later. Yuck.

  6. When the world thinks trending has to involve two men wearing makeup. How about something positive and no drama.

  7. I love when they focus on Manny’s face at 0:32 and after mentioning literally everyone’s name they just say “And more” lmao


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