Jesus Does Stand Up Comedy

I just found out I can’t drive anymore the other day I got pulled over sir how many drinks have you had my blood is made out of wine alright step out of the car pal I’m never doing that again you know what happens to me in prison it starts with R and rhymes with grape especially with two holes in my hands and one in my side that’s three times the nightmare of you know what I mean it get your minds out of the gutter I can always send him to hell I mean give them a very nice tan I’m a loving God I would die for the world and at the end of time I’m so nice I give all my enemies a very very nice tan you suck read the sign buddy no heckling get off the stage why don’t you eat me Fred get a piece of this and you get into heaven rather than all that D*ick you’ve been sucking you know that comedian Gabriel Iglesias aka fluffy well in one of his specials Germans offended him and he said you drink blood of Juice well guess what the Christians are doing that every Sunday look at me I have two holes in my hand one in my side and I’m not even bleeding they drink me dry peekaboo I see you, you know what I don’t see blood well thank you everybody thank you for having me good night

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