Judge By Day, Comedian By Night Fired– Why?

the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled
against the joking judge this is a sometimes municipal judge
sometimes comedian actor who is trying to balance those to bury despair careers and the
basically saying that no you can’t do that if you gonna be a judge can also be
a comedian on the side I so the court’s opinion was that in the
course of his routines Vince Akari has the means certain people
based on national origin religion it has revealed his political leanings %uh the court cannot ignore the distinct
possibility that a person was heard a routine founded on humor disparaging certain ethnic groups and
religions will not be able to readily accept that the judge before whom year
she appears can maintain the objectivity and
impartiality that must govern all municipal court proceedings and so basically being a comedian is
that like being a barista you’re saying certain things about
certain groups or at least if you’re not you know a brain region or something if you work
in blue I guess not and it’s just you can’t be a a judge
at that point for saw how awesome is that the judge in New Jersey’s name is basic
Garcia Yahoo love this I was really so art Co to the court is
in session a just banquets what rule you up which side is which I guilty for having
both so gf comedian joey is get rid of one you can’t be both yes build is a lawyer
say I for you to live in 2002 and everyone no I think I am living out that
I love sex like us to explain white-out yeah I have explain your life a a guilty
because they flipped it around they didn’t just
say a year comedian a year to meeting the court you can’t do this they recognize that it’s really
important for the people coming before the judge to believe that that judges
fair and impartial and so it matters for the people in
front of them and I would say okay you’re gonna be a municipal judge the
new you probably can’t go up comedian and say these things about different
ethnic groups a I think that seems that to me seems
pretty reasonable does he do bits and the courtroom for
those who have not just about evidence that he does that okay well then if he did that then I
would say I mean this is usually when you’re before Judge one of them most important and nerve-wracking and
and I would imagine ages days for someone to go before the judge you don’t want
that %uh that he keeps it out of the courtroom innocent okay just so sure rules a not guilty it’s just this up I were
subtly line I know I will be writing about tomorrow
I I was already forgiven your side then
but you get used to it even farther I think that there are certain career field certain positions you hold
that require a certain level up to court that look we should bear in mind that he’s not use that ruling on you
know money in politics it’s like traffic to write and stuff like that but still I think that there’s a certain
expectation I’ve how you maintain yourself and so for the same reason I
believe America’s worst police chief should not
be able to hold this position after you know recording videos themselves
shooting fake politicians I think that this guy should probably
choose wanna be I think those are two different and I would I i sync you make
this sound argument but its I think they’re very different with and what
he’s doing I think it would yeah I think it’s more stream definitely
but but you definitely for my really like you know you know you know ruled
out as a judge you say yet you got a pic 1 let’s let it go get
back to the city a so look I hate being buzz kills I like that there’s a judge who’s joking
around it was politics as I don’t care what is politics is II I immediately like with cigars share you know what a joke around with Verizon
a grab a pizza pie with chris Christie appointee events occur yeah all of a sudden okay no to a but in the end the appearance of
propriety in court is so important but that it’s not a normal job he’s not
he’s not be car salesmen Annette Bening comedian you
really got a whole you know it’s that and we all know that
they have opinions we know that I we know that their Republicans or
Democrats people over when he’s on his hobby is comedy we know it hope that they joke around at
home right but it simply but it’s important for the
total shit with the I it is important that when someone goes
in for the judge they think that he’s impartial so I think that appearance is important
some aside with the main cause I had a role side of the court we’re gonna go 321 that he is guilty the so sorry I’m just assure I respect
the court I have to write up and appeared dissenting opinion for that
spot so %uh the New Jersey Supreme Court agree with us he did have to choose and
he is actually chosen he chose to you and just ten years the
judge and pursue his career I oh yeah I like it all say if we’re
doing next time your jersey if he’s played yeah that’s a bold choice but to visit
is a belated so now I wanna go see any peace a better

100 Replies to “Judge By Day, Comedian By Night Fired– Why?”

  1. So basically if someone makes assumptions about your character based on very shakey grounds, you lose your job. How is that even remotely fair?

  2. So, a judge can be an active member of a church, mosque, or synagogue and be seen at religious functions, and it's alright to keep him or her as judge, because hey, freedom of religion, right? But if a judge is an active member of the entertainment community, well, he's got no chance of keeping his job, since it's only freedom of expression, right? I mean, satire is SOOO dangerous compared to religion, isn't it?

  3. So very wrong. Everyone has their own views, everyone (as a judge) is meant to/does put their own personal views aside and judge all cases fairly. Doing that is hard for -anyone-, we ALL have views that will conflict with decisions we'd have to make.

    The veneer/appearance of impartiality is far less important than the exercise of it, regardless of your views as a person.

  4. if the standard for a judge is they can't tell jokes, then judging appearances are just like politicians being squeaky clean for the public eye a lie and a Flaubert they shouldn't be

  5. Why fire him for something that has nothing to do with his job as a judge and that he doesn't let cross over to his judging duties? Doesn't make much sense to me.

  6. i asked if it was ironic that comedians were judging (literally calling it the TYT supreme court) a judge/comedian… i didn't say they were the same thing…but comparing fruit is fun too, i guess…

  7. Their "supreme court" is just a fun gag where they admit they have a strong liberal bias and then justify their opinions with each other, they don't claim to hold the objectivity an actual judge should have. And if you're not trying to compare the two, then it's not ironic in any meaningful way.

  8. Being a comedian doesn't lower anyone's character, doesn't make them less serious when they need to be, and honestly I'd rather have a judge that doesn't necessarily have a stick up their butt, because they're probably more likely to be realistic and down to earth on his sentences. If people don't want to separate things(court/comedy) then that's their problem, not his, and he shouldn't be punished for it.

  9. I was on Cenk's side on this until he said, "we know they're not impartial but its important that we think they are".
    At that point I saw this from a slightly different perspective. The only criteria for determining whether this judge should be able to do both jobs is that he can be impartial on the bench.
    We know he, and all judges, has his own political and social positions.
    We know that.
    All we need is for him to be able to lay those things aside when he dons the robes.

  10. Spot on. To me being a comedian is a plus for several reasons:
    1. Obvious sign of intelligence
    2. The ability to look at the big picture
    Who is inherently more impartial than a comedian? For example if a comedian tells a racist joke we laugh, because we understand he's joking, we see the exaggeration for comedic effect, not because we share his supposed racist views. And even the notion that people would perceive comedians as partial is false, at least compared to other professions or beliefs.

  11. yeah, no shit…i was pointing out a slight irony, not claiming they were ruling on a murder case…funny people judging a funny judge…seems ironic to me.

  12. The judge is demeaning being a comedian. Being a comedian is serious stuff and you can't get paid under the table for making a ruling in someone's favor.

  13. He's violating the rules of judicial conduct. He must avoid the appearance of impropriety and being a publicly known comedian can undermine that…

  14. I'd reserve judgement until I saw several of his acts. If they were playing on stereotypes or criticizing them and not re-enforcing or exploiting them, and he rained respectful of the court, its trust, and his position as a judge, then I say give him guidelines and let him do both.

  15. *sigh* You're a winner, champ. It's not like I was commenting on a device that doesn't allow me to reply directly to another post or anything… Fuck. Some people just make me sad to share a species with them.

  16. It doesnt matter if he makes racist jokes as a comedian, as long as it's out of the courts then he's innocent. And it really doesnt matter if the people he's judging think he's partial… those are just personal opinions.

  17. If you're going before a judge who is also a comedian, consider yourself lucky. It's much easier to handle that situation when you know your judge is a human being with some sort of depth to him rather than a machine who exists solely to rip out your throat the moment you step out of line.

  18. I though in the US the Supreme court is split between conservatives and left wing, thus they know there leanings. Isn't it the same thing here

  19. Why do we even need judges? We need an unbiased computer system programmed to judge. You enter the offence and boom here comes the unbiased sentence.

  20. I hear ya, but there is a big difference between being a "part of something" and being "against something" or "mocking something".
    Its one thing to be a part of a religious organization. Its quite another thing to be an anti- "fill-in-the-blanks". Granted, his comedy is satire as u mentioned, but I guess it was felt that it crossed a certain line, whatever that is.


  22. The TYT court is a joke. You making comedic comments (shitty ones at that) and bad rulings at the same time. Ya'll need to pick one or the other too!

  23. Fair enough, he is a stereotyping hypocrite based on perception of nationality. This is no better than saying Trayvon Martin was a gangsta without real evidence to support you.

  24. What's the point in pretending to be impartial if you're really not? I'd want to know what I should expect from the judge beforehand. Would you rather not know if someone is trying to stab you or know it? Either way they are going to try to do it. The judge has a bias either way. I'd rather know it then be blind to it and live in a fake reality where I pretend he doesn't lean to either side.

  25. If you're a woman and hear your judge making sexist jokes–you might think he's not going to be fair. If you're gay and he makes homophobic jokes, black and he makes racist jokes etc… you're going to have a case that he's not impartial. The court is protecting itself as much, or more, than they are protecting people who come before the judge.

  26. Reminds me of the Mayor of Tenino in Washington state.

    He finally stepped down just to avoid drama, he at least avoided jokes on his political opponents.

  27. Ben's opinion is absolutely wrong. A judge can espouse those same opinions just about anywhere in life. From social media, college papers, speaking engagements or any day to day forms of life.

    It's why they dig through such things when judges are nominated to positions that need confirmation. Him telling jokes as a comedian is no different than another judge writing a book or publishing a legal opinion.

    Any of it can bite you in the ass or be used as a bias excuse.

  28. Someone please administer 20 minutes of dick-suck to that judge.

    I bet he made a joke about other judges holding bricks in their asses and got fired because he was right.

  29. Fuck appearances and decorum. Fuck the appearance of imparciality. How many judges judges are full of biases and do not show it in public. That is the problem, people focus too much in appearances than on what actually is.

  30. I didn't ask for an overview. I asked for specific citations. Which judges are you talking about? And these have to be practicing judges.

  31. SO because a person makes some racial JOKES they aren't a fair and impartial judge? Ben is so full of crap.

    The jokes are not indicative of his actual opinions, unless the guy is a klan member it shouldn't matter.

  32. There rational is somewhat valid, but ultimately unsound.

    Making disparaging jokes about certain races does not mean you lack impartiality.

    What would defendants in his court even be doing knowing he does stand up?

  33. Thing is, telling jokes doesn't imply lack of impartiality. Are there actually any cases he's dealt with that show/imply that he actually is partial?

    That's kinda the thing about JOKES, they aren't serious reflections of a person's beliefs.

  34. Than that is on them for being irrational. Their presumptions should not hold true. Why would they even know he's a comedian? It's unlikely they would.

  35. That's a good point, but couldn't one can only shout bias, does that really prove any? One could argue jokes are different than actual beliefs

  36. That doesn't make any sense, jokes he makes in life outside of court don't reflect his personal opinions, or at least you can't prove that.

  37. This is, if you see a judge telling an anti-gay joke (or a racist or sexist joke) and you're gay (or a person of color or a woman), then you stand before him in court and he rules against you, you have cause to accuse him of bias. The thing about JOKES is that they're not always funny and that sometimes they do reflect a person's beliefs but veiled in a way that's hopefully supposed to shed humor on a situation. Most comedians now are just lazy.

  38. Well, as a gay black man I probably wouldn't think anything of it. Unless you have actual proof that he's being biased, or that his jokes reflect HIS thoughts you're grasping at straws.

  39. And a lot of time people use jokes to actually express their bigotries but then try to back off by saying "hey, it was just a joke."

    I've never made a claim one way or the other about this particular comedian's jokes.

  40. But if the 2 are indistinguishable from each other, there is no point getting bent over the worst case scenario unless he has actually done something to imply bias IN the court.

  41. surprised they didnt mention thje race thing more
    even in the sense of thats why they think hes not impartial, the ppl b4 him i mean

  42. Whoa! Wait a minute. We're discussing a comedian and Jimmy Dore isn't even here to weigh in. Missed opportunity!

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