Julio Torres Has an Adversarial Relationship with Starbucks

-How are you?
-I’m great. How are you? -I’m good. Last time you were here, we had
you with your co-stars, Anna and Fred, and you were
talking about “Los Espookys.” -Yes. -You’re working on
a second season. Will you be shooting I’m
assuming in South America again? -Yeah. We’re going back to
Santiago, which is far. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -But we were saying you found
incredible local actors to be a part of this show.
-Yeah, yeah. I mean, the — So, Fred,
as in Armisen, is in the show. -Yes. -My friend Anna, me,
some fantastic Mexican actors, and then a bunch of really
talented Chilean actors that are like,
“Oh, my God, it’s a gold mine.” -Yeah.
-Yeah. -You traveled this summer —
Greece, Spain, right? -Yes.
-Do you like Europe? Could you see yourself
living there? -You know, I’ve been to Berlin, and I could see myself
living there. You know, they like their clubs. -Yes.
-Yes. -And you like your clubs? -And I like my clubs as well. But they do it right. You could even get like an acai
bowl or a sandwich at the club, which is, like, not —
[ Laughter ] -Oh, wow.
-Yeah. -Yeah, you don’t think of that
in American clubs. You don’t think an acai —
-In American clubs, you’re hungry
and then you have to go home. -Yeah, right.
[ Laughter ] -But there, they have acai.
And I — Greece is great. Have you been? -I’ve been to Greece, yeah.
It’s lovely. -I just love the water
and the caves. They’re just so full of secrets
because you just don’t know. [ Laughter ] -These are water caves
or just like — -Just any cave has, I think,
great secrets, but the juicier secrets
are the water caves, yeah. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] And do you, are you someone —
-As an Aquarius. -Oh, you’re an Aquarius. -I need the caves.
I need the water. -Gotcha. And do you feel as an Aquarius, the caves are more likely
to give you their secrets? As opposed to someone like, I
mean, obviously a Capricorn. I’ve never been given, yeah. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, I’m certainly
more seduced by the water and the secrets. -Gotcha.
-Yeah. -So, traveling a lot,
I’m very happy to hear this, that you are not, you will — only traveling
and only at airports will you actually order
a Starbucks coffee. -Yes. -You’re a coffee drinker. -I am a coffee drinker, but I
don’t frequent that kingdom. -Wow.
-The Starbucks kingdom. I pass by them every day,
but I don’t frequent it. And when I have to,
when I’m at an airport, a food desert
that is the airport, and there is nothing else, I refuse to participate
in their laws. [ Laughter ] And I just say,
“Can I get a small coffee?” -Right.
[ Laughter ] -And then they’ll be like,
“You mean a…” And I’m not even gonna say it
because I just — [ Laughter ] And I’m like, “A small.” [ Laughter ] And they’re like,
“Okay, so a…” And I’m like, “If that is what
you choose to call it, yeah.” [ Laughter ] -But I would like
your smallest coffee. -I would like
your smallest coffee. However you choose to interpret
that is completely up to you.

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