Just A Drill | A Suspenseful Drama Short by Julianne Donelle

(footsteps echo) (body thumps) – [Eva] Um, excuse me,
you have a hall pass? – Yeah, I’m props
department, for the drill. – Wow, okay, I guess they’re taking it pretty seriously this time. (body thumps) (Eva sighs) – Hey, Miss Walker, how’s it going? – It is going, Jay, you know
you can call me Eva, right? – Right, right, sorry, it’s Eva, guess I’m still getting used to feeling like a grown-up around here. – Well, you can start by making a new pot. – Wow, right, now let’s see– – Here.
– Yes, thank you. – [Eva] You’re welcome. – So, the lockdown drill
today, there’s actors in it? – Actors, oh, you mean the drama students, yeah, that is actually new to me too. But I’m guessing that they are not exactly prepared to be very convincing. – Yeah, true.
– Yeah. Water, add water.
– Oh yeah, right, yep. (bell rings) – Papers on my desk by Friday. – [Principal] Attention
please, students who are not designated
volunteers must leave campus as quickly as possible,
the Active Shooter Drill will be starting precisely at 3pm. – [Student] Miss Walker? – Oh, hi Simon, what do you need? – I wanted to ask about
making up last week’s quiz. – Okay, can we talk about it tomorrow because the drill’s gonna start soon. – I’m volunteering, for the
drill, I just joined drama club. – Okay, so, unfortunately
because you missed the quiz, that brought your whole grade down– – Well, my dad made me go on
this fishing trip with him. – Yeah, Simon, you know
the rules for make-ups. You need a note from your doctor, or a parent has to call for
permission ahead of time. – Okay, I can prove that I was there. – Simon, look, hey, I’m
trying to be a fair teacher. Okay, if I let you retake the quiz, I have to break the rules for everyone. – Look, look, see, you can
see the date and everything. – Okay, why didn’t a parent
get permission beforehand? – My dad just gets in these moods, and you kind of have to go with it. – Okay, look, I’m really sorry, I cannot bend the rules, but if you want me to talk to your dad– – It’s fine, just don’t worry about it. – Well, I can, maybe come
up with some bonus reading. – Oh sorry.
– No worries. – Hey, Miss Walker.
– We’re assigned to your room. For the drill, we’re
representing kids in your class. – Right, yes, sorry, I think
I have guidebooks for you. (footsteps echo) (paper rustles) – [Principal] Attention please,
all students and teachers, please take your places
for the top of the drill. Today’s drill will attempt to be realistic by going through all
steps of communication as if there were an active shooter. – It’s not realistic if you announce it over the loud speaker. (alarm pulses) (door clicks) (doors slam) (doors click) (lock clicks) (footsteps click) (phone alert sounds) – [Security] Hello, a
shooter is on campus. I think he might be heading
into the main building. – Way to commit, everyone. (phone dings) (Eva snorts) (footsteps echo) (door knocks) – [Woman] Help, a shooter is in the hall. (footsteps echo) – [Frankie] This is Frankie Mason, a shooter has been spotted
outside the nurse’s office. And there are three students in here, so we’ve barricaded the door shut, over. (pages rustle) – Um, apparently I need to
collect your cell phones now. – Seriously?
– Yes. (pages rustle) Thank you.
(student screams) – Help!
(knuckles rap on door) (footsteps echo) (Eva gasps) Shooter is in the hallway
in the main building. Do the authorities know
we are running this drill? – [Radio] Shooter’s now in the cafeteria. – Cafeteria? (pages rustle) – [Marissa] We need to cover the windows. – [Eva] How many student
volunteers are there? – [Marissa] 15 to 20. (phone buzzes) (footsteps ring) (blinds rattle) – What’s it say? – Nothing, just teacher directions. – Hey.
(menacing music) (muffled fighting words outside room) – [Radio] Shooter is in room 223. – (static) three minutes.
– Help. – Shooter, outside.
– Teachers, please, don’t overlap your voices on the walkies. Only use them for pertinent information on the shooter’s location.
– 223? – I didn’t know we were being part of the, was that a part?
– No! (gun bangs) – That sounded real. – No, it’s just a drill,
okay, don’t worry, I’m sure it was like a
planned sound effect. (gun shots sound)
Get down, under your desks. – This doesn’t feel right.
– Just get under your desk. (phone rings) Hello? – [Jay] Holy shit, this is
intense, I heard gunshots? – I know, I don’t like it at all. – [Jay] What should we do?
(knocking at door) – Miss Walker. – I have to go, they’re
kids in my my room. (knocking on door)
(tense music) Just stay here. (knuckles rap)
– [Simon] Help, Ms. Walker, let me in! – Simon.
– He’s coming for me! Miss Walker, please, just open the door! – No, you have to go find a safe place. I have to keep the door locked. – [Simon] Miss Walker, this
isn’t part of the drill. Okay, please, just open the door. Miss Walker, open the door. Miss Walker, open the door,
please, just let me in. (door bangs) Just open the door, please, Miss Walker. – Stop!
– Miss Walker, open the door, please, open the door. Miss Walker.
(knuckles bang) Open the door, open the door! (pensive music)

21 Replies to “Just A Drill | A Suspenseful Drama Short by Julianne Donelle”

  1. Holy smokes, that was intense and thrilling. Even though I guessed there would be a real shooting in place of the drill. Very engaging overall. Keep going 👏👏

  2. Love how quickly it ramps up the tension from "normal" to terrifying. An interesting commentary on how even just the preparation for school shootings can be traumatizing in their own way.

  3. Wow!! SPOILER ALERT. I knew it was a film but, my stomach knotted up as the planned drill started to unravel and appeared to become real. An amazing film. Two thumbs up to all the filmmakers, cast and crew.

  4. I am all for this.
    Victims POV is and should ever be a fixture, especially when scarry doesn't mean exploitation.
    Sorry girls!

  5. Why do they take away the students phones? Most teachers don't know how to silence a student's phone in the first place.

  6. Well that was scarier than any horror movie I've ever seen. And I love horror movies. The twisted reality was perfect. It's sad that these drills are even necessary. School shouldn't be a place of fear

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