Just DoinG: A chat and improv lesson with UNCG alum, comedy writer Emily Spivey

[ Music ]>>With Emily Spivey, one of our distinguished
alums from some time period ago. Is that a gentle way of saying it?>>Yes, or you could say a thousand years
ago.>>A thousand years ago.>>Yes, yeah.>>It’s quite a journey from High Point, to
UNCG, to being a long-time writer on Saturday Night Live , to being [inaudible].>>Yeah.>>Time flies, right?>>Yes, oh my God. I mean, this looks so different.
I don’t even think this was — was this even paved? Like, I’m serious, I think it was — it
was a horse and carriage, there were dinosaurs. But I love it so much. One of these dorms
was mine. But see, now this wasn’t paved, I don’t think. Look, how many things can I
point out that weren’t paved? No — but yeah, I lived in Jamison.>>Yeah?>>Yeah.>>What was it about this place –>>Oh my Lord.>>– that sort of girded your loins to deal
with that world?>>Well, first of all, I wouldn’t trade the
education I got here for anything in the world. It was a cross-section of wonderful teachers,
a really nurturing, fun environment, and — and people that inspired me. [ Music ]>>We’re going to play some — some games
here. So the basic principle around improv is this concept of yes and, where you basically
are paying attention to each other. You pay attention by keeping eye contact, looking
at each other, and you accept what it is that the person gives — not creepy looking like
that. Okay. Looking at each other. And you accept what the person gives you, and then
you build on it. This is called a gift for you. A gift for you.>>Thank you for your father’s ashes. [ Laughter ]>>Okay.>>A gift for you.>>Thank you for the boa constrictor. [ Laughter ]

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