K J Yesudas tribute from Alex in Wonderland – Standup Comedy

And then this song, Month of Masi started and my girl came of age, now she’s mine One of the horniest songs ever written. In the super deluxe lingo, Gaaji to the max. Children are here. Let us not go deep into the details. By reading the lyrics itself, you will go sleepless for
two weeks. But Yesudas has sung it with full devotion. Full, complete devotion. Especially when it comes to the stanza, it will sound like a song in praise of
Goddess Kanchi Kamatchi. The art of desire is so strange The poem is filled with this love rage! We read and read through each and every page Om..Om..Om.. Imagine for a second, what would have happened
if SPB had sung it. I don’t know whether it is a good thing or bad thing I don’t know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, SPB had sung it in Telugu.. You know baby, nights are so regular,
moon is rather so rare! Wow! You know, everything will happen in the song itself. And SPB will take you through the whole process.
Step by step. Oh..oh..oh…Oho oho! And if you watch the picturization, which I highly highly recommend, not to watch. Because once you watch it, you can never ever unwatch it. Because in Telugu, there is one Mr. Bala Krishna He is not just Bala (Baby) Krishna rather Adult Krishna He is just going for it, man. You know baby, nights are so regular Oh my God! All these midnight masala, late-night heroine moves and all,
he is doing.. The Girl is like shocked Master hasn’t given these steps at all. He is just doing on his own when we roll. Adult Krishna err Bala Krishna going like this and all. SPB has done an outstanding work. I want to do justice for this. That girl is like running away. I am telling you, we are all so lucky.. We are all so blessed, man. In Tamil, we are all so lucky. It’s all because of God’s grace and divine blessings that Yesudas has sung it for us. Because what is the point of all this lust and
small pleasure. It is all Maya (Illusion), right? We all know, it’s all Maya. They say, the whole life itself is a maya. And we are all going through this big Maya,
this big illusion, Our paths may be different.
But, where are we headed after that? All of us. To divinity only!? To God only!? Yesudas will directly take us there, I am telling you. Directly take us there. He is God’s own singer from God’s own country, man. Absolutely man.
Absolutely. That’s why, Yesudas and Gods are so inseparable. Especially Lord Aiyappa, you know. Everyday only after listening to Yesudas’ Harivarasanam, Lord Aiyappa at Sabarimala goes to sleep. Such a close association. Every Tamil month of Margazhi is Aiyappan season. And invariably every other year, in my village, we will have Yesudas Aiyappan concert. They will put up huge posters with Yesudas’ image in it
saying Yesudas Aiyappan Concert. Yesudas himself won’t come to my place to perform. From a nearby town, one troupe will come. In that, one guy will sing almost like Yesudas. They will sing exclusively Yesudas songs that year. That is called Yesudas Aiyappan concert. First few hours, they will sing,
Yesudas Aiyappan songs from the cassettes. At some point, they will run out of songs. But, in villages, only if you sing till early morning,
they will pay you. They will clearly tell you, You need to perform until the Sirkazhi’s song plays in the
temple early in the morning These guys after a few hours, they will run out of songs. Do you know what they do? They will take any and every Yesudas’ film song, just make some small changes. “Swamy Saranam Aiyappa”, that’s all. You put these there, the format and
the feel will match so perfectly. No other film songs will work that way. Only Yesudas. Because the divine vibration is already set by Yesudas. It is already there. you just have to fix the lyrics. You will feel like, Oh this feels much better. This feels correct. And this is one of the songs that I heard when I was very
young. See me Lord, my God O thee Aiyappa, I surrender unto thy feet See me Lord, my God O thee Aiyappa, I surrender unto thy feet We climbed all steps excited that we made it Two knots on head, we hold till seeing thy feet! See me Lord, my God O thee Aiyappa, I surrender unto thy feet We surrender to Aiyappa God Chorus happening. We surrender to Aiyappa God Sabari foothills we reached first. Pamba river quench our thirst Sabari foothills we reached first Pamba river quenched our thirst She (Pamba river) cleansed our body, soul and the mind , the joy filled heart! She (Pamba river) cleansed our body, soul and the mind , the joy filled heart! SEE ME MY LORD!
I SURRENDER TO THEE! This eighteen steps so hallowed! They take us unto your golden feet! O! O! O! O! Masi…err… See me Lord, my God O thee Aiyappa, I surrender unto thy feet WE SURRENDER TO THEE! AIYAPPA GOD!

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  1. Ayyappan Song ahh epti valkarana song oda sethu padurathu than konjam kadupa varuthu . Yenda Alex allaloya allaloyanu pada vendiyathu thene

  2. I am also like him when I am taking bath i.e Bathroomla ipdi than nanum paditu irupan(bathroom singer) 🤭 bt this reality is incredible man u have a great journey dude😎

  3. Nicely written and sung by Poet Alex

    படிதான் பதினெட்டு பதினெட்டு
    உன் அடிதான் தினம் தொட்டு தினம் தொட்டு
    சபரிமலை தன்னை நாடி ​
    ​பாம்பை நதியில் நீராடி ​
    குளிக்கக் குளிக்க
    மனம் கழிக்கக் கழிக்க 
    ஓம் ஓம் ஓம்

  4. யோவ் அந்த தெலுங்கு சாங் முழுசும் உன்னோட பேரு தாயா 😍😍😂😂

  5. Bala Krishna, I would say he is the one who defamed
    the tollywood industry with all his spooky dialogues ,acts,dance but I will appreciate his dailouge delivery in old movies on Ramayana and mahabaratha which are actually good. Please ballaya please take rest atleast now it is better for you and Tollywood as well so that atleast Telugu movies will get some appreciation .🙏✌

  6. Dai Kena pun*** Enna vena solliko commady pannurane Enna _________ religion Samantha paduthura. mind your business carefully Thambi

  7. Hello Mr.Alex ….neenga migavum talented aana person….your performance also very good….antha song ah compose pana ilayaraja sir than mudievu edukanum antha song romantic ah iruka r devotional ah iruka apdinu okva…athu ena situation song antha song ah than neenga lord ayyapan ah vechu padanuma? En yesudas sir Tamil la vera song ae padalaya? ….na ungaloda fan…but intha time very disappointed from u…….

  8. எங்கையா இருந்தா இவ்ளோ காலம்…?
    எங்க தெய்வமே?

  9. Wowwww…. Ultimately depicted …. Your language in music and lyrics are too good…. I thank my friend paramu to share this link with me

  10. Thala yaaru thala nee…Ithana varusham ah enga iruntha…vera level😂😂😂❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  11. Aiyappan bakthas: dei unna mannikka mattenda

    Alex:why Sammy?

    Aiyappan bakthas: ini maala podrapalam intha "maasi maasam" pattu thaanda niyabagakathukku varum

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