Kevin Hart | One of the Highest Paid Comedians in the World | Biography

NARRATOR: Kevin Hart. This is the stand-up star and
box office king that you know. And this is the story
of how he picked himself up and rose to the top. Kevin was born in
Philadelphia in 1979. He was raised by
a single mom who taught him that he had to
work hard to reach his dreams. Nobody deserves this star more
than the new hardest working man in show
business, Kevin Hart. NARRATOR: When Kevin
was a teenager, his mother made him
join the swim team to keep him out of trouble. Now, he didn’t get any
awards for swimming, but he did get the award
for best attendance. At the team banquet,
Kevin riffed a hilarious 15-minute speech and
discovered he loved being in front of a crowd. When he started pursuing comedy
full time in the late 90s, Kevin got to work. He played colleges
during the week, and every weekend
he’d drive to New York for gigs of comedy clubs. Then, 2003 was supposed
to be Kevin’s year. He had a new sitcom,
“The Big House,” and he starred in a big
budget movie, “Soul Plane.” What goes up must come down. NARRATOR: And down it came. His show was canceled
after six episodes. Soul Plane was very
popular with bootleggers. The movie was released
in May of 2004, but bootleg copies had been
circulating since April. The movie crashed
at the box office. Then his business
manager called. MANAGER: Kevin, you owe
almost $400,000 in back taxes to the IRS. NARRATOR: This might have been
time for Kevin to give up. Instead, he went to work
anywhere and everywhere that would have him. Kevin connected with
fans on social media when it was still a new
thing, and built a fan database to make sure
his cross-country shows were hot tickets. His debt was paid off
in less than two years. And now, Kevin Hart is one
of the highest paid comedians in the world, with
his own production company, endorsement
deals, and over 60 million Instagram followers. And that’s the
Biography of Kevin Hart. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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