Kevin Lucas : I’m Autistic, Not Stupid | Greg Dean Stand Up Comedy Workshops

Yeah, I’m also different because I’m… I’m Latino. I’m the second Latino up here and I have this accent and I’m… I’m asshole. [laughter] Nah, I’m just kidding. A little asshole. I’m a… I’m autistic. Well, I’m semi-autistic which makes me an endearing asshole. [laughter and applause] And that makes me autistic-ish. [laughter and applause] Yeah, I am. People think I’m retarded but retards and autistics are completely different. Like the first major difference is the spelling. [laughter and applause] It is. [laughter] Even I know that. [laughter]

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  1. hey I wonder, is it "Aspergers?" which is like a semi autistic thing. My brother has "Aspergers" no biggy.. People with Aspergers are actually pretty darn intelligent, you should hear some of the things he says..

  2. very funny! So many think that people on the spectrum have no sense of humor, but nothing could be further from the truth! Thanks for sharing this! And Kevin, thanks for putting yourself out there to prove them wrong!

  3. @beingNOS My son is on the spectrum, and yeh he has a sense of humour. OK, certain humour he really doesn't get, the more sarcastic or rhetorical questions, but he loves Monty Python, and kind of surreal humour. He also likes dark humour. So yeah, it's a myth that they don't understand humour.

  4. @MyEpicPhone autism and mental retardation are 2 different things…… your comment was very judgemental and shows a lack of intellegence and class

  5. @mtallicuhh autism is a broad term, an umbrella term really like cancer, there is many different kinds of both but they all share the name

  6. Ok this good but I do have to say that this is a bit discriminatory to people who have mental retardation :/

  7. So are people with regular Autism, they just can't communicate well. They can learn to, but many ignorant people thinks that that means they "recovered from Autism"

  8. Thank you all for your comments. I'd like to clarify some things about this video. This was a live show at the Comedy Store in Hollywood with no laughter enhancment what so ever. Only Kevin's mother in attendence, so this audience was not stacked in his favor. They loved him for his honesty, vulnerablity, and humor. Kevin faced failure like any other comedian who performs stand-up comedy. Would all comics be this couragous and truthful about themselves, instead of hiding behind hacky jokes.

  9. Theres no recovery from autism lmao! I love how people think that and thank you for pointing out that they are ignorant! Ahaha they truly are. I have a disability and there is no recovering from that. Its with you for life. Hey I dont mind.

  10. so true my son has Aspergers and Autism but not sever in either way and he's also regular he like comedy and I'm trying to find what his path is / also he's intelligent also it's hard when you don't know what to do to help after high school

  11. There is no semi-autistic or mild autistic. We are simply Autistic. It's the parents that like to use the terms "severe" and "mild" to describe it.

  12. They should show this to all the comedians that don't have good material and suck at life so they make fun of autistic people who didn't do a damn thing to them just sayin

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