Key & Peele – Menstruation Orientation – Uncensored

[bright music] [applause]
What if we told y’all
that once a month,
half the human race
is in pain?
And the other half
don’t want to hear shit
about it?
– I’m Shaboots Michaels!
– I’m T-Ray Tombstone!
Welcome to…
Menstruation Orientation! Oh, no,
you don’t. Now, we know you don’t want
to hear about it. But they don’t
want to have it, so sit your ass down and listen
for once in your life. Today we’re gonna talk
to all you men about what happens to your women
when they’re on their periods and why
it’s important to… (both)
Be sensitive to that shit. Don’t say “chillax,” “relax,”
“calm down,” and “how come?” Don’t say “ass,” “fat,”
“grumpy,” or “cranky.” They ain’t cranky. They got blood coming
out of their vaginas, y’all! That’s some biblical
plague shit, y’all! That would be like
once a month if you had locusts flying
out of your dick for a week! Your ass
wouldn’t be cranky. Your ass
would be like… – Oh, fuck!
[both screaming] – My dick!
[screaming continues] (both)
So be nice to your bitches
when they bleeding! If you ain’t
getting ’em shit… Get the fuck
out they way! – They got cramps!
– They got headaches. They got weight gain! And every time
they pee, it’s likeThe Shining
in the toilet. – Be supportive.
– Be empathetic. But whatever you do… (both)
Do not try to solve it! Don’t even bring
that shit up! When women be
hanging out together, their periods
will sync up. Vaginas
be communicating. They got their own
vagina language. (both)
Talking about… [both speaking gibberish] If you find yourself
around a group of women and they all have
a backache… (both)
Back away slowly. What’s that in your pocket
there, Shaboots? Recognize this,
motherfuckers? That ain’t
space dynamite. That’s a tampon. Learn what your bitch
has to go through. First, you put
this piece in your vagina! Oop. Then you push this part
into the first piece! Gweeps Then you throw
this part away! Do that several times
a day for a week every goddamn month! It’s the worst thing ever
all the time! It’s much worse for them than it is for you
to hear about it. And periods
is important. That’s how the body
gets rid of the old egg so it can cook up
them new ones. So listen to what’s
going on with your female emotionally and… (both)
Get your bitch
some chocolate! Don’t call her
a bitch, but… (both)
Get your bitch
some chocolate! [both singing] ♪ Chocolate, chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate ♪ ♪ Chocolate, chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate ♪ ♪ Chocolate, chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate ♪ ♪ Chocolate, chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate ♪ ♪ Chocolate, chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate ♪ ♪ Chocolate

100 Replies to “Key & Peele – Menstruation Orientation – Uncensored”

  1. Used to date a big girl bitch had a heavy flow but she would get wicked horny so one time when I got done I looked down And I knew it would be bad but it look like I chopped somebody’s head off with my cock

  2. Ok, but why thay had to yell all the time? I might have chuckle on some jokes if not for that yelling. (I'm woman, I know what happens to women in periods). Imho, the delivery is very bad, worst YT recommendation I watched in a while.

  3. Have just binge' watched over 30 of these guys sketches – and they are f*ckin' fantastic. Thank you for the laughs.

  4. Boys get more comfortable with it the more you talk about it. I was practicing a presentation with two male friends once and my cramps were absolutely murdering me. One noticed and asked if I was okay, and when I responded "cramps" he gave me a little side-hug and asked if I had any painkillers, and if not, he could go see if AJ or Lily had any.

  5. Well everyone on the train thinks I'm a lunitic I laughed lost my breath, had to get up lean on seat while I'm lolling, christ!

  6. Legit learnt more about menstruation than I did at school and my entire 24 years on this planet.

    Like, yeah, fuck that shit. Women must have the mental strength of a titan to be able to put up with that shit every month. No wonder men think women are pissed off all the time. I'd be absolutely exhausted having to deal with it and livid with every man that gives me shit about everything or treats me lesser than, when I'm pissing out blood every day for a week, every month and being in worse pain they'll likely ever feel, and having to do that every month without fail, since I was a teenager, and knowing it won't stop until I'm either pregnant and the pain of that will be worse, OR I'm old and can't have kids anymore.

    Like, dudes, seriously, we don't have to deal with that shit. ANY of the shit women have to deal with. It's either periods or pregnancy pain, or old-age pain. Women are ALWAYS in pain. We have 0 right to complain about anything.

    All our pressures are societal. They're fixable. Women have natural pressures to deal with AND societal pressure to deal with. Neither of which they can fix on their own, because one's natural, and the other one WE as men keep doubling down on for 0 damned reason.

    Seriously. This should be required watching for every man.

    We seriously don't deserve women. Like, shit, they put up with all this crap, then our bullshit, still damned well give us love and still give birth.

    I'm seriously surprised women haven't literally gone on an international riot indefinitely at this point.

    If it were us you KNOW there'd be a war over this.

    Women, respect, hats off to you, don't know HOW in hell you do it.

  7. Imagine going through your entire 20s and 30s without having a period – because you were either having babies or breastfeeding. Amazing that people don't do it more often.

  8. Except chocolate is one of the WORST things to eat when you're on your period – makes you bleed more, makes it hurt more – save it for after! 🙂

  9. Periods nothing, a nose bleed. Piles externally, now thats a hole new level of pain right there, second only to child birth.

  10. Obama voice…

  11. Omg literally died the entire time…like one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It’s hard to make me laugh like that. I greatly appreciated this!

  12. Yes some of us bleed seven days a week. It is definitley like the shining blood scene in the toilet when we go pee.
    Yes women's periods do sync up when we are together.
    Tampons and maxi pads are fucking annoying but they soak up our blood.
    We have cramps, body pains, vomiting, nausea, and weird cravings during our periods.
    Once it's over, we go back to normal. Thanks key and Peele for your skit.

  13. Mine surprised me at my then boyfriend’s place and I was so embarrassed and he was so cool about it he even went to the store, bought me some pads and made me food afterwards. Sweetest thing ever.😊

  14. Soooo why wasnt this shown in my 5th grade sex ed class? I'm a woman and this made much more sense than what was shown to us……thank you key and peele

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