KIDNAPPED! Get taken in 360° Video (Comedy)

*Gun Shot* *Running Away* *Muffled Argument Outside* Freeze! Don’t even think about moving! Don’t move! If I hear you make a sound, BANG! BANG! Come on! Bag em’ let’s go! I can’t believe we just did that! Oh my god! Oh my god *Laughs* We just did that! That was CRAZY! Alright we’re up here. Boop Boop Boop. *Explosion sound while hands move away* Boomshakalaka. WOOOOO ~GPS~ Make a right turn in 100 feet. Hey, HEY. Eyes up here. You aren’t going anywhere. Can you actually stop with that voice. I’m sorry, you serious? Yeah that fake man voice sounds absolutely… Ohh well somebody needs to be the man. It sound’s ridiculous. Ar… Really? Really? Did I not kick in the door back there? Just.. Whatever. Just help me find this place. It’s this alley right here. *Sigh* Right here. Alright man. Just.. Okay. Calm down it’s okay. And you, no funny business alright? Yeah. Or else BANG BANG. Got it? I’mma stop here. Alright, whats this guy look like? I don’t know. Should we call him? No, he doesn’t have a phone. *Car turns off* *Knocking on window* Get the window, get the window! Yeah, I don’t. I don’t see him. Where’s he at? *Knocking on window* It’s like a ghost. Hey, Hey man. Aye. Hey, How you doing? How you doing? Get out of the car! Let me just get the legs I think. NOT the hostage. Okay. S-Stay there. *Passenger seat car door shuts* *Car beeping* *Driver seat car door shuts* Hey man! What’s up? Thanks for coming out here. That is not who we want! That’s impossible. That was the only person at North Martel. There is no way. YOU IDIOTS! It’s South Martel! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Okay. Honestly anybody could have made that mistake. Yeah.. I… They don’t look anything alike! Well the… The bone structure in the jaw right there feels. Yeah right here. Y-Yeah. ENOUGH! You need to get this fixed by tomorrow night or
you’re both be sleeping at the bottom of the lake. Okay. Just get in the car, just get in the car. *Car beeps as the driver seat door opens* *Driver seat door closes as the passenger seat door opens* Shit, oh my god. *Passenger seat door closes* I can NOT believe that just happened! That just happened. South Martel? You know? Why didn’t you say anything? *Sigh* What are we gonna do? You know what we’re gonna… We’re gonna kill you right now. We’re gonna kill you right now! No. No! NO! Let’s just get to the hideout we’ll
figure it out there. Just get the bag! Where is it? It has to be in here! It has to be in here! Huhohh! Chili’s gift card, Alright. Yesss. Yep. This book has nothing about kidnapping the wrong person. Two dollars… Really? Cheapskate Yeah. I don’t know what we are going to do. We’re screwed. This is hopeless. *Sigh* Well, we could just kill you now. That’s actually a really good idea. 3. 2. What are you doing?! What? I wanna do it! Turn the pointer thing on, see? Ohh. Yeah. Ohh, okay alright. 3. 2. *Knocking on the door* Hello? Are you guys back!? You said she wasn’t gonna be here! She wasn’t! I can hear you in there! Just a second! Get the sheet, get the sheet! Shh! *Door unlocks then opens* Ohh look at those masks! Are you two making YouTube movies? *Sigh* Yes Mom… Ohh you two are So talented! Mom! Do you mind if we just finish the shot? Please. Well sure, but I just wanted to tell you
I made your favorite! BREAKFAST WAFFLES FOR DINNER!? With chocolate chips! *Laughing* Mom, I love you so much! Alright *Kissing sounds* Alright, Muah. Alright. We’ll uhh… We’ll be right there. One more. *Kiss sound* Okay, alright love you. *Door shuts* Phew. Okay. Dude, we’ve got to move out of your moms house. I told you. This is just temporary. Hey hey, hey. As soon as we finish this job we’ll have enough for that security deposit. I promise. Ohh, well let’s finish this job right now then. Let’s finish it. NOT with my mom here. Alright mama’s boy. But in the morning this one gets it. Okay, okay. It’s been a long night for everyone. Let’s just go get some waffles and we’ll figure it out tomorrow. We’ll figure it out tomorrow. We’ll figure it out. *Light shuts off and door closes* *Door opens and light turns back on* Hey, okay. Let’s get you a little bit comfortable. I’m sorry. She’s just, it’s been a long couple weeks. You will figure this out in the morning, but you sleep well and uhh, yeah I’ll see you in a little bit. Alright goodnight. *Door opens, light turns off then the door closes* Don’t move at all. Just don’t move at all. Stay still. You stay right there. Don’t move an inch! Ohh, I see you moving right there! I see you moving! You stay there! You stay there! I’m coming from below. Okay. It’ll be like you have four arms. Don’t move! Don’t make a sound! Bang, bang, bang. Bang, bang bang. Bang, bang, bang Bang! Bang! Here, go back to back with me. Don’t move! BANG!

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  2. 1:09 don't read I you don't like bad words

    1:09 if i were there and didn't have my mouth covered I would say: "if i could I would raise the middle finger at you"

  3. Am i the only one who had the comments open because i thought it would be scary and then i realized after the video it said 'Comedy' at the end lol

  4. Me: on tablet or whatever
    Me: oh hi idc im in the middle of something so kiddnapp me later looks back at tablet
    Kiddnappers: ….. bruh

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