Kids vs Teenagers – Fashion Switch Up Dare Challenge | #RolePlay #Fun #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

Yes Didi… lets do Barbie’s Unboxing don’t know what happened to Anishka!!! hey Anantya.. lets go Anku today we gonna to shoot a Bridal Makeup video wait here I am bringing Makeup stuff Whats going on here??? Anantya is behaving like Anishka & Anishka is behaving like Anantya did you noticed something!! both of them exchange their stuffs as today its gonna be a Style Swap Challenge I’ll be giving some of my fashion stuffs to her and some of my stuffs I’ll be giving to Anantya & yeah there is a twist in the video so watch till the end and get this video to 1,50,000 LIKES first I’m giving the outfit to you so lets exchange our first outfit with one another I think you wore this skirt in a vlog I like this shots its fitted me well both of you are doing so much overacting look at her top and look at her there’s a twist in this challenge challenge inside a challenge as we gonna to give four dare challenges to one another and we use that whenever we want but we’ve only four challenge so I am giving her challenge to do Catwalk in this outfit done within minutes you’ve to do it outside and now its my turn so lets exchange the dress first its too loose from here and why are standing like a mannequin its too tight if you returned back then you’ll see what will happen with you in the last don’t come again and I ready for next outfit don’t how I’ll manage in this Lehnga & Jewellery you know I wore this dress when I had met to Alia Bhat and you torn out my this dress I’ll give her such a dare that everyone will laugh on her so this is your audience I don’t want to do this so how you felt doing this challenge I don’t forgive you made me dance in Public and everyone was laughing at me I don’t have issue in dancing but I had danced in this dress i like this Lehnga so much thought to wear it in my next makeup tutorial but who will give it to you!! if you don’t know how to fix this wig so see it here now its turn for a dare you bothered me a lot now you have to dance to dance keeping it on your head I think she has failed in this dare so move on to our next outfit it got fitted me well so this round was good for me but the shoes are loose you have to make a tik tok video now you laughed a lot on our challenges and dare now its your time to be punished so here’s our fashion video has completed if you’ve liked it then get this video to 1,50,000 LIKES also do SUBSCRIBE to “MyMissAnand” we enjoyed a lot and we take her like this why you stopped lets go…

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