Korea’s Legendary Comedian Jeong Myeonghun | 정명훈 [Gag Concert / 2017.03.18]

(Jeong Myeonghun) Hello, I’m Jung Seunghwan of Korea’s Pride and Legendary Handsome Comedian Jeong Myeonghun is Coming so Stand Aside, Bow, Chant Hurray, Start the Music and Bob Your Shoulders. This skit is the only unscripted skit on Gag Concert. Just like the last episode, I’ve asked these three to just sit here. – Right? / – Yes. – You don’t know what the skit’s about. / – Yes. – Are you curious about the topic? / – No. Today’s topic is… Self-introduction. First is comedian Kim Jeonghun. No, you haven’t seen him anywhere else! It’s your first time seeing him. But fellow comedians always go to see Jeonghun. Why? To learn comedy. – But that’s… / – So! Comedy teacher! What kind of funny introduction will comedian Jeonghun make? – What? / – Show us now! Hi, I’m Kim Jeonghun. I have a lot of belts from studying martial arts. 3rd degree in taekwondo, 2nd degree in judo. And my bike has 21 gears! And I’m very indecisive! Jeonghun. Get on your bike and get lost. Good work. Next… It’s Song Yeonggil! I bet he’ll be funny! It’s Song Yeonggil! People, Yeonggil is the rainbow of Gag Concert. He can dress in silly costumes, dress in drag, act like a monster… He has many different colors. It’s not always like that… So! Rainbow of 7 colors! Comedian Song Yeonggil! What kind of funny introduction would he make? Nice to meet you. I’ll be taking over the HR department. I’m Manager Song Yeonggil. Let’s work well together. We’re all on the same ship! Honestly, you can’t be funny like this. It’s impossible! Look at the next person. The heart of Gag Concert! More like appendix. It can be removed. Comedian to the core! – Natural comedian! / – Unnatural… It’s comedian Jeong Myeonghun. I’ve said this over and over, but he’s been a comedian for 20 years. It’s 16 years. According to a rumor, Myeonghun’s birthday will become a holiday just like Christmas and Buddha’s birthday. Do you even know when my birthday is? So! 20 years of comedy experience! Comedian Jeong Myeonghun! Before he makes his funny introduction… Today, Myeonghun will make you laugh from up close. So he’ll move to a special stage! You’ll see a golden chair. Please walk towards there. This is close enough too. So Myeonghun… Until Myeonghun gets to his chair, please chant Jeong Myeonghun! Jeong Myeonghun! Jeong Myeonghun! – Jeong Myeonghun! / – Excuse me. Please make way. We’re sorry. One more time! Jeong Myeonghun! – Sorry. / – Jeong Myeonghun! Jeong Myeonghun! – Gosh… / – Jeong Myeonghun! Excuse me, ma’am. – My cape is in the way… / – People… As a special treat today… This wouldn’t happen but if Myeonghun isn’t funny… As a gesture to relearn comedy, he’ll watch Gag Concert in the audience with you all. I have to stay sitting here? I’m saying that because it’ll never happen! You’ll be funny! People… What kind of person is Myeonghun? 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ You were born to do comedy ♪ One more time! ♪ You were born to do comedy ♪ Myeonghun! Make us laugh! Gosh… It feels really different from here. Hi. Let me introduce myself. My girlfriend’s name is Choi Jihye. Age 32. I met her at a club. That’s my introduction. – That wasn’t funny. / – Myeonghun. Enjoy the rest of the show.

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  1. Can someone please explain this skit to me? I don't really get it. I watched the first skit and found the format weird.

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