Korea’s Legendary Comedian Jeong Myeonghun | 정명훈 [Gag Concert / 2017.04.08]

(Jeong Myeonghun) Hello. I’m Jung Seunghwan of Korea’s Pride and Legendary Handsome Comedian Jeong Myeonghun is Coming so Stand Aside, Bow, Chant Hurray, Start the Music, Bob Your Shoulders, and Start Humming. This skit is the only unscripted skit on Gag Concert. Just like the last episode, I’ve asked these three to just sit here. – Right? / – Yes. – You don’t know what the skit’s about. / – Yes. – Are you curious about the topic? / – No. Today’s topic is… Talents. New employees and freshmen, are you concerned about showing a talent? Do not worry. Our comedians will teach you some very funny skills! I’m very excited! First is comedian Kim Jeonghun. Don’t think of getting his autograph! He doesn’t have one yet! But comedians are waiting for Jeonghun to make his autograph. Why? Because in the distant future it’ll be worth a fortune. – I wouldn’t go that… / – So! The real treasure of comedy! Comedian Kim Jeonghun! What kind of funny talent would you show? – What? / – Show them now! I’ll do an impression anyone can do easily. Drop dead! That’s my dad. Jeonghun. Get lost and go to your dad. Good work. Next… It’s Song Yeonggil! I bet he’ll be funny! He’ll be funny no matter what! He’s funny just sitting there! People, Yeonggil is the catchphrase maker… Of Gag Concert. Are you panicking? 50 cents if you want to know. Really? All those came from here! Those guys came up with those. So! The alchemist of comedy! Comedian Song Yeonggil! What kind of funny talent would you show? I don’t have a talent but I know how to make people laugh. It’s really funny if a guy does an idol girl group dance. Watch. ♪ So mean, so mean ♪ Yeonggil. Put your shirt down and get lost. How can someone be funny here? Look at the next person. The center of Gag Concert! The backbone of Gag Concert! With a herniated disc. The ever-running battery of Gag Concert! Dead battery. It’s comedian Jeong Myeonghun. I’ve said this over and over, but he’s been a comedian for 20 years. It’s 16 years. According to a rumor, people are living longer these days because Myeonghun made them laugh. My lifeline has gotten shorter. So! The elixir plant of comedy! Comedian Jeong Myeonghun! Before he shows us his funny talent! Everyone, please stand up. Not again… Why are you tiring them out? Party people! Jump, jump, jump, jump! Everyone, get pumped up! Get louder! Jump around! Jump, jump! Jump, jump! All of this is our festival for Myeonghun! People in the front, come up! Come up on stage! Come up on stage! It’s okay, it’s okay. Come up on stage. Come up, sir! You too, sir. Don’t try to hog the spotlight! Why are you getting greedy? This isn’t “Korea Sings!” Everyone, are you excited? Yes! An even more exciting joke by Myeonghun will start now! Make some noise! Everyone is excited but me. Gosh… Why are you up on stage? I have around 200 talents. But… For real. I can’t show you all of them so I’ll narrow it down to five. I’d like it if you could pick from one of those five. Just pick one. From one through five. Two? Okay. That was two. Myeonghun. You can go home. Why are you all staring? Go home? You don’t have a right to be here so go home for real. I should go? Bye. I should go? I’m going then. I’m going home… It sure is chilly at night. Hello. I guess they don’t know me. I’m going home from work.

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  1. 5:59 I love the fact that so many Korean girls love to wear pantyhose and stockings in almost every occasion. Look at there legs!

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