LADY GAGA – Born This Way Parody – The Key of Awesome #36

This is the Manifesto of Mother Brainfart. In Vulvulon, a system of interplanetary planets There were two races of humanoidians The Bitchy Dancers and The Mucusheads On the first day of the festival the bleeding disco ball Queen Cornerface decreed “From this day forth the citizens of Planet Fabulust shall only communicate via Madonna songs.” The Bitchy Dancers protested, saying “Wait, which Madonna songs?” The mucusheads said nothing, because they were Mucusheads. Thus began the dance war. Now watch this unrelated video. It doesn’t matter if you make doo, or make doo-doo Excuse me, sorry, excuse me Just turn the music up, ’cause I’ve got words to say. gravy My momma told me when you write a song, you don’t have to be original. Just mash up parts of other melodies Like “Express Yourself” and “Waterfalls” hey hey hey If someone notices and tries to sue. You can claim that it’s just an homage. Then make avideo with whips and chains. It’s a kooky sci-fi gay pride collage I’m running out of ideas My dresses made of tortillas I’m on my last leg baby, I’ve got nothing to say. I’m on a hamster wheel So I’ll beg borrow and steal. Now I’m grasping at straws What if I bang Santa Clause. When you don’t know what to say, Just display more T&A Check out my butt whileI walk away Everyone is super gay gay gay gay gay everyday Hey, wait did I mention that I’m down with gays Don’t be a rainbow, be a flag. Don’t drink the tea, just lick the bag. Don’t be a shovel, be a hoe. Goddamn, my voice is really low. I just don’t know what to do anymore, what if I roll around with goo on the floor? Ew. This feels disgusting and it’s really cold, sometimes it’s hard to be an attention whore. Look mum, no pants. I have to cheer up a skeleton Cause I’ve convinced him to rip off his skin. It’s hard to tell if he’s still mad at me, because when he frowns it looks like a grin. Don’t go for second best. Wait, wait, that’s the song that I’ve ripped off, maybe I am second best. Copy Madonna so much I think I’m losing my touch. I think I’ll just put on my jeans and a GAP sweater vest The only thing left to do Is to just start boring you I’m going to shop at Kohls for some sensable shoes The key of Awesome Hey, everybody, thanks for watching The Key of Awesome Stay tuned for some behind the scenes from this video It’s gonna happen later in the week. And we’re also gonna answer your questions in the comments And you can get an extended version of this song on iTunes. And check out more Key of Awesome video’s right over here. And also check out my new channel. -sh. Nobody wants to hear it, make a tweet about it.

100 Replies to “LADY GAGA – Born This Way Parody – The Key of Awesome #36”

  1. Hmm I am beginning to wonder if these guys acutually know my mum. Some of there stuff is too creepily accurate it can't be a coincidence.

  2. The tortilla dress reminds me of Esme Squalor's lettuce bikini. (If anyone actually gets that reference I seriously love you.)

  3. "Don't be a rainbow be a flag
    Don't drink the tea just lick the bag
    Don't be a shovel be a hoe
    Goddamn my voice is really low "

    That's the best part. xD

  4. Even super-gay guys watch Lady GaGa & think…"Girlfriend! I ain't gay enough for this crap!" HAHAHA! :-p…That B is cray cray!

  5. Oh my sweet lord this video predicted Joanne, "the only thing left to do, is to just start boring you"

  6. "Don't go chasing waterfalls" lol I had no idea it was knocked off that song. ..not that I ever listened to it. Side note lady ga ga should listen to the rivers and the lakes that she used to. Just general advice, totally unrelated.

  7. half of u dont even know what a vagina is ur just a bunch of horny prepubescent lil boys so just stop with all ur lady bashing talk ur all probs just in the closet anyways u sicken me u nasty ass pervs

  8. funny, when they say that she has run out of ideas but born this war and artpop were full of the greatest ideas.

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  10. "The only thing left to do is to just start boring you" omg… Did they predict the new gaga, like the meat dress prediction?! lol… that's quite impressive.

  11. If they sound same then why didn't Madonna win a grammy ? Because it isn't about the melody it's about the lyricses worst thing of the song is melody actually cause it's cheap, poor Grandonna

  12. Dont go 4 the 2nd best, babe.. wait thats the song that i ripped off maybe iam 2nd best.. *cute look.. lol

  13. "I'm on my last leg baby i got nothing to say" realeases, artpop, joanne, starred in a killer series (ahs 5 hotel and 6 roanoke nightmare), realeased an amazing movie/ album (a star is born), 2 year contract for vegas residency, her own make up line (haus labs) and a new album being worked on LG6… not bad for someone on their last leg… trust me she aint going no where soon

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