Latinx Comedy with Las Locas Comedy ft. Janice Rodriguez

Maybe a little more un poquito flavor up in
here. (Woman yells from audience “Sabor”) Thank you yes ‘sabor’ thank you. My Spanish is muy horrible um. It is it is. Yes loca means crazy…yes yes, That’s all the Spanish I know. I actually thought that my Spanish would get better when I moved recently. I moved to NOPU. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that.
That’s not a designer dog. That’s what I’m calling the neighborhood around
North and Pulaski. I mean I watch HGTV guys you know. You need a trendy neighborhood name for your property values to go up. Come on everybody knows that guys. Everybody knows that. Yeah it’s actually it’s a working-class Latino neighborhood. I’m like they’re gonna love me. I’m gonna practice my Spanglish. So like one of the first days we moved in, I like came out on the porch. Looked at my neighbor like “Hola.
Buenos dias.” And she’s like “Tu eres una puta.” I’m like, “No not whore. Janice. Janice. “Spelled like ‘Janice’ rhymes with Denise.” I’m like “Why don’t they like me?” Then I I’m like duh! We’re right in the middle of this whole gentrification argument. Right? So I’m like, “It’s my white ass husband.” He’s ruining my street cred. Right? But then I came home, and he was shooting Tecate bottles off the back fence with the 13 Guatemalans from next door. It’s not him. He’s cool. He came home and I’m like, “Oh my God. What is it? Why don’t the neighbors like me?” And he’s like, “Oh honey sweetie baby.” “You look like someone who calls the cops.” That’s what they said. Oh my God! They do they do know me. Oh my God! Ah, they do love me! You guys, snitches don’t get stitches. Snitches build stronger neighborhoods
okay. Go to your CAPS meetings. Neighborhood watch only works if you’re
watching. That’s all I’m going to say. Hashtag Realtalk

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