Latur, Paani & Politics – Shravan Nalgirkar | Marathi Standup Comedy | #bhadipa #sms

So I am from Latur in Marathwada. Anyone else from Marathwada? People between Aurangabad to Hingoli, make some noise. I can’t see you. Louder than that Wow. So many people! I think just for fun if I started to throw stones, 3 out of 10 will land on people from Marathwada tonight. Look closely at their faces & at mine. They are nearly similar. Gives away that we are from Marathwada. Its a very common face Your gas station attendant, newspaper delivery boy…Shravan: Its true brother. What to do? But people of Mumbai, please note that we are at an advantage. There are no North Indians in Pune & Aurangabad, because we are there. If you want more Maharashtrians in Mumbai, get people from Marathwada there. Back in Marathwada, people don’t greet each other with “Hi”, “How are you” etc because English & water, are both scarce there. We are taught basic English in school, that a “Hi” is to be followed with “How are you” but they never told us WE have to do it. I thought you need to hire someone to say “How are you” after you have said “Hi” So Latur has a major water scarcity. Earlier, when you said Latur, people would think of the easier exam pattern, now it resonates with lack of water. There is a Marathi phrase people use to show that they’re smart “I have drank water from 12 villages” That is not the case in Latur. We say – “I have drank water from 12 districts” Because when water is brought on tankers from Sangli to Latur, it must be crossing at least 12 districts Do you know why they take water to Latur in a train? No? I’ll tell you I am here for exactly that Had they taken water by road to Latur, not even a drop would have reached While you guys were protesting against toll taxes along with the MNS Our protest was that we wanted to pay toll & were begging the government to build roads MNS reminds me of my college days. Full of nostalgia Remember we used to observe a mass bunk? But there always used to be this one bugger, who used to sneakily attend college And sit on the first bench MNS is like that. They had 6 corporators. 5 left. 1 is still there I recently went to my native place & was shocked at what I saw there The roads are in such a bad condition with so many potholes, that some roads are under the forest department Once, my friends were playing hide & seek. I joined them. We were using the potholes to hide I met my childhood friend, Vikas, in one of those potholes Vikas, has no connection with any political party {Audience response} And Vikas is really smart. He is not an idiot I asked – “What are you doing here Vikas?” He said – “Nothing. I moved here for good.” Here? Yes. Here. People live in slums, I live in potholes I felt very bad that my friend was living in such a pitiable condition So I thought of doing something for him & went to the Saahib the next day I said – “Sir, my friend Vikas, poor chap, is living inside a pothole for the last 10-15 years” “We should get him out. It is our responsibility.” Saahib said – “Let it be. It is a pothole today. In 2 years it will be a well. Don’t we all need water?” Any discussion, ultimately ends at water It is that important for us Now 4G has reached everywhere This internet is like a mirror in a monkey’s hands Everybody has it, nobody knows what to do with it There are 2 cameras on the phone, takes only 1 picture My mother video calls me everyday I am like – Video Call? She doesn’t actually want to see me- she likes to see the water flowing from a tap.

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  1. लातूर मधील सामाजिक राजकीय आर्थिक सांस्कृतिक अशा विविध क्षेञातील बातम्या लेख वाचण्यासाठी आवाज लातूर या फेसबुक पेज ला आवश्य भेट द्या.धन्यवाद

  2. मी तर 4 5 वेळा पाहिलं सगळ्या standup madhe हाच भारी होता

  3. जिंकलास भावा तू लातूरची हवा केलास… मराठवाडा कोणापेक्षा कमी नाही परत एकदा दाखवून दिलास…

  4. मी सांगतोना …….त्यासाठी च भाऊ आलाय इथ ,,🤣🤣🤣🤣 मस्तच

  5. बरेचशे मराठी stand up comedy बघितले पण भावा पहिला like केलेला तुझा आहे नक्कीच, Kunal Kamra ची आठवण आली बघून
    Good one keep it up bro👍

  6. भाऊ आता येउन बघ लातूर तू खुप दिवस बघितलं नाही वाटते । MH24 भावा

  7. Awesome standup. Good topic to bring out. India gets highest rainfall in the world still India thirst for water… Why? Blame ourselves, blame our education for not teaching us why. Saving water is easy. Save water when it rains. Rajasthan the driest state in India but has around 10 lakes HOW? Drought and Floods occur for the exact same reason. Search on YouTube "why flood and drought occurs PlugInCaroo"

  8. तुला सांगू का सगळ्यामध्ये तुझ्या भावना खोलवर आहेत दिसतात त्या चेहऱ्यावर खूप भारी पुन्हा ये hoo

  9. Ekda paanyachi samasya sampu de….punha bagh mhanava yanna Marathwada kaay cheez aahe te! khup dukh soslay re apan lokanni!

  10. भावड्या 5 मिनिटात मराठवाड्याची परिस्थिती संगीतलीस तू ते पण सर्वांना हसवून

  11. भावा भडीपा चॅनल वर मराठी कॉमेडी सगळ्यात जास्त views आणि जास्त like मिळालेला आणि सर्वात कमी dessllike मिळालेला फक्त तुझाच विडिओ आहे …👍 Good .Keep it up 💐💐

  12. बरोबर आहे बरेच जन चेहरा पाहुन आणी बोलण्यावरून ओळखतात की हा मराठवाड्यातला आहे .

  13. ज्या फिल्ड मधे आहे ते तु उत्तम करतोस आणि तेच करावं एखाद्या राजकीय पक्षावर बोलनं योग्य नाही..
    शेवटी आम्ही राजसाहेबांचे निष्ठावान कार्यकर्ते आम्ही मराठी कलाकारांची रिस्पेक्ट करतो…

  14. मुंबई ही मराठी माणसाचीच राहील जय भवानी जय शिवाजी

  15. सध्या महाराष्ट्रातील सुरक्षित ठिकाण म्हणजे,


    ना पाणि ना पूर only लातूर ✌
    MH 24 😍

  16. भावा लोक हसत आहे तुझ्या कॉमेडीने आणि मला रडू येत आहे
    लातूर वर दुष्काळामुळे अशी वेळ येईल असे कधी वाटले नव्हते.
    कालच्या 12 सप्टेंबर ला गणपती विसर्जन होते आपल्या लातुरात गणेश मंडळाचे गणपती महानगरपालिका जमा करून घेत होती आणि घरात बसवलेले गणपती पाण्याच्या ड्रममध्ये विसर्जित होत होते विसर्जन करायला सुद्धा पाणी नाही आपल्याकडे.

  17. Brilliant Stand-up!
    An act of such calibre must be an inspiration for artists to raise their standards. I'm sure Shravan will soon find his audience and stay put.

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