Laughter and Peace ~ Georgi

So I’m thinking of a way to link peace to the laughter yoga. So I was thinking already before… experiencing this beautiful thing laughter has a direct connection, as you said, with fear, and emotion, and the mind. being held in the mind, and the mind holding the emotions. The backdrop to almost everything that we are able to feel, perhaps even including the finest love, is peace. That means that when we do laughter yoga, for example, what allows us in that first moment to pretend to laugh, and to continue to laugh, until it starts to flow by itself, is this backdrop of peace. In peace, we are able to release. Peace is the energy which allows us to unconditionally get entangled, and to become in our minds, and to become our fears, and to become a person, which often needs, then, to be released, which is allowed by peace, If peace wasn’t there, we would be stuck, We wouldn’t be able to hold onto something, and also, we wouldn’t be able to let it go. If the peace wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be able to be born as babies. to come into a whole physical body, and to go through a birth process, and to begin connecting. The peace is always there, in the gaps between everything. If the peace wasn’t there all the time, we wouldn’t be able to die. We say Rest in Peace when some body dies, partly because the peace is that which allows them to say good bye, to let go, In Hebrew and Arabic it’s the same word: Shalom. Salaam. It’s peace which is the thing that allows – it allows us to engage, to begin laughing, and it allows us also to stop. The laughter moves down, back to peace. This means that Laughter Yoga is really very, very profound. And what it brought me to considering is the story of Siddharta, In the last movement, he is next to the river, and he has gone through a whole process of enlightenment, and self-realization, and he feels himself at the end of his karma. But then, just as he left his father, he left the house of his father, his father who was a rich king, and went into the world, his son is now leaving him, and it’s causing Siddharta to suffer, And he’s watching the river moving, and the water is moving very, very fast. And he begins to hear the water of the river laughing at him. It’s laughing, It’s laughing, It’s laughing, and in a moment, he begins to laugh, and he understands that he is releasing the last piece of his karma, through the pain that he felt towards his own son, in that it is the same pain that he caused his father. and the laughter of the river was that which allowed this last release, and the great peace to be revealed, after that. the great back backdrop of peace to philosophy and spirituality buddhism, that its completion came with laughter. So that’s on a big scale, and on a little scale it says something about the value of your work, and the importance of it. Especially now, when people are so caught in fear. When humanity is so caught in the illusion of fears. So much so, that it is kind of eating itself. So we do the peace meditation.

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